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 Canon Character List

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Jaeden Davis
Jaeden Davis

Canon Character List Empty
PostSubject: Canon Character List   Canon Character List I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 16, 2015 4:44 am

Canon Character List

Now given this story line, certain canon characters will be necessary to have, some being more important to the story line than others. We're sure you'll be able to figure out which canon characters are more important (hopefully you've read the story line, but if not, please do so now), but if you're considering taking on the role of a canon character, please be aware that it may also mean taking on a big responsibility. Also, if you're not sure which canon character to be, please feel free to ask an admin and we're sure together we can  find a suitable one you'd like. We have a provided a canon character list, and it will work on a first come, first serve basis. Also, this doesn't mean you cannot create a character of your own. That option is and always will be available. If the character's name is in red, that means someone else has already claimed them and they are currently unavailable. If a character's name is just struck out, it means they have been killed off as NPCs and can no longer be played or claimed. If they are red and struck out, it means someone has played them to their death, and they are no longer available to ever be played or claimed.

If you choose to have a canon character, please post below using the following code:

Character's first & last name:
Character's House:
Why you would like to have this character:
Sample Post of you RPing as the canon you are requesting: (Atleast 4 paragraphs, 4-5 sentences each)

Hogwarts Staff

*Please note: Any Hogwarts professors struck out died in the Halloween attack at Hogwarts in 1996.

Albus Dumbledore - Headmaster

Filius Flitwick - Ravenclaw HoH, Charms Professor

Snape - Slytherin HoH, DADA Professor

Minerva McGonagall - Gryffindor HoH, Transfiguration Professor

Pomona Sprout - Hufflepuff HoH, Herbology, Professor

Rolanda Hooch - Flying Professor, Quidditch Referree

Irma Pince - Librarian

Poppy Pomfrey - Nurse

Sybill Trelawney - Divination Professor

Anthony Vector - Arithmancy Professor

Horace Slughorn - Ex Slytherin HoH and Potions Professor

Argus Filch - Squib caretaker of Hogwarts

Rubeus Hagrid - Hogwarts Gamekeeper, Care of Magical Creatures Professor


*Please note: Canon Hogwarts students are listed with the year they were in at Hogwarts the time of Harry's death (year 1996). This is to make it easier to tell what year they would be in at MAMA on this site. All students struck out died in the Halloween attack at Hogwarts in 1996. All canon students are listed by house to make it easier for you to find them if you had specific canons in mind.


Katie Bell - 7th Year
Cormac McLaggen - 7th Year
Alicia Spinnet - 7th Year
Lavender Brown - 6th Year
Seamus Finnigan - 6th Year
Hermione Granger - 6th Year
Neville Longbottom - 6th Year
Parvati Patil - 6th Year
Harry Potter - 6th Year
Dean Thomas - 6th Year
Ron Weasley - 6th Year
Ginny Weasley - 5th Year
Colin Creevey - 5th Year
Romilda Vane - 4th Year
Dennis Creevey - 3rd Year


Hannah Abbott - 6th Year
Susan Bones - 6th Year
Justin Finch-Fletchley - 6th Year
Ernie Macmillan - 6th Year
Zacharias Smith - 6th Year


Cho Chang - 7th Year
Marietta Edgecombe - 7th Year

Michael Corner - 6th Year
Padma Patil - 6th Year
Luna Lovegood - 5th Year


Millicent Bulstrode - 6th Year
Vincent  Crabbe - 6th Year
Gregory Goyle - 6th Year

Draco Malfoy - 6th Year
Theodore Nott - 6th Year
Pansy Parkinson - 6th Year
Blaise Zabini - 6th Year

Death Eaters

Tom Riddle
Alecto Carrow
Amycus Carroll
Vincent Crabbe, Sr.
Antonin Dolohov
Goyle Sr
Bellatrix Lestrange (née Black)
Rabastan Lestrange
Rodolphus Lestrange

Lucius Malfoy
Narcissa Malfoy (née Black)
Augustus Rookwood
Pius Thicknesse
Peter Pettigrew

