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Ever wonder what happens after Hogwarts? Merlin's Academy of Magical Arts. Just like muggles, magical folk need further education to get those demanding jobs.
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 Gaspard Kylar - Freshman

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Gaspard Kylar

Gaspard Kylar

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PostSubject: Gaspard Kylar - Freshman   Gaspard Kylar - Freshman I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 19, 2018 10:35 pm


Full Name: Gaspard Erebus Kylar
Age: 18 turning 19
House: Homeschooled; O.W.L.s taken at Durmstrang; N.E.W.T.s taken at Castelobruxo
Date of birth: December 12th
Blood Status: Halfblood
Job: MAMA Student


Hair colour and style: Dark brown kept at short to mid-short length. Styled either back or artfully messy if not left combed down.
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 5'11
Body type: athletic
Dress style: Button down shirts (mostly collarless), plain t-shirts, slacks, blue jeans (occasionally black or grey), blazers (sports jackets), suede dress shoes, boots (doesn't like any kind of sneakers)
Scars: an asymmetrical scar on his left cheek that looks like a dimple
Distinctive Characteristics: Accent is a blending of Portuguese, German, Irish, and Welsh from his parents along with with the Suffolk dialect from his early childhood in Ipswich.



  • Reading - it was encouraged by his parents and he prefers books to over toys.
  • Learning and studying what he finds interesting - He'll learn what he has to, but prefers what he likes and will eagerly pursue something that attracts his interest over something that doesn't.
  • Classical Music - Likes to listen to classical music as well as play it on a violin since that was the instrument he chose when given a choice.
  • Creativity - Likes odd things that don't quite fit and are different. Loves to experiment.
  • Exploring - Whether it be physical such as places, or through fields of study. As long as it's new to him.
  • Mythology - he's been fascinated with this subject much as his mother had been as a child. Its not just one type of mythology but other culture's mythologies as well.
  • Astronomy - He loves space. The majesticness of it all as well as the controlled chaos of it all.
  • Magizoology - Having come across many types of magical creatures in books as well as in the field while traveling with his parents, its hard not to either like or dislike such a subject which Gaspard falls into the former.


  • Silence - Complete quiet disconcerts him. He had to have some level of noise even if its barely discernible.
  • Not being able to do what he wants - He's used to be independent and doing what he pleases as long as its not harmful to himself and can explain why he's doing what he's doing.
  • Made to learn and study things he dislikes or finds boring. As stated, he'll do them if he has to, but there won't be much enthusiasm in it.
  • Being ignored - Having been the center of his parents' world and being spoiled, he dislikes when he's ignored.
  • Being talked down to. Gaspard has been used to being spoken to almost like an adult ever since he was a child and doesn't like when people treat him as inferior because of age or supposed lack of experience.


  • Competitive - He likes to be the best and doesn't like when others take that title from him.
  • Open-minded - When he's studying to look for a new avenue and tries to think about the whole rather then the parts.
  • Observant - When it comes to picking out details in what people say or in the written word.
  • Adaptable - When it comes to thinking. Can chance the tract his mind is on. He's not stuck to one way of thinking when he's approaching a problem.
  • Multitasking- Gaspard can keep multiple trains of thought going at the same time. It goes with his adaptability.


  • Insecure - Its hard for him to make friends and let people in. He doesn't want to get hurt.
  • Doesn't like the dark. He's seen a Lethifold in action and it has scared him ever since.
  • Competitive - Just to prove he's right he'll take on a challenge
  • Incorrigible - Hard for him to change his set behavior.
  • Can hold a grudge - It's hard for him to forgive people.
  • Clueless - when it comes to emotions and people. Can be very obtuse.

Positive traits:

  • Reserved - Watches and listens rather then opening his mouth instantly. Doesn't overtly show affection, but it doesn't mean he can't be.
  • Respectful - Even if he doesn't agree with something he'll be polite about it. Usually
  • Self Reliant - Does things for himself and isn't reliant on someone to constantly watch over his shoulder. He'll do his assigned tasks without having to be constantly told. Relies on himself more than others.
  • Disciplined - Has self control not only with himself but in his studies and his life.
  • Logical - Looks at things unemotionally rather then fueled by emotions and heat of the moment.
  • Patient -  When it comes to studies and experimenting.

Negative traits:

  • Conceited - Rather full of himself at times and forgets that he's still a student and others know more than he does.
  • Jealousy - Comes with having been an only child to doting parents. He gets upset when someone tries to 'take them away'.
  • Passive - in his attitude towards most things. If it doesn't interest him, he pays it no mind as if it doesn't exist and has nothing to do with him.
  • Unwilling to concede - He doesn't like to admit when he is wrong.
  • Logical - He fails to see things and consider emotional views which end up skewing his way of thinking.
  • Impatience - with people and with himself when he doesn't conform to his own standards.


