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 Orion Ramellien - Sophomore

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Orion Ramellien
Orion Ramellien

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PostSubject: Orion Ramellien - Sophomore   Orion Ramellien - Sophomore EmptySat May 02, 2015 12:59 am

Full Name:
Orion Ramellien

O, Adonis, Annoying, Ramellien, Rammy



May 16th

Blood Type:


- Swiper (love the witch)
- Annoying Draco (Because it's too easy to do)
- Annoying Caspian (Because he's an annoying ponce)
- Annoying the Riddle twins (Because their reactions are priceless)
- Quidditch (He's a fierce and natural flyer and enjoys the competition)
- Power (Uh..duh?)
- Winning (Who doesn't?)
- Being right (Because he always is)
- Getting his way (Always does)
- Ruffling peoples feathers (It's one of his many ways of manipulating people and demonstrating his uncanny control ability)
- Physical activity (running, fencing, etc.)
- Being an animagus (Anything that makes him powerful he likes)
- Wealth (He likes not having to worry about money)

- Losing (No one likes to lose)
- Not getting his way (He wants what he wants, and what he wants should be his)
- Dumbledore (He's officially sworn enemy of the pack)
- People who don't use common sense (They're good for entertainment and little else)
- Muggles (hasn't changed just because there are halfbloods and muggleborns around)
- Swiper's claws (He loathes the things)
- When Draco goes Alpha on him (it embarrasses him)
- The Lestrange twins (doesn't trust them; has a personal vendetta against Leyton as a result of his sixth year)

- Physically & mentally (does a lot of training for both)
- Potions (has always had a natural talent in the subject)
- Manipulative (again, a natural talent and uses it to his advantage and often times just for amusement)
- Dark Arts (he's shaping up to be quite a strong dark wizard)
- Persistent (giving up is not a phrase he ever wants associated with himself)
- Control (is infamous for his unshakeable control in every situation)
- Cunning (is generally 5 steps ahead of someone mentally)
- Intelligent (he has brains and uses them)
- Loyal (to the pack and its honorary members; he will go to great lengths for any of them, and stand by them through anything)

- Swiper (she's his heart)
- Overconfident (there isn't an insecure bone in his body)
- Sore loser (hates to lose and gets awfully angry when he does)
- Selfish (does not share)
- Temper (he doesn't lose it often, but when he does its vile)
- Cruel (delights in cutting down those he doesn't like or are of no matter to him)
- Sharp Tongued (is infamous for his cutting words, stinging barbs, and verbal bashings)
- Mocking (is infamous for his mocking smirks and ways)
- Trust (he trusts no one beyond the pack, Swiper, and Skyler)

The only son and child of Leonitus and Gwendyl Ramellien, Orion has been raised to continue on and protect the Pureblood ways of his family. He is related in one way or the other to most of the prestigious pureblood families, as most purebloods, and so his family branches into lines like Faulkner, Ryker, Crouch, Black, Nott, Yaxley, Malfoy, even Potter, though very distantly.

In fact, the Riddle twins are something like third cousins to him on their mother's side and his father's side, as their great-grandfather, Caxton Ryker was the brother of his great-grandmother on his father's side, Azura Yaxley née Ryker. Though he hasn't exactly told them that, and he is fairly sure no one else knows.

He's also something of a fourth cousin to Draco, going by family tree, but he considers the blonde a brother by wolf. But he's most closely related to Reyna Faulkner, as their families have always been closely related and intertwined. They are second cousins, and his mother being first cousin to his father, who has lately been riding Orion about possible marriage contracts between the two. While both families are aware the pair have other significant others, neither family really approves of those chosen, and would much prefer that Reyna and Orion make a match with each other.

Orion grew up like most purebloods do. Privileged, and with a platinum spoon. He is an only child, and as a result, has no concept of what sharing is, and hates the idea anyway. He's always had a lot of interaction with the other purebloods his age, but has always been most closely associated with Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini, as well as his closely related cousin, Reyna Faulkner.

Growing up, Orion was taught, as most purebloods are, that he was above all others. Due to this, he has an exceptionally huge ego, and brims with overconfidence. Being the sole heir of the Ramellien family has made him proud to the fault of being arrogant, and this is only enhanced by the fact the young wizard is extremely good looking, well kept, and possesses the ability to be so completely manipulative he can charm the pants off anyone.

From the time he was young, Orion has always shown the trait of being cruel, especially with his words, and often utilized that for his own personal amusement. That particular trait has only gotten more defined over the years, and the boy is now infamously known for his verbal bashings and beatings, and for cunningly getting information out of people by verbal sparing alone. Of course, he is also highly intelligent, and easily puts two and two together, and along with being quite good with his observation skills and knowing those around him, he is always quick to pick up on things, and will hit hard on sore spots to get reactions that more often than not tell more than words ever could.

