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 Calista Brennan - Dean of Corrections

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Calista Brennan
Calista Brennan

Calista Brennan - Dean of Corrections Empty
PostSubject: Calista Brennan - Dean of Corrections   Calista Brennan - Dean of Corrections EmptyWed Aug 12, 2015 3:13 pm

Full Name: Calista Reagan Brennan
Nickname: Cali
Age: 32
House: Ravenclaw
Birthdate: February 13
Blood Type: Half, pretends Pure
Job: Dean of Corrections

Likes: Rules, order, power, politics
Dislikes: Stupidity, answering to others, corruption, abuse of power
Strengths: Commanding presence, manipulative, strong-willed, magically powerful
Weaknesses: Arrogant, strict, feared, cold, distant


The Brennans were an old Irish family, going back generations and full of magical blood and morals. The line was tainted, as most were by this time in history, but some were adamant about ignoring the facts and insisted that they were still so close to pure that they claimed purity. Others did not worry about such matters. The family was somewhat divided, but such issues were never so big a deal as to cause significant strain.

Each generation had only a few children, typically, and those children reproduced similarly, keeping the family relatively small in comparison to others. There was always the odd sibling who did not have children for whatever reason, too, so the family tree didn't exactly blossom into a huge web. Everything about the Brennans was calm and controlled, really. Even when they were a bit more on the wild side, like Calista's younger brother.

Cali's generation consited of herself and Padraig, who went by 'Goal' to his friends though he'd always be 'Paddy' to her, and their five first cousins and six second cousins, and even more extended cousins, technically. The actual 'Brennan' line, however, was simple enough to follow.


Calista's childhood consisted of developing magical skills much earlier than typically expected, then picking on and tattling on her brother from the moment he was born. Cali was four years old when she became a big sister, and from the time he started to speak, Padraig learned how to say 'sissy meanie' and never forgot it. The prim and proper girl became curious about such arts as animagi and transformation magic, delving into transfiguration well beyond her years and teaching herself NEWT level spells and concepts when she was barely in her third year.

She'd started working on her animal form in second year, despite warnings in every text, and from one Minerva McGonagall, that it was very dangerous, and mastered it by winter break of fourth year. When her fifth year started, Calista wore a shiny prefect badge and wandered the halls as a tiny pygmy shrew, catching every rule-breaker and assigning detentions and reporting trouble so efficiently that house points were constantly being docked.

By the time she graduated, Cali had made very few friends and many enemies, and had made a name for herself as far as rule-enforcemtns and high marks were concerned. She attended Merlin's after graduating from Hogwarts, studying multiple subjects including transfiguration, education, and magical law. Calista got degrees in the subjects, then went on to get her masters in magical education and administration while also earning a title of Transfiguration Master and certificate to train others in the art of Animagi.

All of her schooling was complete by the age of twenty-six despite the many titles and degrees Calista had obtained, and she was offered the position of Department Head for the Transformative Magics department and MAMA. The young witch took the opportunity, only to then be offered the higher position of Dean of Corrections two years later when she was nearing her twenty-ninth birthday. At thirty-two, Calista is still the Dean, seeing over discipline and rule enforcement in all of Merlin's.

She is constantly under fire from her family for her lack of a husband and children, especially Paddy, who has two of his own kids and twins on the way.

Wand: Rowan, 12 inches, sturdy, unicorn hair core
Pet: None

Relationship: None
Friends: Very few
Enemies: Very many
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Calista Brennan - Dean of Corrections
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