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 Piper Evans - Junior

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Piper Evans
Piper Evans

Piper Evans - Junior Empty
PostSubject: Piper Evans - Junior   Piper Evans - Junior I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 27, 2019 3:49 pm

Full Name: Piper May Evans
Nickname: TBD
Age: 20
House: Hufflepuff
Birthdate: September 22
Blood Type: Muggleborn
Job: (To be filled in once you have applied for whichever job you are wanting)

Likes: New moons, stargazing, dogs, deer, reading, rare meat
Dislikes: Full moons, deep water, bullies, rare meat
Strengths: CoMC, empathy, agility, quick spellwork
Weaknesses: Full moons, easily embarrassed, vertically challenged, potions

The Evans family were quite an average muggle family. William Andrew Evans met one Mary Jo Lewis just out of high school and fell head over heels for her. Mary took some convincing, but eventually went on a date with the man who would soon become her husband. They hit it off, despite Mary's misgivings regarding William, and were soon married and expecting a child.

Piper was born on the Fall Equinox in 1977. Her brother, William Jr, was born in March three years later. The family would have grown more but for a miscarriage that left Mary unable to have more children. It was, thus, devastating for them to lose William Jr at the young age of seven. Mary and William are extremely protective of their only daughter, and have educated themselves about magic and magical creatures and all the magical laws their daughter is up against.

William is a relative of one Lily Evans (Potter), though they were never aware of each other- may have met at a large family reunion a few times, but were not close enough to know about magic or anything of the sort.

Meek and mild mannered, Piper has always been a sort of 'background character' type of girl. Or at least she is the majority of the time. About one week per month, Piper's personality takes on a whole new form, leaving her with crazy stories and friends she'd never have made during the other three weeks. One can imagine the jokes about her 'time of the month,' but this was a whole different beast. Honestly, periods were nothing compared to the moodiness of the wolf within.

Up until her tenth birthday, Piper was quite the average child. Sure, she'd had a few mishaps here or there- it seemed a dog almost always managed to follow her home, and she'd wanted one so badly! There were also a great many birds that liked to perch on her window and general wildlife was always coming around the family home. Of course, they'd later learn that she was attracting all these animals with magic, but how were any of the family to know that? They were muggles. Never heard of magic in their lives.

On the day that changed Piper's life forever (and those of her family as well) the young girl had been playing in the backyard awaiting the arrival of her friends for her birthday party. Her little brother, seven at the time and full of vim and vigor, was running about the yard with one of her dolls and refusing to give it back. It was a typical day, if not for the yellow-orange eyes staring out at them through the brush where yard turned to woods.

The previous night had been the cusp of the full moon, and it was still fairly early in the morning. It wasn't completely abnormal for a newly turned werewolf not to have changed back yet, or to still be out on the prowl. Deer and other prey animals had always flocked to the Evans' yard, so really it was only natural that the wolf would have been led there as well.

It happened in a matter of seconds. The wolf leaped out and Piper screamed. She'd been pinned beneath him and teeth sharp as daggers pierced the skin of her right shoulder and clavicle. His mouth was so huge and she was so small that it was a wonder she even had an arm post-attack. Piper's father heard her scream and ran out with a baseball bat, smacking the creature until it let go of Piper and ran back to the woods. It was only then that her father noticed her brother, William, was gone.

After the attack, a Ministry worker from the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures showed up at the house. It was a shock, to say the least, that the Evanses had not only a witch, but a werewolf witch for a daughter. With some intervention from Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, Piper was allowed to attend the school- where she'd be provided with wolfsbane potion monthly and watched over by the school nurse for every transformation. Piper was encouraged to keep her condition a secret, but this proved far too difficult to do.

In her fourth year at Hogwarts, Professor Lupin came to teach. The boggart lesson had them sharing a knowing glance as she faced the full moon and Lupin dispelled it for her, the boggart notably not changing form for him. Though she made a friend in the professor, and learned a great deal from him, the year ended in unfortunate circumstances, as her secret was out right beside his. How was she supposed to explain the boggart once everyone put two and two together? Piper had never lost so many friends in such a short time, even when her ulterior personalty had come out to play.

Piper was able to keep the friends that mattered, and who cared about her. She remained a timid girl, perhaps even more so once her secret was out. The girl decided to attend Merlin's in hopes of becoming an advocate for other werewolves and creatures of the wizarding world. There would likely be many struggles along the way, especially as many at the Ministry viewed her as a creature, rather than a witch. Still more viewed her as even less, given her heritage.

The girl also dreams of finding out what happened to her brother, but that seems like wishful thinking. It's been a decade, after all...

Wand: Chestnut, rather swishy, unicorn hair core, 9 inches
Pet: She was never allowed one growing up, now shes' afraid she could hurt one accidentally...

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Piper Evans - Junior
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