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 Danielle Easton - Junior

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Danni Easton
Danni Easton

Danielle Easton - Junior Empty
PostSubject: Danielle Easton - Junior   Danielle Easton - Junior EmptyWed Aug 19, 2015 1:23 pm

Full Name: Danielle Easton
Nickname: Danni
Age: 20
House: Gryffindor
Birthdate: March 3

Likes: Parties, breaking rules, adventures, defying expectations, proving people wrong, flying, hanging with the guys, strawberries and strawberry flavored things, suckers
Dislikes: Girly things, her full name, the thought of being a mom, getting drunk, disappointing her brothers
Strengths: Independent, determined, strong physically and mentally, flying, defensive spells, social butterfly
Weaknesses: Stubborn, doesn't ask for help, accident-prone, reckless, fear of the future

Danni was raised mostly by her oldest brother, John, though she also has two other brothers, Anthony and Luke. Her parents were killed during the first wizarding war wherein they were part of the Order of the Phoenix, the family matriarch having gone into battle when her baby girl was only two years old. The story goes that the Easton parents were killed in an ambush by Death Eaters, but none can say for sure, as there were no survivors. On either side.

As the eldest sibling, John took over the parenting duties for the most part, completely raising Danni and mostly raising Luke as well, as he wasn't much older. John had only just graduated from Hogwarts and started school at Merlin's himself. He was barely two years into the program when he dropped out to become a pseudo-dad to his younger siblings. Tony tried to help, but John wouldn't let him do much, insisting the second oldest son follow his dreams and do something with his life. Anthony did just that, going to college and then traveling the world, still trying to be there for his family but ultimately finding himself separated by an ocean as he settled in the States.

(mostly for my own reference)
mother and father- deceased, order members
John- brother, manager of Quality Quidditch Supplies, Gryffindor alum, dropped out of MAMA, age 39
Anthony- brother, working in SOMETHING in US, Ravenclaw alum, MAMA grad, age 32
Luke- brother, working odd jobs while pursuing career in magical games and sports, Gryffindor alum, age 25

Growing up, all Danni knew was that her brothers were her only family and her name was not Danielle. She also knew that quidditch was everything and friends were important, and life was meant to be lived, not wasted. That was what John constantly told them. It was what he said when Anthony tried to stay in London when opportunity struck. It was what he had said earlier when the same boy tried to stay home and help out instead of going to Merlin's. So it stuck with her. Life was to be lived. Not wasted. Danni owed it to John to live her life, since she'd pretty much stolen his ability to live his by, well, existing.

When she went to Hogwarts, Danni was already a talented flyer and knew she wanted to play on her house team, no matter where she ended up. Luke was still in school with her, so she hoped to be sorted to his house, but really it didn't matter. She was a very social person and was excited to make some new friends. Low and behold, Danni Easton joined her brother in Gryffindor, proving that Tony had been the oddball brainiac in a family of too-brave-for-their-own-goods and joined Luke at the table of happily roaring lions. She'd fit in from day one, and really made a name for herself on the quidditch field as well as in the common room. Danni was a tease and a great friend, and an even better athlete. And she could sure pack a punch if someone decided to call her 'Danielle' too many times...

Upon graduating, Danni hadn't earned as high of NEWTs as some of her friends, but John's words rang in her head. "Life is meant to be lived." She knew he'd wanted to go to Merlin's, been enrolled for two years before he had to give it all up and raise his baby sister and littlest brother. It only seemed right that she do what he hadn't been able to. So, Danni enrolled at MAMA, declaring a major in sports and athletics.

Who really knows what the future will bring, but Danni is excited for the now. She's having fun and living life just like John always told her to. Well, perhaps not just like John told her, as she has made some decisions he definitely wouldn't agree with. The thing is, she's her own person and she's proud of that. Danni is a fiery temper and a happy-go-lucky kind of girl with a heart of gold. The future is wide open for her, and she's just taking it one day at a time.

Wand: Hemlock, 14 inches, dragon heartstring braided with unicorn hair core
Pet: None

Relationship: Hitting on everyone, constantly trying to make something happen with Luca Lestrange
Friends: Danni considers herself friends with pretty much everyone, so...
Enemies: Nope. People might not like her, but she doesn't consider anyone an enemy, just a 'project'.
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Danielle Easton - Junior
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