Ever wonder what happens after Hogwarts? Merlin's Academy of Magical Arts. Just like muggles, magical folk need further education to get those demanding jobs.
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 Hermione Granger- Sophomore

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Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger- Sophomore Empty
PostSubject: Hermione Granger- Sophomore   Hermione Granger- Sophomore EmptySun Aug 02, 2015 2:16 pm

Full Name: Hermione Jean Granger
Nickname: 'Mione
Age: 19
House: Gryffindor
Birthdate: September 19
Blood Type: Muggleborn
Job: Student Librarian

Likes: Books, cleverness, being right, rules and regulations, lists, order
Dislikes: Surprises, loud noises, canines, being proven wrong, admitting she's wrong
Strengths: Intelligent, strong-willed, independent, hard working
Weaknesses: Narrow-minded, judgmental, short-tempered, low self-worth

Family: Hermione was born to two muggle dentists and grew up in a normal muggle home until she received her Hogwarts letter. At that point, Hermione pretty much dragged her parents into the unknown world of wizards and witches and magic, exploring Diagon Alley and buying any book she could afford with the extra money her parents provided in addition to her school books and supplies.

Hogwarts: A History was quickly read and reread as the young girl imagined this new life she was set to embark on. It would be amazing, she was sure of it. It wouldn't be like her public school at home where she got teased for being too smart and had peculiar things happen to her, like always finding an extra pencil tucked in her bushy hair behind an ear when she couldn't find one in class or suddenly finding the book she'd swear she accidentally left in her locker… That wasn't even counting the times when she was tripped but somehow didn't stumble, or when she did fall but her tights weren't torn in the knee despite her feeling them rip…

This world was going to be different. She could feel it! Her parents were excited for her, if a bit intimidated. They weren't about to burst their baby's bubble.
This new school and new world wasn't anything different than the old one. At least, not at first. Hermione was still called a know-it-all. She was still 'annoying' and 'too smart' and 'why wasn't she in Ravenclaw anyway' followed her as she tried to fit into her assigned house. Was it really that hard to accept her? It just… hurt.

She heard the term and couldn't help but cry as she knew it was bad. Mudblood. Dirty blood. Even before the explanation she knew it was a slur normally not used. And then she was defended. She was actually defended, selflessly, by someone she hadn't thought could even really stand her in her first year! It was then that she knew, no matter what… Ron Weasley would be her best friend forever. She might even come to love the ridiculous boy if given the right time and patience… He'd defended her honor, and he even called her a 'know-it-all' with a kind smile on his face. Now her titles weren't insults anymore. They were her armor, and that redhead and his scarred friend? They were her knights.

Life changed in her fifth year when Harry started experiencing new threats from his arch enemy and she started to notice a… hardness about their headmaster. It wasn't usual for the elder, and it almost seemed as if his usual shield had fallen. She started to question and doubt, only more so with the end of the year and the death of her best friend's godfather. Hermione tried to get to the bottom of things before the worst could happen, but she was just a hair too slow, and a bit too weak.

Early in her sixth year, Hermione fell to the hands of her dubious headmaster. The Imperius curse made her feel like she was floating through a life that wasn't really hers, and every time she tried to fight it she only got weaker and things only got fuzzier for her mind. Not all of her memories from that year have come back to her even to this day, and frankly, she isn't sure she wants them to.

The Halloween Ball of Hermione's sixth year brought an end to her curse, as she fought it enough to tip Harry off to the evil plan of their headmaster. Unfortunately, she had already helped with that plan enough to earn her a great deal of scars at the hands (and teeth) of Draco Malfoy, the Alpha wolf of Slytherin. She passed out from the wounds, the hold on her body and mind having left once Dumbledore assumed she was going to die, but she survived.

Hermione wears her scars out in the open, feeling she has no right to glamour them. She earned them and so she will wear them. She deserves it. If it weren't for her, Ron might not have died. Harry might not have died. She might still have her knights and her armor might not be so cracked. As it is, she's been studying every subject she can at Merlin's, working toward Mastery in multiple subjects. She'll probably study for more years than anyone ever has, but she doesn't much care. There isn't much more for her anyway…

Her goal is working as an Unspeakable, as it will avoid people and the outside world the most.
Wand: Vine, 10.75 inches, dragon heartstring core
Pet: Crookshanks

Relationship: None
Friends: Not close enough to consider anyone a 'friend'
Enemies: She doesn't like that label.
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Hermione Granger- Sophomore
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