 Name:Ursula (Dietrich) Kylar
 Living or Deceased:Living
 Blood type or Species:Pureblood
 Occupation:Cryptozoology for magical creatures

 Name:Ciaran Kylar
 Living or Deceased:Living
 Blood type or Species:Muggle-born

 Name:Rhydian Kylar
 Living or Deceased:Living
 Blood type or Species:Halfblood


The Kylar family is of Irish and Welsh descent while the Dietrich family is of German descent. Ursula grew up near Berlin and was very happy there. She first began her love her future job when she was just a tot being read folk tales and mythology by her parents. As she grew older so did her love of finding out anything she could about the magical creatures of her world. She had worked hard to get into the exchange program at Castelobruxo since Brazil had many fascinating creatures to study. After graduating she went back to Germany for a brief bit where she met Ciaran.

Ciaran grew up in Cardiff, Wales as a single child with expectations on him that he continued to defy. First by being the first in his family to have magic, then when he decided not to pursue a political career either magical or muggle. He met Ursula when he moved briefly to Germany as an apprentice under manuscript restoration expert. The two fell in love and decided to move to Ipswich, Suffolk, England since neither sides of their families were particularly happy about them being together. Both had decided that they would allow their child or children the freedom to be whomever they were without the usual expectations placed upon those of higher society, breeding, or magical descent.

Both Ciaran and Ursula had wanted children but didn't try alternative means when they were having trouble conceiving deciding that was the fate that life had dealt them but would be blessed with their own flesh and blood son later in life. Ursula wrote to her old pen-pal that she'd had since she was a child that had become a fast and treasured friend. Having confided to her about her problem, her friend had a very shocking solution. The woman was in fear of her children's lives and asked if Ursula and Ciaran would take her son and adopt him as their own. The Kylars welcomed Gaspard and never once treated him any different than if he were in fact their child in blood. To keep a link to his birth mother they kept his middle name only changing his given and surname.


Gaspard is rather reserved until he gets to know someone and then he's very open and even smiles and laughs. He's willing to try most anything at least once. Tries to be subjective and think outside the box. Can be mistaken as serious most of the time but he can be rather friendly and even act the age that he is. Loves to tease and be mischievous to those that are close to him.

Unfortunately he's also very competitive which can be both a good and bad thing. It drives him to be better but it also makes him his own worst critic if he doesn't measure up to what he's been striving for. He's very possessive and it could be from being an only child for so long but he dislikes when he's talking to someone and someone else takes their attention from him.

Gaspard was brought up in very loving and encouraging household, wanting for nothing. Even though he was spoiled, his parents were stern and tough, making sure that he wouldn't be the typical 'spoiled rich boy'. They didn't have any maids or house elves so Gaspard has learned to do things for himself such as cleaning up after himself, dishes, and laundry. There is also time spent with his mother when it's time to cook dinner so that way they can be together and talk.

His love of learning could be traced to his parents as well since his parents would take him along whenever they had a job away from home. As they went over what they were doing, they would explain and ask Gaspard if he understood what they meant. They never discouraged him by saying he wasn't old enough to understand. Both parents passed their love of learning down to their son whom they always make time for and never hesitate to drop what they are doing to give him a hug or answer any questions he may have.

Both his mother and father were very pleased when Gaspard showed his first signs of magic even if the circumstances wasn't so happy. The boy had been playing with a soccer ball indoors (he knew he wasn't supposed to but didn't want to go outside and get muddy) which had accidentally ended up wedged in between the china cabinet and the wall. When pulling the ball out, he'd lost his balance and fell, the chair hitting the cabinet dislodging the ball and the dishes. Instead of falling on him and shattering they levitated above him.

However, since his parents do work it takes time away from him especially as he grew older and would soon be going away to school. A jealousy started to form of when people would take his parents' attention away from him. He disliked it severely when his parents were spending time with him only to be called away to work. In an atypical decision, they Kylars decided to keep Gaspard from attending a magical school. He was homeschooled and tutored by his parents as well as those adults around them when they traveled. Having a wide and encompassing education, he learned many subjects he wouldn't have otherwise if he'd attended either of his parents' alma maters. When it came time for his O.W.L.s he sat them at Durstrang Institute. It was also during this time that he'd received some rather shocking news from his parents. They had waited until his O.W.L.s were finished before informing him that he was adopted. They had received a letter from his biological mother that was to be sent upon her death to Ursula. The Kylars had meant to tell him before then but the time never seemed right despite how mature Gaspard was as a child. Then they would get distracted and it would slip from their minds.

Gaspard had decided to continue his education and travels with his adoptive parents but had requested to go to their graves when his father went to the country they were laid to rest, for a job. He never told the Kylars what he did or how long he spent there save to tell them that he'd left a stone there to indicate he had visited. While he knew he had blood relations still alive, he decided not to pursue them at this time and focused back on his studies until he'd taken his N.E.W.T.s at Castelobruxo. He did however make sure to keep up on the news and the goings on. Once he'd finished his secondary schooling he decided to turn his attention to England and Merlin's Academy of Magical Arts university. It would kill two birds with one stone.


Wand type: 11", dragon heart-string, acacia

Name: Archimedes
 Age: 5
 Living or Deceased:Living
 Blood type or Species: Eurasian Eagle Owl

Friends: Peaceful Solitude
Enemies: Boredom, Pests, & Noise
Significant Other: N/A
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Gaspard Kylar - Freshman
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