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 Daryl Oliver - Junior

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PostSubject: Daryl Oliver - Junior   Daryl Oliver - Junior I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 27, 2015 4:05 pm

Full Name: Daryl Oliver
Nickname: Fairy (sky), Name Stealer (Olli), Badger Boy (Draco)
Age: 19
House: Hufflepuff
Birthdate: March 26th 1979
Blood Type: Muggleborn
Job: (To be filled in once you have applied for whichever job you are wanting)

Likes: Don Knotts, Old black and white movies, Pranks, Jolt Cola (its liquid crack in a can), sugar, Charms, Mischief
Dislikes: Mice & rats, pink, jelly beans, History of Magic, boredom, flying, hospitals
Strengths: Loyal, Stubborn, Charms, perseverance

  • Loyal - Daryl has and will always be loyal to his best friend and anyone who he thinks deserves it. This includes keeping silent even if it's not for his best interest but for his friend.
  • Stubborn - Admittedly it is also a weakness but Daryl uses it to his strength most of the times. With his determination and perseverance he as been able to do what most would think impossible. It has helped him overcome limitations by belieiving steadfastedly that there are none or that they don't apply to him. Its helped him keep going when one would normally admit defeat.
  • Charms - He's always had a knack for Charms which may or may not be why he's also skilled at finding mischief. Flitwick encouraged his talent which was why Daryl had joined the Charms Club while at Hogwarts.

Weaknesses: Reckless, Impulsive, Doesn't like to read or follow rules, Inconsiderate, incorrigible, squirrels

  • Reckless - Doesn't always think things through nor their consequences. Along with his impulsivness, Daryl casues a lot of mayhem.
  • Impulsive - Has very poor impulse control. When he has an urge he does it jumping in with both feet. His redeeming quality is he's not vidictive or sadistic so he never aims to harm.
  • Illiterate - Not really, he just would rather watch a movie rather then read the book or have someone summarize it.
  • rule breaker - Doesn't like people telling him what he can and can't do. s a child he would purposely color outside the lines and do something just to prove that he could do it.
  • Inconsiderate - Doesn't thing about others generally when he does or says things. He won't lie to spare their feelings.
  • Incorrigible - It's just who he is and has been fostered and helped along by his best friend.
  • Squirrels - They're secretly plotting to overtake the world. 'Nuff said.

Father - Jason Oliver deceased
Mother - Alice Jacobs Oliver deceased
Uncle - Thomas Oliver

Alice Jacobs grew up in Newark, New Jersey as the youngest child of three. The Jacobs were lower middle class yet they never lacked for anything. All three of the Jacobs children were average students. While one sister married a policeman and another a grocer and becoming housewives, Alice didn't want that life. Upon graduation of high school she got a job at JC Penny's where she worked her way up the ladder intent on being able to support herself. It was there at the make up counter she met her future husband Jason.

Jason Oliver was an architect since he was a toddler with building blocks. He was the older son yet he always felt inadequate next to his younger brother Thomas. A nerd in school he graduated on the honor roll and in the running for valedictorian. Became a very well known for his building designs. Met his future wife at a makeup counter while trying to pick up a gift for his then girlfriend. He quickly dumped the girlfriend so he could start dating Alice. After a few years they married and moved down to California when Jason got a contract for a place and they fell in love with the place.

Thomas Oliver had always been the odd one out. He never got on well with his older brother and hardly saw him. Graduating highschool at the age of twelve he was able to get a scholarship to Oxford which he gladly took. Moving to England he never looked back and had nothing much to do with his family until he was asked to be Daryl's godfather. Never thinking he'd actually have to live up the responsiblity, he'd agreed and was in for a shock when he was called to take guardianship of his nephew when Jason and Alice died.

Daryl was a single child since his parents couldnt' have more nor did they want to adopt. He was very much spoiled rotten by his parents and grew up in the United States up until he turned 10. He was born in Orange County California and grew up going to the beach which was where he met his best friend. The way they met was so them. While playing together, Skyler got stung by a jellyfish and Daryl having heard that if you peed on the wound it would help, promptly did so. It couldn't have been wrong since that's what you did with warts after you cut them open. And no one else seemed to realize she'd been hurt and you had to act fast didn't you? That was the strange way they met and sort of bonded.

Since they both did odd things, Daryl had never really thought it was strange. It didn't seem worth mentioning and being who he was Daryl just let it be. His parents died in an accident while on vacation in a car crash. His father had died instantly while his mother had lingered. Daryl had sat at his mother's bedside until she died. It was then that Daryl decided that he hated hospitals. He'd resented his uncle for taking him away from the united states and dragging him to England. Eventually he came around and actually liked the fact that his uncle would allow him to travel to California for the summers unaccompanied.

Wand: Willow and Unicorn hair 10 inches

Friends: Skyler Riddle, Oliver Adams, Draco (tolerated when Skyler's around)
Enemies:Draco (when Skyler isn't around)
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Daryl Oliver - Junior
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