Ministry Workers, Shop Keepers & Others

Amelia Bones
Fleur Delacour
Dilys Derwent
Amos Diggory
Aberforth Dumbledore
Dudley Dursley
Petunia Dursley (née Evans)
Vernon Dursley
Arabella Figg
Mundungus Fletcher
Cornelius Fudge
Rubeus Hagrid
Augusta Longbottom
Xenophilius Lovegood
Remus Lupin
Nymphadora Tonks
Madam Malkin
Garrick Ollivander
Sturgis Podmore
Rufus Scrimgeour
Kingsley Shacklebolt
Stan Shunpike
Rita Skeeter
Andromeda Tonks (née Black)
Ted Tonks
Dolores Jane Umbridge
Arthur Weasley
Bill Weasley
Charlie Weasley
Molly Weasley (née Prewett)
Percy Weasley
Angelina Johnson
Lee Jordan
Fred Weasley
George Weasley
Oliver Wood

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Cissandra Blackthorne
Grad Student
Cissandra Blackthorne

Location : The Stars

Canon Character List Empty
PostSubject: Re: Canon Character List   Canon Character List I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 18, 2015 1:07 pm

Character's first & last name: Narcissa Malfoy

Character's House: Former Slytherin

Why you would like to have this character: I would like to explore what her life is like after losing her husband and having her world upside down.

Sample Post of you RPing as the canon you are requesting: (Atleast 4 paragraphs, 4-5 sentences each)

Running her fingers through her slightly curled blond hair, blue eyes searched the mirror in front of her for something unknown.  Three long years had passed since the death of Lucius, and in the beginning it seemed like the entire world had crashed down on top of her.  Narcissa was not stupid, not by any means, but when it came out what her husband had done not only to Draco but to the Lestrange boy as well, she had felt something crumble inside of her.  The man she had married, trust her life to, had failed not only her but their son as well.

Narcissa did then what any good woman would do, she broke down in private and put on a strong front to the world.  Only Draco knew the pain, sometimes catching her off guard when she thought that she was alone.  Slowly she worked through the pain, accepting that every thing would be okay and that she would do whatever it took to know that her son never knew that kind of pain again.  Narcissa  watched him growing into a man much better than his father and even though his choice of girlfriend had been a point of contention at first, she had come the love the girl over the years.  She was a perfect match for Draco in every way and she only hoped that the years treated them kindly.

Pushing up from the bench where she sat at her vanity she turned and walked downstairs.  As the clock chimed nine she shook her head.  It wasn't like Bella to be late but then again it was a growing trend the past month or so and it made her wonder just what exactly her dear sister was up to.  She would never question her, but it did not mean that she could not be curious.  Just like Tom, Bella had regained much of her sanity, but that did not mean that her cruel streak did not remain.  Narcissa, never being one to push things, was content to let her sister be as she was.

Heels clicking across the cold stone floor she turned into the parlor, settling down in her favorite spot in front of the fire.  It had taken almost six months before she was able to sit in that very spot, where she had spent so many nights with Lucius.  Slowly but surely she fell back into the old routines, drinking tea and writing letters, but it wasn't enough.  She was still young and wanted more out of life than it currently held for her.  Which was exactly why her sister was currently supposed to be there, to discuss with her the de-aging potion that had been developed.  It was quite a risk, but these days she had nothing but time on her hands.
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Blaise Zabini
Blaise Zabini

Canon Character List Empty
PostSubject: Re: Canon Character List   Canon Character List I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 28, 2015 11:34 pm

Character's first & last name: Blaise Zabini
Character's House: Former Slytherin
Why you would like to have this character: Blaise never really got explored much, and I feel like with this story line, he can be a great supporting character/main character that I bring alive.
Sample Post of you RPing as the canon you are requesting:

Blaise had come home from a much needed two week vacation to Italy, one of his more favorite places to relax. He had gone alone, but that wasn't exactly abnormal for the now 18 year old. He had always been the type to lay low, and keep to himself. Mostly because he regarded everyone else as some form of beneath him. Or at least, he used to. And in many cases and ways, he still did. Of course, nowadays, there were also many exceptions.

Two such exceptions had always preexisted, and they went by the names of Draco Malfoy and Orion Ramellien, now his, most commonly referred to, 'pack brothers'. They had always been equals to each other, regardless of the countless times they all bickered and tried to show each other up. But now, there were quite a few others who were considered part of their 'pack', the more pronounced of the bunch, Riddle and Sidorova. The Weaselette and Granger had also become some form of honorary member, and for a while, many had considered one of them would be what Riddle and Sidorova were to Draco and Orion. But the dark skinned wizard had remained quietly single throughout his Hogwarts career. And throughout his first year of college.

