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 Albus Dumbledore - Headmaster of Hogwarts

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Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore - Headmaster of Hogwarts Empty
PostSubject: Albus Dumbledore - Headmaster of Hogwarts   Albus Dumbledore - Headmaster of Hogwarts I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 15, 2019 4:31 pm

Full Name:
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore




August 28, 1881

Blood Type:

Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Power, superiority, ambition, leadership, intellectualization, chess, politics, public speaking

Being questioned, being doubted, having his plans ruined, complying with rules or laws (believes himself to be above them), Voldemort

Extreme strategist, easily gets people to follow him, easily deceitful, intimidating, powerful magically, manipulative, clever, intelligent, always has a plan to guide others, persuasive

Anxiety, fancies himself omnipotent, reckless disregard for others' safety, lack of remorse, jealousy, delusions of grandeur,  cold, unsympathetic, aloof

Albus was born on August 28th, 1881 to Percival and Kendra Dumbledore, and was the eldest of the three children Percival and Kendra would have. Albus was three years older than his brother, Aberforth, and the boys had a young sister named Arianna.

When she was just 6 years old, Arianna was attacked by 3 muggle boys who caught her doing magic and attacked her viciously to stop her doing it. Arianna had been so traumatized by the attack from the muggles that she was never able to function socially or perform magic properly again. This would be a turning point for the Dumbledore family, but especially for Albus himself. Percival tracked down the muggles who attacked his daughter, hexing them something awful for what they did to his daughter, and was thrown into Azkaban for it.

Things might have been different had the Dumbledore's been upfront about Arianna's condition and just why Percival had attacked the muggles in the first place, but they decided to keep it secret so that Arianna would not be institutionalized in St. Mungo's. So Percival spent the remainder of his life in Azkaban, and Kendra, now head of the family, moved the family to Godric's Hollow, hoping to prevent her daughter from accidentally hurting anyone with her uncontrolled magic. Godric's Hollow was one of few Wizarding communities at the time as well, and so there was little chance of a repeat incident there, since there were no muggles around.

The family kept Arianna's illness secret, concealing her from the public, and their neighbors and acquaintances believed the youngest Dumbledore child was a squib being hidden because her mother, Kendra, was ashamed of producing a non-magical child. While nothing could be further from the truth, and Kendra loved her daughter dearly, the rumors and assumptions of others were a small price to pay to keep her daughter safe and with her. Having already lost her husband, Kendra was unwilling to lose her daughter as well.

It was when Albus was 18 that his mother would be killed by Arianna accidentally when she had a outburst of uncontrolled magic, and the brilliant wizard would put his life on hold as he was now the head of his dwindling family. His brother, Aberforth, who Albus had a difficult relationship with as it was, had offered to care for their sister himself, but Albus refused, forcing his brother to finish his schooling.

It was during this time Albus would become close personal friends with Gellert Grindelwald, a friendship which eventually led to an all-out duel between himself, Gellert, and Aberforth, and which resulted in the death of his sister, Arianna, and the end of his friendship with Gellert. It also tore the brothers apart, making them more estranged than they had been before, and whatever relationship they had deteriorated from there.

Albus has been considered the most powerful wizard in the world for a long time, and it's no surprise why. Throughout his life he has acquired a very long list of achievements, spanning nearly his entire life, showing that he was born with brilliance, intelligence, and power. He's long since become the unspoken leader of Wizarding Britain, his opinions and thoughts often overruling even the Minister of Magic. A natural-born charismatic leader, it has always been easy for Albus to gain followers and loyalty, and to gain the trust of the masses. Of course, as it is with many a great men, there is much more to Albus Dumbledore than meets the eye, and so much more lurking beneath the benign grandfatherly persona he shows the general public.

Lies, deception, and manipulation run deep in the old wizard, not entirely surprising given the fact he was young when it became necessary to carry his family's secrets, requiring him to manipulate and deceive those around him to keep his family's secrets safe and well guarded. What's more, ever since his sister was attacked by those muggles, Albus had grown a certain dislike and borderline hatred towards muggles in general, a fact known to no one really save for a man that he himself locked away in Nurmenguard. In fact, Albus has often been referred to as the champion of muggleborns, and so most have always assumed he was a lover of muggles as well. This could not be further from the truth, however.

