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 Cyrus Gaunt (Tom Riddle)- Grad Student

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Cyrus Gaunt
Grad Student
Cyrus Gaunt

Cyrus Gaunt (Tom Riddle)- Grad Student Empty
PostSubject: Cyrus Gaunt (Tom Riddle)- Grad Student   Cyrus Gaunt (Tom Riddle)- Grad Student EmptyThu Aug 13, 2015 6:46 pm

Full Name: Tom Marvolo Riddle
Aliases: Cyrus Gaunt, Lord Voldemort
Age: Actual age: 73 Physical age due to potion: 23
House: Slytherin
Birthdate: December 31, 1926
Blood Type: Halfblood

Likes: Power, control, dark arts, playing God, winning
Dislikes: Fluffy animals, unearned success, whining, people so much as looking the wrong way at his daughters
Strengths: Intelligent, cunning, manipulative, strong magically and physically, attractive
Weaknesses: Secretiveness can make him a suspicious character, doesn't trust easily, poor healing magic skills

(Instead of family and personal histories, I did one for each name. Both are quite long so it shouldn't be a problem. It just seems easier to understand this way!)
Tom Riddle:

The story of Tom's birth is mostly known, though it was skewed in many ways once he was deemed the 'darkest wizard' of his time. He'd argue that the title should fall on one Albus Dumbledore, but few would bother to listen to the supposed Dark Lord, so he wouldn't bother to waste his breath talking to them. There is no doubt in Tom's mind that he is not the nicest or lightest of wizards. He would be the first to admit that his history is not very bright and cheerful. However, lack of sanity aside, Tom was never really a malicious man. He had goals and he did what was needed to achieve them. Simple as that. He was determined not to let his upbringing hold him back.

Tom Riddle loved his mother. She was sweet, if a little slow and misguided. He hated his father because the man was abusive and cruel. He hated his relatives for the most part, because they abandoned his mother and himself. He hated the family he had for leaving him to rot in an orphanage. He hated magic and muggles alike for a long time, for failing him so greatly.

As he grew up, Tom found himself used and manipulated in the worst ways. He was a confused boy, so starved for attention and so hungry for some feeling of belonging that he clung to any strands of hope, going so far as to trust Albus Dumbledore until the man painted him as a terror over and over again. Tom researched darkness because it held power. He isolated himself because people only ever hurt him. He buried himself in dark arts and surrounded himself with cold-blooded serpents who could understand him, amazingly enough. They shared that feeling of isolation and being constantly misunderstood.

One person who understood him the most was Bellatrix Lestrange, whom he had met as Bellatrix Black, but had been coerced into marriage to a man she didn’t really seem to love. Tom found himself infatuated with her, if not actually in love, so their affair began. It was around that same time that he had intimate relations with another woman- one who he wished to have a real romance with. His affair, however, produced a child, and Noxaura would be born mere days before her half-sister. Unbeknownst to him, Tom wouldn’t get to raise either girl.

Few people would believe that Tom Riddle could fall in love, but he did just that when he met the mother of his youngest, Skyler, one Selene Ryker. Unfortunately, when he and Selene finally actually got together it was about the time that Tom started to slip fully into his insanity, and the woman soon left him after having his daughter, taking Skyler with her and wedding the muggle relative, William, as if just to spite Tom.

He fought for his mind and will to live and raise Noxaura, if not find Skyler one day and reunite his family, eventually winning his sanity back and doing just that, though Selene was no more by the time he reached his beautiful violet-eyed Skyler.

The happenings at Hogwarts were chaotic and Tom was actually saddened by Harry Potter's death. He'd never meant to cause the boy harm, and had just managed to convey that to him before his demise. Tom thought that together they might have been able to take out the old goat that was Dumbledore, but the evil man had taken out the wizard who lived. Tom mourned his adversary's death, because Harry very well could have been the key to saving his girls and their future.

Tom was forced to hide for over two years.

With the need to protect his daughters urging him on along with a desire to get out of his forced hiding, Tom had his most trusted and worthy followers, and dare he call them friends, concoct a potion to age him down. Together with Bellatrix, Severus, and Narcissa, Tom has created false records for one 'Cyrus Gaunt' who will attend Merlin's Academy as a Graduate Student. There, he will keep an eye on Skyler and Noxaura while simultaneously imersing himself deeper into the current world, all without Dumbledore being any the wiser...

Cyrus Gaunt:

The man who is Cyrus Gaunt only came into existence months ago, but his fabricated history spans the full 23 years he is said to have lived. Born to the noble house of Gaunt, Cyrus was raised to rule.

The House of Gaunt is an ancient blood line, pure and proud and direct decendents of Salazar himself. Many of the heirs in the line have inherited the ability to speak with serpents, and many have also developed a natural affinity for the dark arts.

Cyrus was raised with his younger brother and sister to be cold, conniving, and never settle for less than the best. He attended Durmstrang rather than Hogwarts, and excelled in his classes.

Upon graduating, Cyrus did his undergraduate studies in spell and curse creation, along with the mind magics including occlumency and legilimency. He took many other courses as well, but his concentration was mainly in the manipulation of mind magic. Cyrus then enrolled at Merlin's for his graduate studies, focusing again on creating magic, especially mind magic. He also enrolled in the appropriate courses to work at the Ministry upon graduation, most likely in some field of law enforcement, perhaps in a secret branch like the Unspeakables, but involving spell creation and manipulation.

Wand: 13.5" Yew, Phoenix feather core
Pet: Nagini the ball python

Relationship: None
Friends: As much as the Dark Lord has friends… Bellatrix, Severus, Narcissa...
Enemies: Dumbledore, the Ministry (for the most part)
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Cyrus Gaunt (Tom Riddle)- Grad Student
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