Not that he had had much time to dabble in dating anyways. The young wizard had spent his year deep in his studies, and keeping a certain alpha wolf from sinking too far into depression due to the long and hard separation from his mate. Not that anyone could blame him. What with Riddle having to remain in the castle under the control of the murderous Headmaster who was out for blood and magic that their world was convinced was some kind of king. Even Blaise raised his hackles whenever Dumbledore was mentioned. Needless to say, it had been a long and stressful year.

But once it was over, and summer had finally commenced, they had all returned home, and with them all together once again, it was easier to breathe. Easier to relax. Especially for the three wolves, who worked and thought with a pack mentality. Once they were able to witness themselves the group that were becoming more or less a family to them, it was as if a weight had been lifted. They were able to have some fun for a change, and let loose a bit. The ex-Slytherin had taken advantage of that by planning his solo trip. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy the time spent with the others. It was just that, for a male who had grown up strictly by himself with only his mother for family (Blaise had never considered any of her many husbands anything more than a brief experiment), it became overwhelming.

The trip had did him good. But now he was back, and would be meeting up with his two brothers in all but blood soon. Since their first year at Hogwarts, the three had always done their school shopping together, and it seemed that was a tradition none of them wanted to break. Even if they did have tagalongs now. Or at least, the other two did. Blaise was still as single as they came, despite his many sexual dalliances during his trip to Italy. And at Hogwarts when he were still a student there.

The young man was due to meet his friends at the Leaky in about an hour or so, but he had some time to kill, and decided to spend it perusing the bookshelves of Flourish and Blotts, knowing he would never get the chance once with his friends. Unfortunately, they didn't share his passion for reading and studying.

Blaise walked with confidence and pride, as most purebloods did. In fact, every move he made was with both. And was always so calculated and intentional. He did everything with reason, but what really made him differ from the norm was the undeniable dominance of his presence. Wherever he went, it could be trusted upon that he caught attention, and people saw him. And it could also be trusted that he would be in style.

Like most purebloods, he enjoyed the finer things in life. Whether it be food, clothes, sexual partners, etc. And Blaise did indeed enjoy looking his best at all times. He always looked immaculate, and had impeccable taste. Currently, the young male were dressed in a sapphire blue button up, left untucked from his black slacks. A matching black vest was pulled over it, and the sleeves of his shirt were rolled up. The ensemble was fitted snugly enough to show off the well defined body it hid, but was by no means too tight. It was dressy enough to appeal to his pureblood standards, yet casual enough to allow him his youthfulness. All in all, it was perfect. And he looked perfect in it.

That, he knew for a fact, as a slow smirk curled his lips when a pair of witches who were no doubt doing their own shopping for an upcoming term at one of the two famous schools giggled and whispered as they passed him, looking him up and down. No doubt they had thought him to be smirking at them, but in fact, something entirely different had caught his attention. Or someone, to be exact.

Caspian Burke. One of Draco's ex lovers, and accepted friend in their close knit circle. Blaise hadn't seen the slightly older wizard since the end of the school term, and he had always had a soft spot for him. Whether Draco would admit it or not, Caspian has been a large and important influence in his life. He was also one of the only ones of Draco's exes Blaise cared for, and he had always taken it upon himself to look out for him when necessary. He knew his blonde friend well enough to know that, regardless of how he treated Caspian, he would rip someone to shreds if he caught someone else doing it. And so Caspian was to be looked after. At least, that was the reasoning Blaise always told himself.

He observed the other make for a moment, watching as he removed a book to flip through, acknowledging the decidedly fragile look of him. Then again, Caspian had always had that softness about him physically. Which was entirely contradictory to the sharp and cold attitude he had. Blaise knew all this, because it had always been his job to know things about people. Again, that's what he told himself.

Silently, he moved closer to the other, who still had not noticed him, until he was close enough to reach out and brush his deft fingers over the wizard's arm briefly, attempting not to startle him. He wasn't disappointed with the reaction he got, and arched a brow at male, smirk settling on his lips as he leaned casually against the bookshelf. "Not at all. Do you?" He responded easily, his voice deep and smooth, and just like his actions, every word spoken with a certain intention. "I see you still have the same ill mannered greeting as always. Pity you haven't managed to gain some maturity."

