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 Pansy Parkinson - Sophomore

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Pansy Parkinson
Pansy Parkinson

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PostSubject: Pansy Parkinson - Sophomore   Pansy Parkinson - Sophomore I_icon_minitimeSat May 02, 2015 4:57 pm

Full Name:
Pansy Parkinson

Pans, Parkinson



June 8th

Blood Type:


- Power
- Money
- Jewelry, jewels, gemstones, etc.
- Fashion
- Parties
- Rich boys
- Being spoiled
- Being center of attention
- Humiliating others

- The Riddle twins
- Anyone being put above her
- Not getting what she wants
- Muggles
- Being ignored
- Anyone touching what's hers
- Winning

- Sharp tongued
- Intelligent
- Cunning
- Ambitious
- Observant
- Losing

- Selfish
- Vindictive
- Spoiled
- Spiteful
- Greedy
- Temper
- Cruel
- Has a hard time admitting defeat
- Insecure

Celestia Corwin was from from a prominent Pureblood family, and as such, was well versed in the pureblood way of life. Like many pureblood witches, she was entitled, haughty, and proud. And spoiled to the core. When she entered Hogwarts, she was already quite popular with the other purebloods, and was sorted into Ravenclaw, which fit the talented and clever witch like a glove. She enjoyed knowing things about others, and using it to her advantage, or simply to embarrass or humiliate them. Indeed. Celestia often derived glee from publicly humiliating others. A trait she seemed to have passed on to her daughter. On the other hand, Celestia was also quite charming when she wanted to be, and very loyal to those she deemed worthy of it.

Caratacus Parkinson, the son of another prominent Pureblood family, had entered a year ahead of Celestia at Hogwarts, and was everything a pureblood male ought to be. He was part of a powerful inner circle that included Lucius Malfoy, and that would carry on even after Hogwarts. He had first met Celestia during social seasons in their society (summer & winter), and had always found her beautiful and charming, and it wasn't long into their seventh year when their nuptials were arranged.

She gave him a daughter, Pansy, and the man were quite taken with his beautiful baby girl, and showered her with attention and presents of all sorts. Much to the annoyance of Celestia, who preferred being the only 'princess'. It wasn't long before Celestia became jealous of her own daughter, who so often earned all of Caratacus' attention and affection, and wanted little more to do with the girl, aside from verbally abuse her. Caratacus would often go to extra lengths to try to make up for Celestia's abuse of Pansy, only succeeding in making things worse, and driving the wedge between mother and daughter that much further.

Pansy grew up an only child, her mother refusing to give Caratacus any other child, or proper male heir, stating being thoroughly repulsed by him and often verbally abusing him as well. But Caratacus, despite being a pureblood, took it with a grain of salt, and treated his only daughter like the princess she always saw herself to be.

Pansy grew up spoiled rotten by her father, adding to the sense of entitlement being born Pure came with. From the time she could talk, she had no problem stating what it was she wanted, and never went without. Her father treated her as a princess, only further engraining into her the idea that she was one and should be treated as such by everyone. But her mother was the completely opposite situation. Pansy always felt borderline hated by her mother, who constantly berated her and verbally bashed her about just about anything she could. Pansy tried hard to gain her mother's acceptance every chance she got, craving the mother's affection and guidance she never knew, but it was always to no avail.

The brunette was constantly put down at home, often brought to tears as her mother sneered at her and said things to her no mother should say to a daughter. Her mother made cruel comments regarding her looks, often calling Pansy a beast, and never hesitated to cut down her daughter any chance she got, no matter who was around. Except in front of people, she often did it in a way that made Pansy seem like a simpleton, making anyone around pity the woman for having such a daughter.

By the time she went off to Hogwarts, Pansy had enough insecurities to fill the castle, but enough ambition to propel her above them. She was sorted into Slytherin, quickly making friends with several of the other girls, and easily took up the mantle of leader of their popular Slytherin clique. She even became good friends with Draco Malfoy, who was self proclaimed Slytherin Prince from the time he stepped into the castle. In Slytherin, Pansy thrived, but her insecurities never failed to mock or make fun of others, especially other girls. She especially did not get along with the other houses, and often because of her aim to humiliate others found herself on the receiving end of teasing about her own looks, much like her mother did at home.

Because of this, Pansy grew more and more jealous and insecure over the years, often lashing out at whoever she could simply to give her some kind of edge over others, to make her feel better about herself. It didn't help that while all the girls around her seemed to grow out of that adolescent awkward duck and ugly duckling phase, she seemed to be stuck in it. Often times she would lash out simply for attention, especially from one Draco Malfoy, whom she had began to harbor deep feelings and attraction to. It wasn't until her fourth year that her tendency to pick on others mellowed, when her and Draco began dating, making Pansy not only extremely happy, but also especially smug. She had the a Slytherin Ice Prince has her own, who promised her one day she would be Lady Malfoy, and she were the proclaimed a Slytherin Princess, and everyone bowed down to her. Like she always imagined.

But by her sixth year, Pansy had become little more than a mockery and laughing stock and a failure to her parents and family to boot. In hindsight, the witch could admit she my have gotten carried away a bit in her chase for Draco Malfoy's heart. But could one really blame her? Pansy had always been the ugly duckling of the pureblood girls. Had never had anything especially different of special about her to set her apart from any of them. Despite her outward appearance of thinking she were better than everyone else, Pansy had always felt insecure, due to her verbally abusive mother and the constant teasing from her peers (though generally at Hogwarts Pansy did dish it out first).

Until Draco had come along. But he had merely been using her, and when something better came along, had dropped her like a bad habit, going back on every promise he had ever spoken to her through his lying lips. And in one fell swoop, she had lost everything she had ever stood to gain. And lost it all to one girl. It had been devastating for her, and anger and thirst for vengeance had fueled her ambition to climb back to the top and gain back what she had lost, instead of backing out gracefully as she should have done. In the end though, she only managed to make herself look more like a fool. And narrowly escape repercussions from the Dark Lord, who sired the American who stole everything from her. Her fight or flight instincts finally kicked in, overpowering her thirst for revenge, and self preservation won out.

Thus, Pansy had spent the last few years of her life silently in the background, rebuilding herself, and awaiting her chance to reemerge as the witch she always knew she could and would be. She wanted to make her family proud, and wanted to have it all. That had not changed. But the girl had learned to use the skills and tools she had been born with to achieve her ends, rather than acting on her childish temper and insane plots.

At Merlin's, she aimed to receive her masters in the Forgotten Arts, Charms, Transfiguration, and warding and spell creation. Pansy wanted to create jewelry. But not just any jewelry. She would sell the most gorgeous, stunning pieces known to man and Wizard kind both. She would build herself an empire, and her ambition to follow through with her plan was back tenfold. She had joined a sorority, and like old times, established herself so well she was due to be president this year. She was involved with several clubs, like the charms club, and had even ran for and been selected for student council the previous year. She had friends, admirers, and was in charge again, and she was going to stay there. No matter what.

Hawthorne, 7 1/2 inches, Phoenix feather



Daphne Greengrass, Astoria Greengrass, Millicent Bulstrode, Tracy Davis, Theodore Nott

The Riddle twins, Ginny Weasley, Sibes Sidorova
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Pansy Parkinson - Sophomore
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