Growing up with Draco and Blaise as his only two friends, he has been kept sharp and on his toes, though there has always been that ever lingering power struggle between the three naturally dominant boys. Mainly between himself and Draco, and Orion has often been known to go toe to toe with the blonde in past years simply to prove he could, that he could win against the blonde, or that he was better than the blonde in some way or other.

A lot of that has ceased since the emerging of the wolves in their sixth year, and Draco's alpha position over himself and Blaise, and oddly enough, Orion does not harbor any ill will or resentment towards his pack-brother because of it. While egos and pride has always and will always clash between them, it has now become in a more brotherly, borderline affectionate way.

With Blaise, Orion has always had a strong bond with, and the two have always been on the same wavelength. Alternately, Blaise is generally the one Orion confides in, and has often taken cues from in the past. Which is why it was rather surprising when he were selected as Beta in their pack, and Orion would never admit it out loud, but he had worried that might bring a wedge between him and his friend. He was relieved when that didnt become the case.

All through his career at Hogwarts, Orion was known from the time he took his first steps through its corridors as a boy no one could get the better of. His sense of control over his emotions was unparalleled, and his tongue so sharp, that try as people might to shake his cool, he was always as calm and collected as ever. His reputation only gained steamed as the years went by, and though he had been apart of many a fight during his years there, he never saw this as a loss, as he was never the one to lose control to start them to begin with.

That's what its always been about with Orion. Demonstrating his control, and how much better he was than someone else because he had it in abundance. He was witty, sarcastic, and mocking, cruelly so, and he took great pride and pleasure in it. He could manipulate a conversation so well that he could both insult you, and then explain that away and insult you again in such a way that you couldn't argue the point because it was true.

While most males abhorred him, females had a hard time not flocking to him, and that was mostly due to his extremely good looks, and the charming way he manipulated them when he had the desire for a witch's company. He was a well known ladies man, but that reputation never seemed to keep them away.

But in spite of all of his faults and flaws that he is generally judged on (with good reason), Orion has always had his good traits. He's an extremely loyal person, though there are very few who have earned the right to his loyalty. He has always taken it upon himself to look out for those he has ties to, and has always looked out for Blaise and Draco, even if in his round about ways. And he is also brutally honest, which is often why he is considered to be a complete arse. It isn't always just because of how he says things, but also because of what he says and the fact that the truth hurts.

His sixth year is what changed a lot of things, beginning with his meeting Sibes, who was little more than a wasting away corpse at the time. She was the exact opposite of what he should have been looking far, and perhaps that's what caught his attention and kept it. The witch was dangerous, dark, sexy, intelligent...but also vulnerable and wounded. But there was strength, and power, and that power called to him like a beacon. It didn't take long for him to fall for her wild ways, her uncontrollable thirst for darkness and blood. Her wildness was the perfect compliment to his effortless unshakable control, and he took her for his own, going toe to toe with a full grown and raging mad tiger in order to do so too. His ego had swelled to new heights after that.

It wasn't long after that that the Halloween fiasco happened, which Orion had been smart enough to skip. Potter died, and Orion, who never had a problem mocking the Gryffindor whether the boy were alive or dead, quickly learned why that was such a bad idea with Skyler around. Needless to say, he wisely kept his mouth shut about Potter if the girl were within hearing distance. Swiper knew better than to claw him (not that she didn't have other ways of threatening him), but he had no control over Riddle, and half the time neither did Draco, and Potter wasn't worth getting clawed for anyways.

Things were rough for a while after that, and somehow Granger and the She-Weasel ended up in their group. Oh and you couldn't forget about the ever existing pain in his arse, Caspian. And then Riddle had a twin, so there were two balls of energy and wild magic bouncing around the castle, causing trouble wherever they went. Not to mention the closeness to the Dark Lord himself. And Dumbledore still wandering around, the whole world fawning over him. Even Orion wanted to rip the man's throat out.

All in all, leaving Hogwarts ended up being a welcome relief. At least, at first, until he ended up having to deal with an alpha with a missing mate. Orion pawned Draco off on Blaise a lot the past year, mostly to keep himself from getting killed by the blonde, as Orion had a knack for getting under his skin at the worst times. But he did his best to distract his friend from the missing witch usually at his side, going so far as to take up things like sword fighting with him just to occupy his mind.

When he wasn't doing that, he was focused on his studies, and spending time with Sibes, who thankfully, was in the same year as him back in Hogwarts, so there was no separation. The two were closer than ever, but over the summer something has been weighing heavily on Orion, due to his being home.

Now the summer is dwindling down, and they're all preparing to head off to MAMA, and Orion, for once, feels a little less assured of his future than he usually is.

Cherry wood, 14 in., dragonheartstring


Sibes Sidorova

Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Skyler Riddle, Noxaura Riddle, and if I must, I suppose Granger, Weasley, and Burke, though I hardly like them

Dumbledore, the Lestrange twins, various idiots, like Swiper's father...
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Orion Ramellien - Sophomore
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