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 Elijah Winters -Dean of Student Life

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Elijah Winters
Elijah Winters

Age : 34
Location : The Library

Elijah Winters -Dean of Student Life Empty
PostSubject: Elijah Winters -Dean of Student Life   Elijah Winters -Dean of Student Life I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 23, 2015 3:13 pm

Full Name: Elijah Nicholas Winters
Nickname: Eli
Age: 36
House: Attended the Salem Academy
Birthdate: September 11
Blood Type: Half Blood
Job: Dean of Student Life

Likes: History, Structure, Psychology, Tea, Books, Relaxing by the fire, cool autumn evenings
Dislikes: Rule Breakers and people with no respect for authority, Lazy People, Narrow minded people
Strengths: Mild Mannered, Even Tempered, Good Listener, Excellent Counseling Skills
Weaknesses:  Has a soft spot for those in trouble, Gulliable, Over trusting

Elijah was born in Seattle, Washington to Mikael and Katerina Winters and is the younger brother to Nikala.   His parents met while both attending Salem academy in their teens and are both half bloods as well.  Both only children Elijah knows very little about his paternal grandparents as they were killed in a car accident when he was three years old.  His maternal grandparents were both from London but moved stateside in the 1940s after WWII.  His mother grew up in Boston and his father in Seattle.  

After graduating from the academy his parents moved back west to start their family, choosing to live more in modern society rather than the wizarding world.   Elijah always felt closer to the wizarding world as did his sister.  She currently lives in London and works for the Daily Prophet as an editor.  His parents still live in Washington.  Mikael is an art dealer and gallery owner and his mother Katerina is an interior designer working with high society clients.

Elijah had a very comfortable childhood to say the least.  He and his sister were given everything that they could ever want within reason and his parents made a special point of letting them know just how different they were than others.  It was hard for him to understand at first but his parents explained to him just how important it was to keep who they were a secret.  It gave him a great love of mysteries and after graduating from the academy he moved overseas to continue his academic career at MAMA.  He excelled at History and Psychology, always interested in why and how things worked with the mind and what drove people to do what they do.    

After finishing his degree at age 27 he was offered a job in the psychology department.  Within one year he had revamped the program and class sizes were up twenty percent.  Life settled in quite easily for him and he could not have been happier, until his 35th birthday when he was offered the position of Dean of Student Life.  He arrives to work early and leaves late in to the evening leaving him little time for his own life.   Elijah considers the students his family often going above and beyond to help them with all of their problems and concerns.

Wand: 11 inch Cherry and Dragon Heartstring
Pet: Tabby cat named Max


Elijah Winters -Dean of Student Life Elijah10
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Elijah Winters -Dean of Student Life
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