Ever wonder what happens after Hogwarts? Merlin's Academy of Magical Arts. Just like muggles, magical folk need further education to get those demanding jobs.
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 Hermione's Thread Log

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Hermione Granger

PostSubject: Hermione's Thread Log   Sat Dec 01, 2018 5:51 pm

Hermione Granger, A History
A collection of threads telling Hermione’s story so far on MAMA.

The Makeover Favor
With Reyna- Hermione finds herself ‘rescued’ by the designer as she’s lost sight of who she is and who she should be. Reality checks about as Hermione is being pulled from her dark depression into the witch she’s meant to be- and all of it comes from a most unexpected new friend, too.

Two Heads are Better than One
With Skyler- Approached by Sky for a most unexpected mission, Hermione has to face her past and some tough questions. Ultimately, however, the braniac has to admit that the past cannot be unwritten and the dead cannot be brought back. It isn’t a fact that her friend accepts as easily, though. This may cause rifts in a friendship if the girls aren’t careful. The interaction caused Hermione to come to terms with a fair few things.
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Hermione's Thread Log
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