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 Daphne Greengrass - Sophomore

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Daphne Greengrass

Daphne Greengrass

Daphne Greengrass - Sophomore Empty
PostSubject: Daphne Greengrass - Sophomore   Daphne Greengrass - Sophomore I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 16, 2019 6:05 pm

Full Name:
Daphne Greengrass




August 30th, 1980

Blood Type:


Music, books, magazines, animals, being right, being admired, drama

Being ignored, repetition and routine, clingy people, being lonely,  dull or boring situations

Confident, adaptable, social, persuasive, diplomatic, imaginative

Moody, manipulative, lazy, insecure, suspicious, pessimistic

Daphne was born to Hyperion and Corine Greengrass on August 30th, 1980. The Greengrass family, a prominent pureblood family going back many generations, is one of the sacred twenty-eight. As such, like most of the sacred families, they have continued the practice of keeping their family pure. Unlike many of the other sacred families however, the Greengrass family has managed to stay relatively neutral in the wars over the centuries, claiming neither light nor dark.

The neutrality of the family has become steadily more difficult over the years, and especially during the previous war. It also complicates continuing the family line, as neutral families of pureblood status are few and far between. Somehow the family has survived the multiple wars though, most likely due to the fact that they seem to have some innate ability of avoiding confrontation. Each member is especially good at being diplomatic in most situations, and their general nature allows them to remain calm and collected in most cases.

Due to their passive and diplomatic nature though, the Greengrass family has done well for itself by way of staying secure in life. They own several businesses, but their main stake is in restaurants. The family has several well-known and highly thought of restaurants in not only Britain, but in the United States, India, and a few other countries as well. They have stayed well connected in their world and amongst their kind, and are always welcomed and respected amongst others.

Daphne is the oldest child, and has a younger sister, Astoria, and another sibling on the way, who her parents hope will be a boy to continue the family name. As the oldest, however, Daphne has certain familial responsibilities to uphold. Unlike many of her peers, marriage in her case has never been a big issue, as her parents only care about whether the wizard she eventually does wed is respectable and pureblood. But she has begun to work closely with her father in regards to the businesses, and though she has no real interest in it, Daphne does her best to make her parents proud.

Daphne has always been a rather relaxed and lazy person. Her motto in life is to work smarter, not harder. Intelligence and cleverness are things she has in spades, and she learned early how to use that to her advantage to avoid hard work. Though she may not enjoy working hard, Daphne is known to set her mind to things when it's a matter of pride and/or importance.

She's known to be quite resourceful, and that above all else is likely why she ever became friends with Pansy Parkinson, as Pansy appreciated Daphne's uncanny ability to cleverly and quickly find ways to overcome difficulties. There was also the fact that Daphne was likely one of the few Slytherin females who wasn't interested in joining any power struggles. She preferred instead to sit back and enjoy the shows in most cases, as they were plenty and entertaining. It never stopped her from instigating or antagonizing though, though that was always due to her being bored. Daphne has always enjoyed drama. She rarely gets very involved in it, rarely has an opinion on it one way or another, but finds it entertaining all the same. As such, she's stirred up drama purposefully at times just because she finds it fun and amusing.

She's known to be moody, quick to anger, easily annoyed, easily bored, but also easily entertained and amused. She's a social person, enjoys being around others, and hates being left to her own devices. As such, she often manipulates people and situations to her whims, and can be very persuasive when she wants to be. At Hogwarts, she was one of few people who could be spotted chatting with people from all the other houses, and because this afforded her with plenty of information to leak back to her own housemates, she was easily left alone about it.

Daphne overall enjoys a good time, and hates anything predictable and routine. Because of this, she's easily been quite the party girl since her later years at Hogwarts, though she rarely does anything too bad herself. For her, watching others mar their reputations in drunken stupidness is the point of going to a party, and she is never without dirt on someone. It comes in handy for her, because it helps her always get her way when she wants it. And if nothing else, she always has a story to tell.

For a Slytherin, she lacks serious ambition, but enjoys her comfy wealthy life and the power she has. She may not be the top of the pyramid, but Daphne has no interest in fighting for more when she can simply watch all the others tear each other apart over it, making it easy for her gain what they lose.

Acacia, 8", dragon heartstring


On and off relationship with Theo Nott

Pansy, Blaise, Millicent, Tracy

Who knows?
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Daphne Greengrass - Sophomore
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