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 Theodore Nott

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Theodore Nott

Theodore Nott

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PostSubject: Theodore Nott   Theodore Nott I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 08, 2019 1:45 am

Full Name: Theodore Leopold Nott Jr.
Nickname: Teddy, Theo
Age: 20
House: Former Slytherin
Birthdate: November 2nd
Blood Type: Pureblood


  • Himself
  • Quiet
  • Stays physically fit
  • Loopholes when they benefit himself
  • Opera and the theatre arts


  • Pureblood Ideology
  • Paperwork
  • Loopholes that don't benefit him
  • Losing
  • Lifts
  • People without substance
  • Those who threaten him in any way shape or form


  • Has a way with words / Manipulative
  • Impeccable liar
  • Clever
  • Innovative
  • Self-Preservation
  • Observant
  • Subtle
  • Loyal to whom he chooses to be
  • Nonconformist
  • Intelligent


  • Non-existant night vision (When its dark he's basically blind)
  • Migraines
  • Keeps most people emotionally separate from himself
  • Critical
  • Honest
  • Cold to those he does not know
  • Intolerant of narrow-minded world views
  • Poor circulation (Has to watch himself in cold climates)

Paternal Great Grandfathers: Linus Nott // Seymour Warwick
Paternal Great Grandmothers: Casseopia Flint // Glenys Travers
Maternal Great Grandfathers: Ciro Acerbi // Lorenzo D'Amore
Maternal Great Grandmothers: Allegra De Santis // Caprecia Russo
Paternal Grandfather: Thaddeus Nott
Paternal Grandmother: Imogen Warwick
Maternal Grandfather: Emilio Acerbi
Maternal Grandmother: Gianna D'Amore
Father: Theodore Nott
Mother: Zita Acerbi
Siblings: None

The Acerbi's are an Italian family of Half-bloods and Purebloods. Zita had attended the magical schooling closer to home rather than travel to Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, or Durmstrang the other three magical schools that were close. Their family got on well and weren't quite sure about marrying their daughter to an older man. They welcome their grandson enjoying his company. Zita had always been family oriented and loyal to them. It was from her that Theo learned about quality over quantity when it came to making and keeping friends.

The Notts have always been a family rooted in the Dark Arts. A family member had even gone on to publish a book in the 30's that listed the Nott's as one of the 28 only "pureblood" families in Britain. They had followed and supported both Grindelwald and Voldemort. Theodore Sr. had been no exception yet sought a wife outside Britain. A stern and strict father, he was too busy keeping the family from being disgraced to spend much time rearing his son. However he did make sure that his son was a proper Nott, taking up the boy's education after his wife passed.

Zita and Theodore Sr's marriage had been one of politics as well as convenience. They both needed a spouse, Theodore an heir and Zita wanted a child. Both met one another while queued at a bank. After an exchange that didn't end, they spent the afternoon together walking around Venice. They had many common interests and did care for one another by the time they decided upon a marriage. It had been tragic as well as devastating to both Theo Sr. and Jr. to witness her demise. Zita had been working on a potion when Theodore had a bout of accidental magic. The magic and the potion didn't react well having adverse reaction. Both father and son blamed Theodore Jr for Zita's death.

Theo loved spending the summers in Italy with his mother in her home there. It was vastly different from the one where his paternal ancestors were reared and lived. Italy was more of an escape for young Theo; a place he associated as warmth, caring, and light until his mother's death. After she died his father didn't want to spend as much time there most likely believing that his maternal grandparents would poison him against his father. So he mainly lived in the Nott family home in Cornwall which was colder and held far too many unpleasant memories. In public Theo was always the most dutiful and obedient son. At home neither his father nor him spent much time together unless they absolutely had to. As the years went by the two Nott males drifted further and further apart while always maintaining their persona's in public of a respectful family.

During his time at Hogwarts Theodore was the epitome of a Slytherin. He was subtle, cunning, and ambitious. While other Slytherins such as Draco formed cliques, Theodore stayed out of it yet wasn't on the fringes. He played the political game in the snake pit knowing where he ranked, making the alliances he needed for later but never committing himself. Never involved himself with the blood feud between the Malfoy heir, the youngest Weasley male, and Potter. When someone singled out a Slytherin or the Slytherins were attacked, he would join ranks with his house as was proper. Not necessarily nasty but was constantly guarded. It was during his time in Hogwarts as well as learning more and more of his father's life and his role in society along with his mother's early influence in his life that hat the Nott heir loath the so called "Pureblood supremacy". About how far the actual agenda that Voldemort had started out with had been skewed and twisted as the Dark Lord himself had become.

During third year he received his heir's ring and began to have some of the responsibilities of an heir and started to secure his future. Fifth year he didn't show what he thought about his father being outed as a Death Eater because of the Tri-Wizard Tournament debacle. He'd taken on even more duties such as seeing to House Nott's needs and all the paperwork that came along with it. During sixth year he started dating Daphne Greengrass taking her to the Hogwarts's dace that ended in disaster. Since then they've had an off again on again relationship.

Directly after graduating Hogwarts Theo went to visit his family in Italy. While staying at his family's home during the summer he had a brief affair with a fellow vacationer. It was the first time that Theodore believed himself in love, spending as much time as possible with her unknowingly fathering a child. When the summer ended she disappeared after rejecting his marriage proposal. A bit bitter, heartbroken and jaded, he returned to Britain.

Wand:10 3/4th", Maple & Kelpie Hair
Pet: Black calico cat named Mordred

Relationship: On/off w Daphne Greengrass
Friends: Blaise Zabini, Lisa Turpin
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Theodore Nott
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