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Ever wonder what happens after Hogwarts? Merlin's Academy of Magical Arts. Just like muggles, magical folk need further education to get those demanding jobs.
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Jaeden Davis
Jaeden Davis

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PostSubject: Character Profile Code   Character Profile Code I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 16, 2015 4:27 pm

Character Profile Code

If you want to create a character, we could definitely use them. Things will be a bit different for you however. If you choose to be a canon, then you will need to apply for whichever job that canon character has, along with applying for that canon character as well. Example: If you want to be Minerva, you'll need to apply for the Transfiguration Professor job. While with canon characters this is mostly a formality, we also want to make sure that if you're going to play a professor, you can in fact do a good job of it.

This means that before you even get to a profile, you should have filled out the applications for both the canon character list and whatever job that canon has, or just the canon character application if the character you select was a Hogwarts student.

If you're creating your own character, keep in mind there are still professor positions available that don't require a canon (All MAMA professors will be non canon) as well as other professions.

For now, if you're creating a character, please use the below code to create your profile. When you've filled it all out, please create a new topic in this forum, title should be your character's first and last name. After that, you may proceed to apply for a job in the Jobs section (just like college in the real world, we are sure there will be students who will be working their way through college. Which is why, just like Hogwarts has Hogsmeade, MAMA has Avalon, an all wizarding town that is twice the size of Hogsmeade)

[b]Full Name:[/b]
[b]House:[/b] (House they were in at Hogwarts)
[b]Blood Type:[/b](Pureblood/Halfblood/Muggleborn)
[b]Job:[/b] (To be filled in once you have applied for whichever job you are wanting)


[b]Personal: [/b]
(Minimum of 250 words each)
[b]Pet: [/b]


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Character Profile Code
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