While it is entirely true Albus finds worth in muggleborns, he has little tolerance for muggles and sees them in general as he would see those three muggle boys who had not only traumatized his young sister, but who had also, in his mind, stripped their family of his father and ruined their lives. He also has little respect and tolerance for the Ministry itself, for having his father thrown into Azkaban for hexing the muggles who had done what they did to his sister. Why should wizards be punished for defending themselves and their families from muggles who wronged them? His contempt and hatred from muggles and the ministry itself would boil and fester throughout his life, though, intelligent as he was, Albus knew better than to be outspoken about his opinions and thoughts and emotions.

He learned to play things close to the chest, to present his best side to the public, and keep his secrets and desires to himself. A master at manipulation even at the young age, Albus had discovered that people in general were easily lead and manipulated, and used that to his advantage throughout his life. The older he got, the more powerful and brilliant he became, and as such, the more respected and well-known he became as well. He had every intention of joining the Ministry after Hogwarts, and changing things for the magical world, for the greater good. Charming and polite, no one ever suspected that Albus Dumbeldore would entertain ideas of overthrowing the established ministry and leading magical-kind to dominate over muggles.

However, these were exactly his goals. Unfortunately for Albus, he was sidetracked after graduating Hogwarts when his mother, Kendra, died. Killed by her only daughter on accident, leaving Albus to fend for and support his siblings. His relationship with his younger brother Aberforth at this time was strained at best, the kind of thing one could expect to happen when one sibling grows up in the shadow of another. Not only that, but Albus had rarely spared the time for his siblings growing up, more determined and focused on fixing the world he lived in and changing it to what he considered the right way of life for wizards and witches everywhere. As such, his familial relationships suffered, deteriorating instead of growing. This only became worse when Albus met Gellert Grindelwald.

Two wizards so in sync, so brilliant and talented, there had probably never been before. What made the friendship so unlikely was that one would assume ego would get in the way, but such was not the case with the pair. Albus and Gellert got along famously, becoming the best of friends in a short amount of time, feeding off each other's talent, power, and ideas. Gellert was the one person Albus was true to, confessing his long time goals, secrets, and desires, and Gellert supported and encouraged them.

For his part, Albus had never met anyone near close as equal to himself, and became swiftly and easily intoxicated and attracted to the wizard. Having never dated or been attracted to anyone before, it was a new experience for the young Albus, who rapidly found himself in love with Gellert. Gellert not only returned his sentiments, but was manipulative enough to use his power over Albus to push him into exploring aspects of magic he might not have otherwise. They even made a blood pact. Eventually, though, disaster struck. When Aberforth caught wind of the plans Albus and Gellert had, he confronted Albus about them. Confronted him about his resentment of his siblings and a 3-way duel broke out, resulting in the death of Arianna, and Gellert leaving without so much as a look back.

Albus had lost his entire family (Aberforth forever blamed Albus for the death of their sister, and whatever strained relationship the brothers had was forever gone with her), his only love, and any ability he had to really care about someone else all in one go. It was then that his mentality really took a turn for the worst, and, as all he had left was his goals and delusions of grandeur, he focused solely on those. Unfortunately, he knew he would have to develop an entirely new plan and way of succeeding, for Gellert knew all his secrets, and Albus had worked tirelessly on his sparkling reputation. Any rumors Gellert could start to damage Albus could easily be deflected and put to rest if Albus gave no basis to them.

He accepted a position as DADA professor at his alma mater, Hogwarts,  after finishing his education at Merlin's Academy following Arianna's death, during which time he became more established and well known in Wizarding Britain, and in many other magical communities across the world. The wizarding world loved and respected him, and he grew in power, though he knew he could not accomplish what he ultimately desired as he originally thought. Though he did succeed during this time in hiding away the truth of the founders of Hogwarts, rewriting the past of them to his liking, to better suit his own deisres and needs. But Gellert was also gaining power and support at the time, and Albus knew it was only a matter of time before he would have to make a choice. He could join Gellert and be true to his nature for once, or keep the love and respect of the people.