His words weren't biting, but his tone carried a certain amount of disapproval. " Don't pretend you don't enjoy when we're around." Blaise told him, a natural authority in his voice and dark eyes even as he smirked knowingly. "I know you well enough to know you're just annoyed you haven't seen us all summer." He added on, ignoring the would-be insult to himself and his friends, instead focusing more closely on the other male, eyes raking over his form critically. "What, exactly, have you been doing with yourself, Caspian?" The questioned may have sounded merely mildly interested to anyone else. But to those who knew him well enough, they would pick up on the dissatisfied look in his eyes as he observed the other, and there was no mistaking that same, authoritive tenor to his voice, making the question much more of a demand. One it was clear he completely expected to be met.
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Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy

Canon Character List Empty
PostSubject: Re: Canon Character List   Canon Character List I_icon_minitimeFri May 01, 2015 7:11 pm

Character's first & last name: Draco Lucius Malfoy
Character's House: Slytherin
Why you would like to have this character: Because I am our Draco. But seriously, because I love Draco and I have a special bond with this character and if you take him away from me I will cry so hard omg.
Sample Post of you RPing as the canon you are requesting:
He was on a train. This was the first problem with Draco Malfoy's day, and it wasn't the only problem, especially considering the fact that his compartment held more than just two people and the one person he wanted to be alone in said compartment with wasn't even in his lap. Hell, she wasn't even beside him. No, beside him sat one of his best mates, who was much too annoying as he leaned over and told the Alpha male to stop growling as it was unbecoming. Orion was seriously about to get claws to the face, and Draco was not going to feel bad about it.

This was the second bloody year at this college and Draco had really thought he'd be able to take the damn ship into the school this time. Or like… fly there. Or do something better than sit on a fucking train like he did back at Hogwarts. But no. His bloody fiance wanted to ride the fucking train. And she'd dragged his lackeys along with them. That might have had something to do with his threat to have sex on the bench in the compartment since she was denying him a ship with bloody beds, but Draco simply refused to take the blame for their unfortunate choice of travel… and companions.

The fact that Skyler was in some animated conversation with the Weaselette was another problem, and Blaise had wandered off somewhere and Draco had no idea where the hell he'd gone and he could not deal with a Weasley with only Orion for company. The damn Beta should know better than to tell his fucking pack leader not to growl…

Draco was trying to feign some sort of interest in the girls' conversation. They were going on about joining some sorority and what they were majoring in and blah blah blah but he really just couldn't care less about it. He already knew what Sky was studying since they'd discussed it together, and he already knew what sorority she planned to rush. He really just wanted to have sex with his fiance and tell his best mate to get rid of the annoying ginger and get lost. But that would be rude. And Sky didn't allow him to use his wolfish urges as excuses anymore. Apparently nearly two years of controlling the beast and three years of having it meant that excuse was a bit stale.

The blonde whined a bit pathetically before growling when Orion laughed at him. Dammit, this was torture. "Where the fuck did Blaise go, anyway?" he muttered at his pack-mate and frat brother, finding it exceedingly strange that their third had mysteriously vanished. "I swear to Salazar if he's off getting some while I'm stuck here with you and Red cockblocking me I am going to scream."

He was pretty sure the Weaselette murmured "Don't you mean howl?" but he was too busy glaring at the world to care. This was going to be such a long ass train ride...

Profile - Plot Summary - Photos
Student Council Member- Fraternity President - Quidditch Captain - Seeker - Obliviation Major
Canon Character List Draco2018
-GM permissions granted to The Pack-
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Pansy Parkinson
Pansy Parkinson

Canon Character List Empty
PostSubject: Re: Canon Character List   Canon Character List I_icon_minitimeSat May 02, 2015 6:15 pm

First & last name: Pansy Parkinson
Character's House: Slytherin
Why you would like to have this character: I think it would be fun and different to portray Pansy. She has an edge about her. She's always been an interesting character to me and I would like the chance to give her character a more in depth personality so to speak, and develop her in new ways, take the character farther, etc.

Sample Post of you RPing as the canon you are applying for:

It was odd, coming to Diagon Alley and seeing all the obvious Hogwarts students, knowing that she wouldn't be returning to the castle that was more home than home for seven years. Granted, Pansy had already been at Merlin's for a year now, where she was working towards her Masters in several subjects, the Forgotten Arts being one of them, and was getting ready to head back for her second one, so it wasn't as nostalgic as it had been that previous summer.

She had spent her summer as she usually did, making the usual rounds to parties and Balls thrown by others of her status, though she was notably uninvited to anything the Malfoy's had a hand in, which was like a public announcement of that bridge being burnt. It had stung. Harshly. And it had also given others license to mock her as well. For her foolish behaviors and endeavors while still at Hogwarts. In their circles, things were never forgotten, and her insane actions regarding the wizard she had loved her entire life would haunt her for a good long time.

