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 Reyna Faulkner - Junior

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Reyna Faulkner
Reyna Faulkner

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PostSubject: Reyna Faulkner - Junior   Reyna Faulkner - Junior I_icon_minitimeSun May 03, 2015 9:27 am

Full Name:
Reyna Alice Faulkner

Rey, Princess



April 7th

Blood Type:


 Winning, Getting what she wants (because she always does), Fashion, Jewelry, Modeling, Games

 The Dark Lord, Death Eaters, Muggles, Anything involving getting the least bit dirty, Ignorance

 Quick Witted, Manipulative, Thinks for herself, Sharp Tongue, Getting her way

 Stubborn, Bad temper, Not trusting, Conceited, Arrogant, Over-confident, Sore loser

 Alyssa Faulkner (Mother), Braxton Faulkner (Father), Brayden Faulkner (Older Brother)

Reyna is the only, and very much spoiled, daughter of Alyssa and Braxten Faulkner, the heads of a very old and wealthy Pureblood family. She was the second born, coming after her brother, who is the rightful Faulkner heir, Brayden, who is two years older than her and currently works in the family business - Wizard Law Advisors. He is being groomed to one day take over and run the family by his father, who is pressuring him to either choose a Pureblood witch for marriage or he will choose one for him.

Her parents themselves were forced together via an arranged marriage, as is generally customary in the Faulkner line. Due to that, they have succeeded in continuing to be a Pureblood family, with the exception of a very low number of squibs and disownments over the many, many years the family has existed. Reyna had always fully expected to be in an arranged marriage, which is why she never bothered with dating, or the notion of love, though she had always harbored deep feelings for Leyton Lestrange.

Everything changed in her seventh year, however, when the two clashed so much that her feelings for him came to light, as well as his for her. Currently, she has been dating Leyton for nearly 3 years, and is still as in love with the surly boy as ever. However, her family certainly isn't. They don't particular like or approve of the Lestranges (could anyone really blame them?), and especially Leyton, who has been known to have a past of alcohol abuse and sleeping with his cousin, whom even Reyna isn't entirely sure he's not still in love with, judging by Leyton's often hostile and jealous actions and attitude toward Draco and his fiancé, Skyler Riddle.

Apparently her cousin Orion's family feels much the same about his own selected girlfriend of nearly 3 years, because their fathers have gotten together and began discussing the pros and cons of drawing up an arranged marriage for the two. Something Reyna has yet to reveal to Leyton, considering his rather volatile relationship with Orion.

Being a Pureblood, Reyna is no stranger to rather cold and distant family members who show very little emotion or affection, if any at all. So like-wise, the teen is very good at not displaying any, when she wants or needs. She is well rehearsed in the 'proper & lady-like' ways her mother drilled into her from the time she was old enough to walk and talk. As such, Reyna has all the airs and mannerisms of a well brought up young Pureblood witch, and given that her family is wealthy, has also developed a flare for fashion. Tasteful fashion, because the girl will stick up her nose at anything deemed distasteful or what she considers beneath her.

Snobbish and prissy, she is very princess-like, used to getting what she wants, when she wants it. Often times as a child, Reyna would want things just to see if she could get it. Which she usually always did. When she didn't, her foul temper would have the manor in an uproar for days to come, and that was usually when her accidental magic struck. Needless to say, the girl was not denied a thing if it could be helped. As such, she is generally smug with the fact that what she wants, she gets, and is spoiled to the point where she continues to merely want things just to want them, and often times just tosses whatever it was aside to forget it and move on to the next thing.

She enjoys the finer things in life, such as clothes, jewelry, and pretty much anything and everything, and never does she settle for less than the best. Reyna also enjoys being the center of attention, and soaks up compliments like a sponge, so naturally, during her summers the teen has began modeling. She might seem like the average spoiled, Pureblood witch, which she is, but the teen is also highly intelligent. With quick wit and a sharp tongue that is well rehearsed in sarcasm and disdain, Reyna walks like a lady but is an assassin with her tongue.