The blood pact he had made with Gellert ultimately gave him a prolonged period of time to stay out of the confrontation, but eventually Albus found a way around it. Choosing power over love, Albus confronted and defeated Gellert, locking him in Nurmenguard, and, as Gellert had done to him years before, he never looked back. He reaped the rewards of his actions with glee. He was revered amongst his kind, everyone turned to him, sought him out. He ultimately held more power in his hands than any minister. He had even endorsed and gotten several laws passed that did more damage to the growth of the wizarding world than to help it, but no one questioned him. Brilliant as he was, people didn't think twice.  But it wasn't enough. It wasn't everything he had wanted.

He needed more.

And so, it was during his time as Transfiguration Professor that Albus concocted his plan. With the reputation as the white knight of the wizarding world, he could never step out of that light. He had gone too far for too long in his pretending to step off that path now. He could never directly lead the world into his vision, or shape it to his content. However, through another, it was possible.

When Albus met young Tom Riddle, his plan for ultimate domination fell into place. At least, in his mind it did. Strong-willed, intelligent, charismatic, ambitious, talented, and powerful, Tom Riddle was the perfect candidate for Albus' puppet. The fact the boy had no family, was starved for attention and love and care was only the icing on the cake. To Albus, Tom was ripe for molding. Unfortunately for Albus, Tom Riddle was more intelligent than he originally gave him credit for. As he grew through his years at Hogwarts, Tom was popular amongst his peers. Well respected, looked up to, a leader amongst leaders. Talented, powerful even then, and intelligent in all aspects, he grew into a strong wizard, not much unlike Albus at that age.

Tom also had ideas to change their world, but they did not align entirely with Albus', and thus the rift began. If truth be told, the rift began years prior, when Tom began to doubt and question Albus in many ways, on many things. This of course did not sit well with Albus. A puppet was not to question the puppeteer. It wasn't long before Tom made it clear he had no intention of being a puppet, and as such, Albus had no use for him. But he did have to make sure Tom wouldn't be around to get in his way. Albus wasn't a fool, and if anyone surpassed himself in power and talent, it was Tom Riddle.

Tom wasn't foolish enough to give Albus an easy opportunity to rid the world of him though, and Albus had to plan things out carefully. Tom went abroad, travelling and exploring and learning ancient magics that Albus had effectively managed to get outlawed if only because they were things even he wasn't talented or powerful enough to master himself. In the meantime, Albus manipulated the masses, using the imperius curse on many of Tom's friends and acquaintances to force them to commit crimes and terrorize wizarding Britain, all in the name of Lord Voldemort, a.k.a, Tom Riddle.

Tom wasn't foolish though, and sought to reveal Albus' many lies and betrayals. He appealed to some of the most powerful and influential witches and wizards of the time, gaining support and loyalty in his fight to clear his own name and prove Albus was the one behind everything. Albus manipulated the ministry, the press, the students in his school, and kept a steady stream of 'Death Eater' attacks going, often targeting those who had turned from him, questioned him, or joined Tom.

Thus we come to the attack on the Potters. Long time loyal supporters of the light, powerful and brilliant in their own right, James and Lily Potter were significant pillars in the wizarding community. Respected by all, they had clout and pull. History tells the world that the Potters died at the hand of Lord Voldemort. That Peter Pettigrew betrayed them to Lord Voldemort. History was made of lies told by Albus to serve his own uses and benefit himself.

The Potter family had been long time friends with the Ryker family, and it was through Selene that James and Lily had come to know Tom Riddle. Of course, they had known of him. Everyone did. But through Selene, they had got to know Tom Riddle, the true man, not the monster the world would believe him to be. James and Lily had never been supporters per say of Albus, and had declined joining the order of the phoenix multiple times, as did their close friends, the Longbottoms.  

Albus, ever the string-pulling manipulator, caught wind that Tom had been successful in recruiting the Potters. The Longbottoms as well. Albus knew the tides would change drastically if the two prominent families joined Tom's support. He had to get rid of Tom once and for all. His plans altered when Sybill Trelawney made her prophecy, and though Severus misinterpreted it, Albus understood what it meant, and just who the Dark Lord it referenced really was, and deduced the children it referenced.