Her own parents had laid into her for it, as it put strain on any business dealings their family did with the prestigious Malfoys. Not to mention the ire she had earned herself and family from the Dark Lord, who's twin daughters were treated like royalty. It still burned something fierce for Pansy, who still thought it was her who should be treated as such. Her who should have it all. She still loathed the American with purple eyes that had stolen everything from her. Hated her with a passion, really. But Pansy had long since given up on getting to the younger witch directly.

Regardless, her foolish actions had cost her, and there was little she could do about it but pay the price with her head held high, portraying the pureblood witch she was groomed to be. The witch had finally outgrown her ugly duckling phase, and come into her own natural beauty. Socially, she were still widely accepted, and was usually in the company of the Greengrass sisters, Tracy Davis, and Millicent Bulstrode. All four of which had accompanied her into the alley for shopping purposes. Theo had also come along, but had taken off to the bookstore, and the other three witches were still getting their wardrobes fitted. So Pansy had decided on heading to the pet shop to kill time.

It was there she could be seen perusing the corral of kittens. The witch did enjoy the sweet little balls of fluff and fur, and was picking one out when someone bumped into her from behind, making her squeal, and startling the kitten she had been reaching for, who decided to claw her hand. With a haughty and angry expression the brunette turned to the person who had the audacity to bump into her, holding her bleeding hand to her chest, sneer on her otherwise lovely face. "Do you not have eyes, you fool..." Pansy trailed off as recognition flashed across her face, immediately losing her voice as she came face to face with none other than Draco Malfoy.

For a moment, all she could do was stare at the man she had once thought she would marry. But then their long, drawn out, and cruel history made her remember herself, and a her face closed off, a cold look in her eyes. "Draco." She greeted cooly, kittens forgotten as she considered simply weakling away. He was as handsome as ever, and it hurt and angered her to her core to be so close to him, and yet so far at the same time. To know the ring that had been promised to her now sat on some unworthy American's finger.
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Bella Prince
Grad Student
Bella Prince

Canon Character List Empty
PostSubject: Re: Canon Character List   Canon Character List I_icon_minitimeSun May 03, 2015 9:54 am

Character's first & last name: Bellatrix Lestrange
Character's House: Slytherin
Why you would like to have this character: She's a complex character, and I see it as a challenge to play her. I also think as a character she has alot of potential in a story line such as this one. And I just have to be her, because, I am her. Like, I've played her and all, and understand her, and we have this deep connection and stuff... Very Happy

Sample of you RPing as the canon you are applying for:
Bellatrix moved swiftly down the hall, toward the meeting room, her dark eyes hard, and glinting. Her pale face was as void of all emotion as ever, and surrounded as usual by her dark, wild curls. It was thick and especially long, and  high upon her head, and fell down past her shoulders. Dressed in black, tailored robes with a deep neckline, she strutted with her head high, in a way that screamed both arrogance and pride. If anyone dared speak to her, she would undoubtedly look down her nose at them.

Such was the way she had been brought up. To walk, talk, and act like a pureblood. It was ingrained into her since she had been born, and was not something easily forgotten. Not even after fifteen years in Azkaban. Simple manners were not something she fretted about. But would take the time to use in special circumstances. Like when being especially vindictive to her brother in law, Lucius. She amused herself with this because Lucius had thought himself so high and mighty, thought he alone was better than the rest. Bellatrix had  dearly enjoyed knocking him down a peg or two, and mocking the fake image he portrayed to the rest of the wizarding world. It was almost too bad he was already dead.

There was really only a few exceptions to this pureblood way of life that demanded that she look down on everyone, because they were beneath her. And that was the Dark Lord, Severus, and her son, Silas, who she had grown especially fond of over the past few years.  Everyone else was beneath her, and mattered about as much as a flobberworm.

So it was with a haughty disposition she entered the meeting room, second to none. She took her place in what would soon be a circle of the Dark Lord's followers, and waited impatiently. Though you would never know from her outward appearance. Soon, others began to arrive, and though they each nodded to her presence, none spoke. Bella, for her part, greeted none with actual words. Instead, she allowed them each a sneer of disdain. And that was all the acknowledgement they would receive from her.

