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 Jaeden Davis - Dean

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Jaeden Davis
Jaeden Davis

Jaeden Davis - Dean Empty
PostSubject: Jaeden Davis - Dean   Jaeden Davis - Dean EmptyMon Nov 26, 2018 8:46 pm

Full Name:
Jaeden Raine Davis



No Hogwarts house. Attended Salem’s Academy

November 28th

Blood Type:

Dean of Academics

Comfortable clothes, taking on leadership roles,  tradition, intellectual conversation, philosophy

Dull or boring situations, clingy people, dishonest, inactivity, injustice

Cooperative, diplomatic, fair-minded, social, gracious, determined, passionate

Runs from emotional expression, will carry a grudge, uncompromising, condescending at times

Mother: Adeline Violet Davis nee Sanders
Father: Philip Ralph Davis
Siblings: Philip Jr. (older brother - 37), Jeremy (older brother - 35), Melissa (younger sister - 28), Austin (younger brother - 25)
Nephews: Frankie
Nieces: Angelique and Paris

Adeline and Philip, both born into prominent American Wizarding families, had met many times over the years at social gatherings and functions. They had both attended Salem’s Academy for Witches and Wizards, and dated for the last two years of their schooling there, and the first year and a half of their schooling afterwards, at which point they called it quits. Things ended amicably between them, both feeling their lives were heading in separate directions.

Eight years down the road the two would meet again, both very well respected in their chosen professions. Adeline, having earned her degree in psychology, now had her own practice, where she mainly worked with troubled children and teens from muggle families who did not understand them. Meanwhile, Philip had risen to a position of diplomat, representing the United States in international affairs with other Wizarding communities and governments.

They crossed paths at a conference where Adeline was one of five psychologists to sit before a panel to introduce their findings on their studies of the psychological development of mistreated and abused Wizarding children and recommendations for handling such cases. From there, the pair rekindled their relationship, which ended in marriage and the subsequent births of each of their five children.

Philip Jr, the eldest of the five Davis children, showed his magical abilities at a very early age, as did his following brother, Jeremy. Both entered into careers in Magical Law Enforcement after graduating from Salem’s. While Philip worked in the Investigations Department, Jeremy opted for the Auror Department, though both departments work closely together, as do the two brothers. Philip was married 10 years ago to a witch named Caitlyn Florentino, and they have 2 children thus far, a boy named Frankie and a daughter named Angelique. Jeremy married 8 years ago to Patrice Aguirre, and together they have a daughter named Paris. Philip was promoted to Lead Investigator three years ago and has plans to go into politics at the age of 40, while Jeremy has recently been promoted to Head Auror.

Melissa showed her magical capabilities at an average age, but showed an exceptional talent for the piano at the young age of 4. She graduated from Salem’s like the rest of her family, throughout which she played many concerts and became known as a prodigy pianist. She studied for her Master’s in Arts at Merlin’s Academy, where she majored in Musical Arts and minored in Composition. Since then, the witch has travelled the world, performing at the highest level of concerts, and has even made a name for herself amongst muggles. She has yet to date seriously, focused entirely on her career.

Austin, the youngest of the Davis brood, has always been a bit more wild than his older siblings. He showed a certain proclivity for working with magical creatures while at Salem’s, and after graduating, opted to accept a position working at a dragon settlement instead of proceeding on to Merlin’s, a choice he does not regret. He currently continues to work with dragons primarily, but is often called off to other locations to work with other species of magical creatures. He is also the only of the 5 siblings to become a certified animagus, his animal form a Saola. Though he has had several steady girlfriends in the past, Austin has been single for over a year and though he does go on dates occasionally, he isn’t the playboy type.

A close-knit family with traditional morals and views, the Davis clan gathers together for every big holiday, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, and take at least one family trip together a year.  Though the siblings all have their own lives and careers, they often drop in one another and have always been close and supportive of one another.

Jaeden, the middle child of the Davis family, was a bit of a late bloomer magically. For the first 8 years of her childhood, her parents feared she may be a squib. However they learned within the next year that they had nothing to worry about when the then 9-year-old managed to apparate down a flight of stairs when she had tripped and nearly fallen down them.

In school, Jaeden was a jack-of-all-trades so to speak. Good at everything, not especially exceptional at any one thing. She had a winning personality however, and was quite popular and respected amongst her peers. Thanks to the fact she were smack dab in the middle of her siblings, often meaning she were in the middle of their arguments, Jaeden has always been diplomatic, easily seeing things from both sides, and grew up with the ability to be fair-minded.

After graduating Salem’s, the witch chose to follow in her mother’s footsteps and study psychology. After earning Masters in Psychology and History of Magic from Merlin’s, she worked as a psychological profiler for magical law enforcement at MACUSA, often working with her two older brothers on cases. She became exceptional at her work, and was often requested by other governments like the British Ministry to work on cases.

For 6 years she worked as such, until receiving an offer/request to teach Criminal Psychology at Merlin’s, which she accepted. After 3 years she were made head of the psychology department, and after this last year, she were offered the position as Dean of Academics, which she graciously accepted.

Along with her position of Dean, Jaeden still teaches Criminal Psychology at Merlin’s, though she no longer heads the department, and she still assists on cases as a profiler. As such, the woman is very much mostly work and very little play. She has a minimal social life, extending basically to her immediate family. She were engaged at one point for 2 years, but the relationship ended abruptly and Jaeden has never divulged why. Since then, she hasn’t been involved with anyone, and seems unlikely to change that.

Ash, 9 and 3/4, Phoenix feather

Ocelot named Mystique



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Jaeden Davis - Dean
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