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 Draco Malfoy- QC

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Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy

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PostSubject: Draco Malfoy- QC   Draco Malfoy- QC EmptyFri May 01, 2015 7:14 pm

Character Name: Draco Malfoy

House : Slytherin

Year: Sophomore

Have you had any other characters on a Quidditch team in the past?: Yep.

Will you be able to be consistently active and available to start Quidditch team related threads on a regular basis, as well as participate actively in Quidditch matches?: Yep.

Why do you want to be captain?: Draco is a natural leader and a natural captain, he was captain back at Hogwarts as well, and he would find it difficult to answer to someone else after being captain in the past. Also, I feel I am a good leader and a good quidditch captain OOC.

Would it be consistent with your character’s background, abilities, and general development for him or her to be captain?: Yep. See previous answer.

What do you feel you and your character can bring to the Quidditch team that would be valuable?: Experience is the biggest thing. Also, natural leadership. Draco is a leader and I am a leader. It's just obvious to choose Draco for captain.

Please provide an RP example (4 paragraphs at least, 4-5 sentences each) of what you might post for your character for a round of a Quidditch match. Feel free to use the names of other characters, or make some up: This is a post from the first match of Draco's sixth year… Enjoy!
God. Fucking. DAMMIT! Draco was going to kill someone if this bloody dust didn’t quit soon. Rather than letting up, it seemed to be getting even worse, and he couldn’t see for shit. He didn’t know what the hell his team was doing anymore, there was dust inside his eyes to such an extent that he couldn’t even blink without tearing up, and all he wanted to do was end this stupid game so he could go to the locker room and have a bloody shower.

This was fucking horrible. He didn’t even care if they won or lost anymore. He was so damn angry, he just wanted to find some way out of this hell. The boy flew blindly for a while, then got so fed up he just stopped in mid-air and pulled his wand from its holster inside his boot, casting an aguamenti on his eyes so he could finally see again before casting a sort of shield around them. There. Now the bloody dust couldn’t cut his damn corneas at least.

With that accomplished, the blonde took off through the dust, managing to run into one of his own Chasers, then the Gryffindor Beater who he’d hit with a bludger earlier. Damn. She hit hard even when she wasn’t using anything but her own bulk. Crazy redhead. Between her and the Weaselette, Potter could have the start of a crazed team of angry gingers.

Once that awkward run-in was over and he reminded himself that he owed her another hit for her hitting him before the damn dust picked up, Draco focused on what looked to be a bludger nearby. With the clouds of dust all around him, he could do no more than blindly beat the thing in what he hoped was the direction he’d just come from running into the McGregor girl. Maybe he could get another good hit in on the bint even with the dust cutting his aim so horribly.

Salazar’s steamy muffin, someone needed to catch the bloody snitch!

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Draco Malfoy- QC
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