Ever wonder what happens after Hogwarts? Merlin's Academy of Magical Arts. Just like muggles, magical folk need further education to get those demanding jobs.
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 Daryl's Life in Posts

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Daryl Oliver
Daryl Oliver

PostSubject: Daryl's Life in Posts   Sat Mar 17, 2018 9:14 pm

Visiting the Dead -- (Skyler Riddle) Daryl knowing his friend needed him, goes to help support her as she mourns a dead friend.

Meeting the Fiance --(Skyler Riddle & Draco Malfoy) A friendly meeting takes a wrong turn when jealousy rears its head.

A Terrifying Ordeal -- (Daryl) An unusual thing happens and Daryl is kidnapped by an obsessive stalker.

Safe? -- (Skyler Riddle) Daryl has to process what happened and realize that he's safe now.

To be or not to be? -- (OPEN) Daryl is conflicted about whether or not to ask for his memories to be obliviated.

Hit the Ground Running -- (Parker Kennedy) Daryl meets Parker when he can't sleep and decides to go running to get rid of his excess energy.

Hazards of Life -- (Jasper Royce) Daryl finds his fellow student trapped in more than a tricky stair.

A Fairy Odd Time -- (George Weasley) In which Daryl meets one of his fellow pranksters and idols in a funny situation.

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Daryl's Life in Posts
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