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 Draco Malfoy- Thread Log

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Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy- Thread Log Empty
PostSubject: Draco Malfoy- Thread Log   Draco Malfoy- Thread Log EmptySun Dec 09, 2018 9:42 am

Draco Malfoy: An Alpha’s Tale
Draco’s crazy life on MAMA… it’s a bit complicated… And as orderly as I can possibly keep it. (It’s difficult, you guys.)

Hell Hath no Fury Like a… Kitten?
With Pansy- A bitter reunion in Diagon features the exes calling each other out for falling short. What first starts with small, catty barbs quickly turns to more heated remarks, and Draco eventually recalls who Pansy once was and what she’s become. Breaking down, he storms out of the shop after telling her how much she’s changed and how disappointed he is in her, effectively breaking whatever small hope of friendship there might have been.

Deja Vu
With Skyler and Daryl- Right after his altercation with Pansy, Draco finds Skyler with Daryl on his knee before her. The blonde obviously gets a bit miffed and gets into an argument with Daryl, which then escalates to a fight. Draco gets hurt because he doesn’t actually fight Daryl, since Sky doesn’t want that to happen, and then Sky orders them to apologize to each other. He doesn’t react well to that, taking it as her not appreciating how much he cares about her and their relationship, so he apologizes for caring too much and apparates away with the intention of yelling at Potter’s grave.

Pouting Pup
With the Pack- Never was finished, but basically all the insanity that comes with the pack together in a train compartment on the way to MAMA. There’s relationship revelations and general picking at each other and all the chaos you’d expect.

Practically Siblings
With Rey- This one is about a surprise engagement party that never actually happened, but the whole interaction with Draco and Reyna is pretty special in my opinion. It really shows how close the two are, and how much they care about each other. They have a real sibling-like bond and I just think it’s really sweet. So. I’m still including this in the threadlog even if it’s kinda gone from the plot line.

When the Cat’s Away
With Ley- Draco’s still upset about the stuff that happened back in Diagon and he gets drunk with his long-time bad habit. Some dirty dancing and a kiss ensues and Draco feels like utter shit. He might not have slept with Ley this time, but he still equate the interaction to cheating and this leads to…

Almost Self-Avada
With Blaise and O- Right after When the Cat’s Away. Draco goes back to the Pack House and sends Sky an owl apologizing for sucking at life, basically, and then puts his wand to his head and almost gets out the end all be all curse. But then O and Blaise rush in and save his stupid ass. Draco’s convinced Sky will never forgive him by the end of the thread, though the guys aren’t so sold.

Broken Pieces
With Sky- Draco comes to his senses and seeks out his fail snake, apologizing for being a fuck up and having a big heart to heart (it’s a tear jerker, yo). They are so sappy. Such love. It’s ridiculous, really. Draco reveals that he actually tried to AK himself and they both cry. They promise to communicate better. Then Sky reveals that she’s pregnant and Draco has a freak out about being a dad. He’s very scared-cited. This is like… a huge thread plot-wise. Very important. Big Skyco moments here. <3

Strong as Steel
With Bella- Draco is taking out his aggression and frustration on a training dummy and has an important conversation with his aunt. He’s worried about proving himself as a husband and a father, considering his upbringing and the father he had to learn from. One of Draco’s ‘real’ parental figures takes on the job of building up his confidence and showing him that he doesn’t have to fear becoming Lucius, because he is so much better a man than that.

A Special Announcement
With the Wolf Pack- Everybody finds out about the baby. This is just important because now everyone knows that Sky’s preggo. So. Nobody is in the dark. Makes it easier for plot progression.

Can I Drown My Demons?
With Ley and Blaise- I don’t know if this is the right place in the time line but whatever. Draco’s just in the background here. Basically, he sneakily observes Leyton being saved by Blaise. Important so that Draco knows his cousin is finding some kind of help and not dying.

Pack Bonding
With Blaise and O- This is such a fun thread. After all the stress of the AK incident and worrying about the pregnancy and the lingering threat of Dumbles, the boys just let loose. It really shows their dynamic and how they really are still young men, in school, in a frat, who like to just have fun every once in a while. I love this thread.

Baby Mine
With Sky- A trip to St. Mungo’s to check on the baby. Doubts surface and Skyco moments happen and it’s just cute as hell as usual. Draco (hopefully) calms some of Sky’s fears about selfishness and the upcoming marriage and parenthood. The pair prepare for what life has in store for them, basically.

History Catches Up to You
With Pansy- Draco is looking through the History Museum at MAMA when he stumbles upon a strange mirror and is suddenly staring into his father’s face. Pansy snaps him out of his terror-filled daze. Their last interaction wasn’t fantastic, but will this one progress any better?

Cleaning House & A Reunion
With Riley and Bella- The Malfoy basement has not been converted from a dungeon yet, despite Draco believing otherwise. When he finds out, he’s more than a little pissed. So he goes there with his aunt to release her prisoners and shut down the whole ‘locking people up’ thing once and for all. And he finds a certain familiar face that takes him by surprise.

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Draco Malfoy- Thread Log Draco2018
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Draco Malfoy- Thread Log
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