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 Silas Lestrange - Freshman

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Daryl Oliver
Daryl Oliver

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PostSubject: Silas Lestrange - Freshman   Silas Lestrange - Freshman I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2015 3:04 pm

Full Name: Silas Lestrange
House: Ravenclaw
Birthdate: January 3rd 1981
Blood Type:Pureblood
Job: (To be filled in once you have applied for whichever job you are wanting)


  • Muggle Clothing  - He's made his own clothes finding a liking to designing. But his like for the clothing was at first a way to thumb his nose at his guardians. It was a bit of control in a world where he had none.
  • Control - He likes being in control and so has learned self discipline. Doesn't like when things get away from him.
  • Wiggle Room - Likes to have wiggle room when making promises. Likes to have a third option rather than cornered into just two.
  • Games - Likes games that challenge him such as word games, puzzles, riddles, chess, etc.


  • Anything that remotely feels like a collar.
  • Losing  - Be it battle of wits, a game, his control, anything.
  • People who cannot get by on their own merit. Or those that have to use a name (like Draco always throwing Lucius' name around).
  • Surprises


  • Discipline - Learned from an early age to be in control of not only his emotions, but how he reacts and behaves. Also when to speak and when not to.
  • Eidetic Memory - Silas can remember just about anything he's read or seen. It's a blessing as well as a curse. It makes it easier to take notes later when he's not rushed and to recall a moment at his leisure.
  • Creative & Imaginative - or at least he thinks so. Tries to think more than one dimensional or confined to one line of reasoning.
  • Open minded - more or less. Silas prefers to come up with his own conclusions based on actions and what he's seen rather then rumors or speculation.


  • Insomniac - It causes him to make irrational decisions at times and makes him more irritable.
  • Hypocrite  - Self explanitory
  • Apathathetic - Doesn't really have any emotion towards people as a whole.
  • Eidetic Memory - Can recall anything horrible he's seen as well. It's flashed stamped on his memory and he can never get rid of it.
  • Self Esteem - While he couldn't care less what most people think of him, he's still learning in that area when it comes to certain family members.

Mother - Bellatrix (Black) Lestrange is a woman to be feared, which Silas rightly does so. He has an odd relationship with his mother, but it sort of works. While consenting to submit himself to her training, he did not agree to be thrust upon the Riddle twins. Seeing a way to both please his mother, annoy certain people, and because it would amuse him greatly, Silas cooperates with his mother's schemes.
Father - Rodolphus Lestrange was the second son of a Pureblood family that originated in France. Doesn't count his nephew Luca as heir to the Lestrange name or fortune since he's a half creature. Sentenced to Azkaban in 1981 for the torture of the Longbottoms, was broken out in 1995 only to be recaptured months later during the battle in the Ministry of Magic. The next time he was broken out was for an attack on Hogwarts only to die by his master's hand.

Older Sister - Lyra Black is a half sister that he had no idea about until he was a Fifth year. She is the illegitimate daughter of Severus Snape and Bellatrix Lestrange. They while not having a typical brother and sister relationship, they have an accord and have been working on the years they missed out to find out about the other and have something other than just blood in common.

Immediate Family
Aunt - Narcissa Malfoy while doing her best under the circumstances, Silas never connected with her. She wasn't his mother and he didn't like being 'handled'. While he doesn't dislike his aunt, Silas doesn't really have an attachment to her either.
Uncle - Lucius Malfoy Another descendant of a french family that immigrated to the United Kingdom. He was someone whom Silas never liked and would purposely try to annoy. He was killed the same time as Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange.


  • Leyton Lestrange whom Silas had always in a weird way looked up to and admired. It only cemented when Silas joined his family at Hogwarts. Leyton was someone that had qualities that Silas wanted and tried to emulate such as the Slytherin's attitude of taking what he wanted when he wanted and not caring about what anyone said about him. The confidence didn't seem to be a facade as it was with his cousin Draco.
  • Luca Lestrange Silas still doesn't know much about his eldest cousin and still fighting an natural inclination to dislike him on principle.
  • Draco Malfoy Someone whom again, Silas didn't like at all. During his fifth year he actually allowed his cousin in and they had for a time a fragile friendship that disintegrated. Now they have a general consensus of leaving the other along but still butt heads occasionally. Their relationship is much as it had been when they were children.

Silas doesn't really have any recollections of his parents since he was nine months old when they were sentenced to Azkaban in 1981. Silas' closest blood kin were the Blacks. Rodolphus already saw to it that Silas would never go to Rabastan's wife. Andomeda was out of the question because of her marriage to Ted Tonks. The house elves couldn't be entrusted with the life of a child. Due to the statements in his mother's will (yes, she did have one unlike his father), Silas grew up with Narcissa as his guardian. She was to instruct him until age eleven when he was to enter Hogwarts.

Silas taught himself to read at age three with help from his eidetic memory which he made sure to nurture to keep. Perhaps it was the mix of Lestrange and Black geneology, but Silas had always been a strange one. While Narcissa tried to give him what she thought he wanted, he learned with Draco's help, that he wasn't particularly attached to anything. By the time Leyton started coming to the manor, he'd felt even more ostracized. While the other Lestrange boys could fit in with the Malfoys, Silas was of a darker complexion and always was the odd one out.

Under the Hogwarts Sorting Hat, Silas learned a bit more about himself and when the hat was waffling between Slytherin and Ravenclaw, he was able to tip the decision in his favor by reasoning with the hat. Throughout his time he didn't suspect that he had an older half sister. During his turbulent fifth year, he learned about his sister Lyra, had a brief truce with his cousin Draco, reached an accord with Skyler Riddle, and had his first girlfriend. Believing himself to be in love with her he took the opportunity to murder her brother for her which cost him his prefect badge. Afterwards she avoided him causing him to write to inquire to his mother about what he should do. Her reply was that they would invite her over during the holidays.

It was also during that year before the return trip home that Voldemort killed Rodolphus, Rabastan, and Lucius. Silas had already been having mixed emotions and trouble with coming to terms about his mother. Then learning that she had had an affair while married to his father that resulted in Lyra's conception. After wrestling with the matters all year, he learned about why his father was killed adding in more fodder to his already large pile of emotional crap to sort through. Being who he was, Silas did eventually come to terms with everything and submitting himself to his mother's training and suggestions concerning his schooling at MAMA.

Silas continued to go to the Hospital Wing to help his last two years at Hogwarts. With his sister's encouragement he decided he would pursue healing and potions when he got to MAMA along with some of the other courses that piqued his curiosity and nature.

Wand: Acacia & unicorn hair
Other Items:

  • Lestrange signet ring - given upon turning thirteen
  • Puzzle ring - Goblin wrought with magics interwoven. Given by his father during Silas' fifth year.
  • Lestrange Family Grimoire - Something Rodolphus stole and gave to his son during Silas' fifth year


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Silas Lestrange - Freshman
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