In her seventh and final year at Hogwarts, Reyna was very well aware of the darkening war in the wizarding world. The Faulkners had remained neutral and continued to do so. While the girl will stick her nose up at another Pureblood just as easily as she will a muggle (because everyone is beneath her), the teen does believe that purebloods are generally better than the rest. She never did agree, however, that Muggles should be killed and tortured. She certainly couldn't see herself killing anyone. She might get blood on her clothes. No. It would always suit her better to find someone to order to do such dirty deeds for her if she needed. Which she indirectly did during her last year at that castle.

Reyna would never forget the night, not as long as she lived. She often had nightmares of it still, and it haunted her to this day. She had been attacked by a boy by the name of Gage Hughes in the potions storeroom, and it had shocked and terrified her to her very core to be so brutally handled. He had disgraced her by forcing her to her knees, and disgusted her further by forcing his vile tongue in her (up until then) virgin mouth. But Reyna had refused to give in to his demands, even as he ruthlessly handled her with force and caused her pain.

It had been Leyton, of all people, that had come to her rescue, and she had never seen him as angry as he had been to find her at the hands and mercy of the other sadistic boy. Eventually he got her free, and shoved her out of the storeroom with the order to return to the common room. Reyna had done so, having no real choice in the matter though she had hated to leave him alone with Hughes. But she knew Leyton could handle himself, and it was the next day that she found Hughes had been discovered dead.

It wasn't long after that that Reyna unwillingly confessed her feelings for Leyton, being forced into it by the boy when he pinned her to a wall in one of his angry moods. Ever since, the two have been together, and have helped each other along the way. The witch was awfully disturbed to find out about his dark and torturous past, and has supported him through moving on from that, but she doesn't allow him to use it as an an excuse any longer. She often encourages him to socialize, especially with his cousin Draco, whom he has always had a special bond with, though it secretly pains her to see him with the blonde who had shunned him and treated him like trash when he had had him, and when Reyna had to sit back and watch, jealous of the fact Draco had what she secretly wanted and didn't deserve it or even manage to treat it properly.

It is a sore spot for the witch, who will always harbor some resentment towards Draco, and has always felt insecure because of his relationship with Leyton. To this day, Reyna is still unsure about Leyton's true feelings about the other boy, a fact that often haunts her. It gives her insecurity enough to wonder if she is just a stand in for the real love Leyton can't have. But she keeps it locked away, and bottles it up, too proud to ever admit to it out loud, even to Leyton.

Other than that, Leyton has helped with bringing Reyna out of her hard and cold shell, and often times the witch can be seen smiling, laughing, and even making a joke. But only when in the company of those she feels comfortable around, and thanks to Leyton, there are quite a few of those now. She gets along especially well with her cousin Orion, whom detests Leyton, and never has anything good to say about him, and Caspian Burke, whom is something like her gay best friend. Indeed, the two enjoy getting together to shop or gossip, and often use their combined forces on Skyler to try and force her into a new wardrobe until she threatens them with death. Instead, the two will dote on Nox, the more manageable of the two twins when it comes to clothes.

At MAMA, Reyna is headed into her junior year, where she is working towards Masters in Charms, Transfiguration, Forgotten Arts, and warding and spell creation. Ambitious as always, Reyna is looking to become a high end designer in the magical world, something she has always dreamed of. The blonde has also offered her assistance to Narcissa Malfoy with planning Draco and Skyler's wedding, as she has always been quite good at event planning, and plans to continue to do it in the future. But, frustratingly, the pair have yet to set a date, and everyone assumed it would be that summer, since Skyler had just become of age and graduated Hogwarts, but no such luck. The pair seemed intent on making it difficult to plan anything. Instead, Narcissa and Reyna have planned a surprise engagement party for them at Malfoy manor before they all head to Merlin's, with the surprising help of Hermione Granger, Lyra Black, and Noxaura Riddle, all of who Reyna pleasantly finds are rather nice to have around. Definitely more so than that heinous Weasley brute of a girl with the atrocious manners. 

All in all, Reyna has been kept busy, and is enjoying it. But she still fights with her own insecurities, and is worried about what the future has in store.

Birch, Unicorn, 10 inches

Eagle owl - Perseus

Leyton Lestrange

Caspian Burke, Skyler Riddle, Noxaura Riddle, the wolves, Hermione Granger, Lyra Black, Luca Lestrange

None, because everyone adores her of course
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Reyna Faulkner - Junior
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