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 Jaxon Pierce - Sophomore

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Jaxon Pierce
Jaxon Pierce

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PostSubject: Jaxon Pierce - Sophomore   Jaxon Pierce - Sophomore EmptySun May 03, 2015 9:34 am

Full Name:
Jaxon Andrew Pierce

Jax, Jaxxy, Apple-Jax, Pierce, Joker



June 13th

Blood Type:


 Quidditch, competition, jokes, witches, the pack (he's an honorary member, because Blaise and O find him hilarious when he flirts outrageously with Skyler to get on Draco's nerves, and because he's more loyal dog than human anyways, even without an animagus form), flirting

 Liars, disloyalty, people with no backbone

 Procrastinating, honesty, flying, humor, flirting, charming

 Doesn't take things seriously, grudge holder, witches, oblivious

 Mother - Lanette (muggleborn), Father - Juniper (pureblood)
Jaxon has no siblings, he is an only child, and often jokes with his parents about why would they need any other children when they got a perfect one on the first try. His father, though a pureblood, is the second born so would never have aspired to be head of the family in regards to pureblood ways, which allowed him to marry for love more than prestige. It's always clear that his charm and handsome features come from his father, who is every bit as naturally charming as his son, and often times father and son be seen sporting twin smiles that would make any witch blush.

His easy going manner and joking ways definitely come from his mother, though she is also quite beautiful as well. Jaxon gets along famously with his mother, but never ceases to exasperate her with his outrageous over exaggerations and dramatic reactions to things. She often calls him a heathen, to which he cheekily and proudly replies, "You got that right!"

Jaxon has an excellent relationship with his parents, and he dotes on his mother, giving her gifts whenever possible, for any reason. And I do mean any reason, as one time he gave her a bouquet of roses for "cleaning the toilet." And his parents are still very much in love, as Jax can attest to, since he constantly catches them in the middle of love making when he's home on the summers, walking in on them, much to his humorous disgust.

He often tells them, with no uncertain amount of his own exasperation, to 'get a room', at which point his mother cheekily replies, 'we're in a room', and Jaxon can be heard yelling, "A room with a bed! Not the bloody kitchen! I EAT THERE, WOMAN!" promptly followed by the slamming of his door while he grumbles about bad parenting and terrible role models and the like. This is always immediately followed by him reopening his door to shout again. "And I don't mean my bed either! Go be proper old people and do it in your room! Or not at all!" And then slams the door again.

Jaxon has always gone by Jax. His parents have always called him that, all of his friends call him that. Even the professors call him that. Unless he's in trouble, then he's suddenly Mr. Pierce again. A well known class clown, Jax made a name for himself by entertaining himself and others with jokes and making others laugh with his usually good natured and naturally charming self.

His good looks and natural charm makes for the boy being quite the flirt, something he enjoys doing, and has never been above shooting a well aimed compliment at even McGonnagall just to fluster the woman. Contrary to popular belief, Jax isn't some playboy who sleeps around with just any witch. He may flirt with them all, and he's no virgin, but he doesn't sleep around nearly as much as the rumors would have you believe.

Despite his procrastination issues, he's a talented and magically strong and capable wizard. He accelerates in defensive magic, and was probably only second to maybe Potter. Maybe. He never got the chance to go head to head with the other wizard to really put his skills to the test, though. He's decent enough in transfiguration, while charms usually has him setting something on fire. Potions he is excellent at, though when Snape taught the class Jax's main goal was to fuck things up as much as possible, and his fourth year saw him in detention every night for the first three months of school.

He's always been quite the over exaggerator, from his overly dramatic reactions, to how a story of him swimming turns into a fight with sharks. Of course, he does this simply to make people laugh, not to have them taking him seriously, and he's always been a close friend of the Weasley twins, and Oliver Adams, all insane jokers who know how to have a good time, and keep things interesting. The Weasley's often use him and Oliver as their guinea pigs...without them knowing, so they're often the cause or riots of laughter, as things randomly happen to them without them knowing just how the hell it happened. The canary creams were a good example of this.

On the other hand, Jaxon has had Fallon Bourne as a good friend his entire Hogwarts career, and she still is. Though the serious ex-hufflepuff is constantly trying to keep the boy in line, and Jaxon is constantly either annoying the crap out of her with his joking ways, or charming her into not being angry at him for it again. It's a humorous circle he enjoys immensely. Aside from that, there's Hermione Granger, who often beats him with books, and Ginny Weasley, who is either right beside him in a plan, or right behind him in one, sending a bat bogey hex while he runs away.

He's also become quote taken with quite a few Slytherins, though it took some time for him to get there. The Riddle twins he enjoys playing with, and one would thing Jaxon gets off on all the angry witches he constantly has around him, but he very rarely gets them seriously angry, always flashing them his boyish grin and saying things that make them immediately deflate. He often does this in the presence of the wolf pack, who thankfully let him live after he accidentally found about their illegal forms. He likes to joke around with them, especially Malfoy, and is constantly tempting fate by flirting with their significant others.

After all, he isn't a Gryffindor for nothing. *winks*

Aside from that, Jaxon is studying to be an Auror, a career that has called to him since forever. Despite his joking ways, the young man is quite serious about his schooling, and excels in his classes. He joined a fraternity his first year at MAMA, and played on the Quidditch team as beater, since all the chaser positions were taken. But he didn't mind, and he might try out for beater again, as he was rather good at it, especially after begging Malfoy on his knees to coach him in the position a bit. At least, until it looked like Malfoy liked him on his knees too much.

Dog-wood, Unicorn hair, 12 1/4 inches

Crookshanks (when Hermione's not around)

Single and ready to mingle Cool

Gred and Forge, Gin, Mine (oops, meant Mione), Oli, Fallon, Riddles, the pack, Caspian, Sibes (deathly afraid of her though)

Dumbles, any enemy of my friends
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Jaxon Pierce - Sophomore
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