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 Bella's Thread Timeline

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Bella Prince
Grad Student
Bella Prince

Bella's Thread Timeline Empty
PostSubject: Bella's Thread Timeline   Bella's Thread Timeline EmptySat Dec 01, 2018 8:36 pm

Thread Timeline

Back & better than ever
Bellatrix attends the meeting where the Dark Lord reveals his new and much improved look to the rest of the Death Eaters, thanks to the potion her and Severus spent years creating.

And we thought this would be a walk in the park w/ Cyrus
Bella has some fun teasing and mocking Cyrus in their Forgotten Arts class, until he turns the tables on her. The saying 'it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt' must've originated with these two.

Somber sunset w/ Ginny
Bella doing what she does best…pushing buttons and testing people. In this case, testing the famous temper of Ginny Weasley.

Ddin't anyone tell you if you play with fire, you get burned? w/ Carson
Bella clashes with Carson Blake. Round one to Bella me thinks. But certainly Carson will be back for round 2. This is sure to be a very riveting fight.

Strong as steel w/ Draco
Bella seeks out her nephew to help him through his troubles, seeing as she has grown fond of the blonde Malfoy idiot.

Time away from not-our-children w/ Septimus
Time alone doesn't happen as often as one would think for the newly aged-down and married couple as one would think. So Bella and Septimus grab it at the first chance.

Playtime, torture. You say potato, I say patato w/ Noxaura
Torture is a normal thing to teach your children right? Well, Bellatrix has never been your average person. Or witch. And she is determined her daughter won't be either.

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Bella's Thread Timeline
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