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Ever wonder what happens after Hogwarts? Merlin's Academy of Magical Arts. Just like muggles, magical folk need further education to get those demanding jobs.
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 Fallon Bourne-Sophomore

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Fallon Bourne
Fallon Bourne

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PostSubject: Fallon Bourne-Sophomore   Fallon Bourne-Sophomore I_icon_minitimeSat May 02, 2015 11:46 am

Full Name: Fallon Maggie Bourne
Nickname: Fally
Age: 19
House: Hufflepuff
Birthdate: March 17
Blood Type:Halfblood
Job: (To be filled in once you have applied for whichever job you are wanting)

Likes: Sunlight, Reading, Studying, Music, Movies, Playing Violin, Ice Cream, Potions, Helping People, Herbology
Dislikes: Rudeness,  Dark Arts, Being Wrong, Not Doing Her Best
Strengths: Potions, Charms, Herbology, Power of Persuasion
Weaknesses: Gullible, Trusting too easily, Non-Verbal Magic

Dad- Sean Bourne-Muggle
Mom- Aria Michaelmus -Witch
Sister- Cadence, age 11 ready to start her first year at Hogwarts
Brother- Thomas, age 25 deceased : former Ravenclaw worked for the Ministry

Fallon lead a fairly boring life growing up in London. Her mom met her father after spending some time abroad in Ireland after graduating from Hogwarts.  The fact that she was a witch only came out after her brother made the car levitate in the middle of the road.  Needless to say her Dad was pretty surprised but he handled it well. He's a history teacher and her mom works at St. Mungo's as a healer.


Born the middle child to Aria and Sean, Fallon was always a rather easy going child.  While she could be quite serious and studious she always found it her job to help out others any way that she could.  Her brother often mocked her as they grew up about how she never had fun and ofter cause her to get in trouble when she tried to prove him wrong, which was why she lost the privilege of having her wand over the summer while she was at home.  It took her until the summer after her fourth year to ear her mothers trust back.  Her father never did understand it all and was happy to remain oblivious to it all most of the time.

Being bookish and keeping her focus on her studies left her very little room to make friends but somehow she became friends with Jaxon "Jax" Pierce during her first year and they have been inseparable ever since, him getting on her nerves and teasing her every chance he gets and her trying to keep him in line to no avail.  She also became friends with Skyler Riddle during her sixth year after the girl accidentally stumbled into the music room on her one day while she was practicing in the music room.  

Now at the start of her Sophomore year she is ready to dive deeper into her individual studies and is trying to be excited as to what the new year will bring.  She hasn't changed much over the years, too serious for her own good and almost always with a book in her hand, but Fallon hopes that the new year will allow her to expand outside of her normal rituals and perhaps find her new friends and love, especially after the horrible summer she had.

Wand: 9" Cherry and Unicorn Hair


Friends: Jax, Sky
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Fallon Bourne-Sophomore
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