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 Et tempora vitæ Silas Lestrange

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Daryl Oliver
Daryl Oliver

Et tempora vitæ Silas Lestrange Empty
PostSubject: Et tempora vitæ Silas Lestrange   Et tempora vitæ Silas Lestrange I_icon_minitimeFri May 15, 2015 3:53 pm


Silas' peculiarities showed even as a toddler. He wouldn't do what normal children did. Besides the fact that he didn't talk, he would watch his family constantly. He would see what they would do and how they would react if he did something or rather didn't do something that they wanted. This was a constant past time for him to frustrate Draco to no end. He began to speak when he turned three and actually proved that he knew how to read. Yet he still didn't speak much and usually only if he was being addressed. He learned that silence and ignoring his blond cousin was a way to entertain himself since the more Draco didn't get a reaction the more frustrated he got and the more determined to try and get a rise out of Silas.

When they were a bit older the twins began to spend time at the manor and Draco had someone else that would actually interact with him. Silas had found Leyton to be someone he took to admire and to emulate in certain areas by how he responded and acted. While he would take certain books the younger twin would leave laying about, he always returned them in the same condition in which he borrowed them. Luca he didn't interact with at all. It was also about the time that Silas began to 'educate' himself about things. He would disappear for long periods on the Malfoy grounds and return later saying he was watching the animals.

A loner by nature, Silas didn't have a problem spending long periods by himself. He did however like to be as perfect as he could be. So he would make sure that he would do everything that he was supposed to do as a Pureblood and uphold his family names. When given lessons on etiquette and such, he took to it without a fuss. It had been strange to him when Draco went off to Hogwarts leaving him alone with his aunt and uncle for the first time in his life. While they had discussed whether to send Draco to Hogwarts or Durmstrang, Silas had been hoping that whichever one his aunt and uncle chose, they would do the opposite for him. Unfortunately that didn't happen. His aunt had tried to connect with him by giving him what she thought he wanted only to have him just thank her politely.
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Et tempora vitæ Silas Lestrange
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