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 Caellum Chancellor - Sophomore

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Caellum Chancellor

Caellum Chancellor

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PostSubject: Caellum Chancellor - Sophomore    Caellum Chancellor - Sophomore  I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 16, 2019 11:06 pm

Full Name: Harry James Potter/ Caellum Aidan Chancellor

Nickname: Cael, Bolt (Anything Malfoy calls me is NOT a nickname)

Age: 19

House: Gryffindor

Birthdate: July 31st

Blood Type: Halfblood/Pureblood

Job: N/A

Likes: Quidditch, treacle tart, adventure, being lazy, DADA, leading, comfortable clothes, truth, freedom, teasing

Dislikes: Limitations, lies, the past coming back to haunt,  being bored, injustice, facing difficult reality, being alone, being confined, studying

Strengths: Adaptable, curious, magically powerful, loyal, tenacious, humorous, resourceful, brave, courageous, generous, DADA

Weaknesses: Can be a victim or martyr, impatient,  jealous, stubborn, lazy, impulsive, runs from emotional expression

Family: Harry James Potter was born to James and Lily Potter, on July 31st. James Potter, a pureblood wizard, grew up on only child with two loving parents who adored and cherished him. With little material limitations, James grew up relatively pampered, resulting in in him being proud and arrogant by the time he was old enough to go to Hogwarts, though he were still a good person.

Lily on the other hand was a muggleborn witch who grew up to no less loving muggle parents, and also had a sister, Petunia. It wasn’t uncommon for Lily, as a child, to make strange and unusual things happen, often freaking out her sister. When Lily received her Hogwarts letter, it was the beginning of the deterioration of her relationship with Petunia, who was so jealous of Lily that it blinded her.

As a child, Lily had made friends with Severus Snape, who had watched the girl from a distance, knowing what she was, as he was a halfblood with a witch mother and knew magic existed. They would end up going off to Hogwarts together as friends, and would remain as such until the first war, when their choices would separate them forever.

At Hogwarts, James became fast friends with Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. The four would be best friends throughout their years at Hogwarts, and Sirius would be like a brother to James, often spending summers with James and the Potters, who looked on him as a second son.

The four best friends had a schoolyard rivalry with Severus, who hated James on principle, for James was and had everything Severus never would. They also both fancied Lily, though Lily detested James for most of their school years. Lily focused on school, and was quite brilliant in Potions and Charms, whereas James was the type who went on adventures, got into trouble, and pulled pranks.

Eventually Lily gave James a shot though, and the two fell in love, married after graduating, and eventually had Harry. By that time, the first Wizarding war was well underway, and James and Lily were already suspicious of Albus Dumbledore for many reasons. Tom Riddle had been in contact with them, and as the Potters decided to side with him, a prophecy was made about their son with them none the wiser.

On October 31st,  1981, the Potters were murdered in their own home by Albus Dumbledore before Tom Riddle could arrive in time to warm them, though the world would only be told and remember the lies of Albus Dumbledore.

Personal: Harry was raised by his muggle aunt and uncle, and it was a strained and loveless relationship at best. The best that could be said about it was that, at the very least, they sheltered, clothed, and fed him. But he was not a happy child, and when one adds the fact his cousin was a huge bully who’s favorite past time was ‘Harry hunting’, it was safe to say Harry’s childhood was hardly a good one.

Nevertheless, Harry was a wizard, often making things happen with no idea how, and ending up punished for it with no idea why. Eventually he would discover he could speak to snakes and understand them as well. But it wasn’t until he turned 11 that Harry found out his true heritage, how his parents really died, and that he was in fact a wizard.

It was then he would meet his first real friend, magical or not, and that was Hagrid. Hagrid would introduce Harry to the world he had been born into, and would explain that Harry was famous, and why. Harry would never really feel comfortable with it, and could never have known the lies surrounding his life.

His years at Hogwarts were riddled with adventure, danger, rebellion, death, and so much more. By the time he was 16, Harry had faced Voldemort multiple times, seen him return to power, faced dragons and three headed dogs, saved the sorcerers stone, saved his Godfather, Sirius Black,  and saved his best friend’s sister from the basilisk and Voldemort hidden in the Chamber of Secrets that was rumored to be a myth. All with his two best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, at his side.

Throughout his years, Harry would look up to Albus Dumbledore, and trust him completely. Until the end of his 5th year, when the Headmaster’s decisions would cost Harry the only father figure he had ever known. Sirius died at the battle at the ministry, and no matter how he sliced it, Harry would always see it as Albus’ fault ultimately. It was then that Harry decided he would no longer trust Albus Dumbledore blindly, and decided it was time to be his own man, make his choices based on his own thoughts and opinions.

Thus, Harry’s 6th year began unlike any year before. He found himself befriending Slytherins and Riddles alike, and was happy and lucky to note that his newfound independence had not cost him his best friends of the past five years. He even made strides in befriending his long time rival, Draco Malfoy. Though it was a tentative friendship at best, considering both wizards ended up falling for the same witch, who was none other than the daughter of Lord Voldemort himself.

But for the first time in his life, Harry felt strong, confident, and powerful. He felt in control of his life, and plotted with his then girlfriend, Skyler, on how to also control the war brewing. His happiness was short lived.

On the night of the Halloween ball, the castle was attacked. Acromantulas stormed the great hall and the castle, and it was only thanks to the Dark Lord himself that there was limited casualties. Unfortunately, by the time the battle with the giant spiders had ended, history would be changed forever. In effort to save his girlfriend, Harry Potter gave his own life, and the Wizarding world would mourn the loss of their hero for years to come.

Three years later, however, Harry Potter would be rescued from death by two witches who made the impossible possible, with the aide of a timer turner and a certain mysterious veil. And though he would never again go by the name Harry Potter, with the help of a permanent aging potion, the removal of his scar, and the fixing of his eyesight, he would return. As Caellum Chancellor.

Caellum Chancellor, for all intents and purposes, is a pureblood wizard, and old friend of Skyler Riddle’s from Salem’s Academy in the United States, where the two secretly learned to become animagi, her a melanistic jaguar (panther), and him a Eurasian Lynx. He finished at the top of his classes, and from there spent a year studying abroad, after which he decided to follow his old friend to Merlin’s, enrolling in the Auror program. Having spent so much time in the United Kingdom over the past year, he easily fits in and has even taken up an accent, making him seem like a native to those parts.

Wand: 11”, Holly, Phoenix feather

Pet: None

Relationship: TBD (since the Ferret took advantage of my death and stole my witch; but who knows, maybe I’ll steal her back)

Friends: Hermione, Ginny, the Weasleys twins, Skyler, Riley, Sibes, Jax, Daryl, Reyna, CJ

Enemies: Dumbledore, Malfoy (for old times sake)
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Caellum Chancellor - Sophomore
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