October 31st, 1981. Albus managed to imperiuse Bellatrix Lestrange, her husband, and several others, ordering them to attack the Longbottoms instead of warn them against him as Tom had ordered, while he personally tended to the Potters. He arrived in Godric's Hollow after breaking Peter Pettigrew for the information, as he was the secret keeper for them. Killing James with ease and no remorse, he went after Lily next, who died protecting her son. Albus realized right away what that meant, the kind of protection that left the infant with. Luckily for him, Tom arrived then, having come to warn the Potters after figuring out what the prophecy really meant, unaware that Albus had already gotten to the Death Eaters he had sent to warn the Longbottoms of the same.

Enraged that the Potters were now dead, Tom demanded Albus hand over the child, unwilling to leave the last remaining Potter in the old wizard's hands. Albus had other plans. Too fast for Tom to react to, Albus imperiused Tom, a struggle given how strong in the mind Tom was. He obliviated the man, planting and modifying memories, just in case and to cover his tracks, and then ordered Tom to kill the baby Harry. Albus watched as the curse backfired, leaving a cursed Harry and a surviving shadow of the man who was Tom Riddle, who would only remember what Albus had planted in his mind.

Magic was strange, however, and though it was Tom who had physically cursed baby Harry, magic understood where the intentions really came from. Wands had a way of similarly determining things in a sentient way. Albus knew the scar on Harry's head was part of the prophecy being fulfilled. He had marked the Potter baby, but with the protection of Lily's sacrifice, Albus couldn't kill him. Use him, though, he could. He had failed with Tom. But he had a chance to do it over with Harry Potter. He could control everything to do with the boy, unlike with Tom.

From that point, history would only know what Albus Dumbledore allowed it to be and wanted it to be. He spent days obliviating and modifying minds and memories, covering his tracks, altering what needed to be altered, making sure all his bases were covered. He sent Sirius Black after Peter Pettigrew, making sure the man ended up in Azkaban afterwards, and stayed there, spreading false rumors through the ministry that Sirius had betrayed the Potter's to Voldemort. He strongly suggested Harry be raised by his muggle relatives, the only relatives the boy had, citing blood wards as enough reasoning because the child would need protection in the coming years. Considering he was Albus Dumbledore, no one bothered questioning him or looking into it further.

Thus, Harry was sent to be raised by his muggle relatives, who treated him no better than one might treat a pet, and sometimes not even that well. Albus knew this, but did nothing to change the fate of Harry. He was happy to note that by the time Harry arrived at Hogwarts, he was much more easily molded, directed, and guided than Tom had ever been. Harry was a true puppet. Unfortunately, trouble began to arise when Sirius escaped Azkaban, and Albus was forced to again modify and alter things to fit his needs. In the end though, Sirius had to be killed, as he was turning Harry into a rebel, and that made problems Albus didn't need. Tom got his body back, and Albus knew it was only a matter of time before he would also manage to undo the curse and modifications he had placed on Tom's mind.

Albus was preparing how to best deal with that when the time came, when, most unfortunately, Harry began his sixth year at Hogwarts, and befriended the girl who would become as much a nuisance and problem for Albus and carefully laid plans as her father before her had. Albus had made mistakes then, and had only barely gotten away with it. After all, what was the word of a 15 year old girl related to Lord Voldemort compared to Albus Dumbledore, greatest wizard in the world? Harry Potter's death, the deaths of all those who died the night of the Halloween ball in the attack, were all framed effortlessly on Lord Voldemort, and Albus once again got away with murder. And fulfilled the prophecy.

But from that night, he restrained himself from making any more foolish actions. He was growing impatient, tired of his plans being thwarted, but he couldn't afford any more mistakes. He at least had managed to drain some of the magic he had intended, which impacted his powers and appearance. He kept a very watchful eye on the young Riddle, though, as well as the young Malfoy, and all their close friends. Tom, it seemed, had also gone quiet, no doubt making his own plans, just as Albus was. Now that they had moved on to Merlin's though, Albus relied on spies at the University to relay information, as he could not abandon his post at Hogwarts. It had been a quiet three years, and Albus knew Tom was waiting for him to make his move. With new information provided to him recently, Albus had just the plan, and was only waiting for the most opportune time to put it into action.

15", Elder, Thestral tail hair core

Phoenix - Fawkes



Tom Riddle and all those associated with him
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Albus Dumbledore - Headmaster of Hogwarts
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