When minutes had passed, and those who had more to fear from the upcoming meeting than most shifted nervously, their Lord finally made his entrance. He seemed to glide, rather than walk, past his followers, his serpent, Nagini, following closely and snapping at closest. Everyone bowed the moment his presence was noted. And Bella, showing the utmost respect for her Lord, did not straighten from this pose until the Dark Lord was seated in his customary chair. Bella watched silently as the red eyes scanned over his followers wordlessly, yet she knew it would strike terror into those his gleaming gaze lingered on.

It was a deathly quiet, one that Bella reveled in. And when the Dark Lord pulled his wand, she felt adrenaline course through her body. She was sure someone was about to be punished. It excited her. And she softly stroked her own wand in anticipation. What she hadn't expected was for the Dark Lord to turn his wand on himself. She barely had time to halt herself, for once not knowing how to react, when it was already over. Where the Dark Lord had sat, in all his gleaming red eyes and snake like face glory, now sat what would have appeared to be a stranger if one had not known him before the first war.

But there he sat, as he had once looked almost fresh out of Hogwarts. Bellatrix only knew this because she had seen a photo once. Only once. But it had been enough. Immediately, her eyes found Severus, and the two shared a look. It seemed as if their Lord had decided to act ahead of schedule.

There was a murmuring running through the ranks of death eaters, but Bella heard none of it. This was the wizard she had chosen to follow. To serve. Immediately, she fell to her knees, but even as she kneeled, head bowed, Bella allowed herself a smirk to curl her lips. Indeed, the Dark Lord wasback.
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Ginny Weasley
Ginny Weasley

Canon Character List Empty
PostSubject: Re: Canon Character List   Canon Character List I_icon_minitimeWed May 20, 2015 6:30 pm

Character's first & last name: Ginny Weasley

Character's House: Gryffindor

Why you would like to have this character: She's fun, feisty, and I'm good at her. Or at least I think I am. Plus, I want to explore her growing into the woman she can be- completely independent since Harry's gone and proving that she's stronger than most of her brothers despite being the only female in the Weasley brood.

Sample Post of you RPing as the canon you are requesting:

There was something truly ridiculous about having to scream to get any sort of assistance in the quidditch shop after having been a loyal customer there for well over ten years. Ginny Weasley had started shopping at the triple Q back when she was still dreaming about her first days at Hogwarts. When her brothers would get their school supplies, she'd force Bill and sometimes Charlie to accompany her to the shop so she could scrounge together what coins she'd managed to collect during the year and get herself something new.

Usually, one of the older boys would throw in some of his own money without her noticing until she suddenly had enough money to get a replacement part for her old battered broom or a new pair of gloves since she was generally left with at least triple-hand-me-downs. No matter what, Ginny managed to buy something from the shop every year.

And every damn year she got ignored until she stomped a foot, often on the foot of one of the obnoxious males who kept her from being noticed, and raised her voice. Her eyes narrowed and she cleared her throat, tossing her long red hair behind her shoulder and taking a deep breath before letting out a string of words her mother would not have been proud of her for.

"What in the flying fuck does a girl need to do to get some bloody assistance around here? Merlin's saggy tits, I swear, I have been shopping here for fucking years and I can never seem to get any damn service!" Okay, so maybe she was being obnoxious, but she'd just managed to get hit on by one of the most idiotic boys ever, and that boy had still been carrying a set of Hogwarts robes, which meant he was younger than her to boot. She was a little peeved.

It really wasn't Gin's fault that she had a youthful face and a lithe build. She just happened to have kind of stopped... looking any older once she reached sixteen. She was the perpetual underage witch even as she stood there getting ready to start her first year at college and needing a new broom to take with her. She sighed. This was getting ridiculous.

Ginny rolled her eyes as the guy whose foot she'd stomped on tried to cop a feel of her ass. "Okay, seriously? I beat the shit out of Pansy Parkinson before and I got into it with the bloody Chosen One himself back when he was hot shit. Do you really want to start with me?" she huffed. Some people would be mad at her for how casually she spoke of Harry, but after about a year of mourning and crying about it she'd come to terms. He'd have wanted her to remember all the hell they'd put each other through and laugh about it. So she did. Simple as that.

Finally, she thought the shopkeep had come to help her with the broom. Unfortunately for her, such was not the case. Instead, she turned to meet a familiar set of eyes. "Hey, stranger. Come to make my life easier, or just gonna give me an excuse to show off my skills with a bat bogey hex?" she asked with a smirk and a popped hip.
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Canon Character List Empty
PostSubject: Re: Canon Character List   Canon Character List I_icon_minitime

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Canon Character List
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