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 Draco Malfoy- Sophomore

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Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy

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PostSubject: Draco Malfoy- Sophomore   Draco Malfoy- Sophomore EmptyFri May 01, 2015 7:09 pm

Full Name: Draco Lucius Malfoy
Nickname: Drake, Wolf, Alpha, Malfoy...
Age: 19
House: Slytherin
Birthdate: June 5, 1980
Blood Type: Pure
Job: (To be filled in once you have applied for whichever job you are wanting)

Likes: Skyler, sex, parties, running (in wolf form especially), full moons
Dislikes: Studying, being indoors too long, too many clothes, people touching his hair
Strengths: Natural leader, mentally strong, physically strong, great stamina
Weaknesses: Skyler, distractible, short-tempered, Alpha-complex

Family: The only son born to Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, Draco was born with a lot of weight on his shoulders. He grew up in a home rather lacking in the area of love, instead surrounded by cold walls and colder hearts of his parents and their frankly abused elves. He did befriend one of the elves, Dobby, who was later released from his home by one Harry Potter, thus isolating Draco into an even harsher home environment.

Growing up, Draco spent a lot of time learning to fight both magically and physically. His father was less focused on the physical, but his godfather insisted that he become well-rounded in his strengths. He learned how to fight mentally as well, as his godfather taught him to master the arts of legilimency and occlumency throughout his child and teenage years.

Narcissa was not very active in Draco's upbringing, as she always seemed to wish he had been a girl. She seemed to love him, but at the same time she didn't know how to handle him, and so she wasn't there for him when he needed her. This became a trend in the young Malfoy's life. He grew up with his many cousins around a lot of the time, but they also were being trained for the lives they were expected to lead, and any fun that was had was only squashed as soon as they were found out.

Draco paid for the rebellious streaks that he inevitably had by 'learning to handle torture' as his father had said. His aunt took over in the task of marking his sides with small scars from her daggers after Lucius attempted a lesson and was much too sloppy, nearly gutting the boy. It didn't seem as though Auntie Bella took any actual pleasure in her task for once, however.

When Lucius first found out about Draco and his cousin Leyton 'fooling around', Draco did not know what the man did to his cousin. He did, however, use his snake-headed cane to ram a scar into Draco's chest. The boy stopped breathing for some time from the hit, and if his mother hadn't found him and taken him to his godfather, he might have suffocated. When he was still underage, Draco went to a muggle tattoo shop that didn't check IDs and tried to cover the scar with a dragon. It wouldn't take with the heavy tissue, so his chest was even more marred.

Lucius Malfoy was disposed of by his own Dark Lord when the man discovered all the things his 'loyal follower' had done, all the crimes he'd committed. Tom Riddle was never cruel to those who didn't deserve it, at least in his mind, and he did not believe Lucius's cruelty was justified. He was executed along with the elder Lestrange males. Unknown to his daughter, Tom told Draco to consider it a gift to his future son-in-law.
When Draco was young, he was a typical spoiled pureblooded brat. He had elves to wait on him, he had money to get whatever he wanted, and he had all the finest possessions. He didn't have love though, or affection, or attention. He was starving for attention, so it should have been no surprise that he acted out upon starting at Hogwarts.

The boy was quick to earn his title of 'Prince' of Slytherin house, and he was also quick to make enemies, especially in Gryffindor. He joined his house quidditch team in second year without even having to try out (though he really could have made it on talent if not for his own foolish fear and pompous need to show off his status) and continued getting everything he wanted as the years went by. The only thing that he couldn't do was beat Potter at anything, which he found he had in common with his godfather.

Draco became close with the elder Slytherin during his time at the school, especially as he began learning more about his father and the people he associated with. Draco trusted Severus with his very soul, so they bonded, the man becoming the father and mentor that the Malfoy heir never had. By the time his sixth year began, Draco had already figured out that he wasn't quite happy with what he'd become, and so he started working toward new goals, the main one being to be his 'own' man.

Meeting Skyler Riddle made a huge difference in Draco's life. He had already started this change and she only pushed him further into it. He was soon talking to Harry Potter without firing off curses and he even befriended the Weaselette (at least as far as they could call it friends- they'd always pick on each other). It was inevitable that fights would happen, breakups, especially one breakup that was caused from a fight which led to cheating... with Leyton. The boy who would always hold a special place in Draco's heart.

Eventually, they figured things out, however. Draco found his inner wolf and his inner Alpha as a result, and that Alpha would not rest without his mate. That mate was no one but Sky, so he claimed her. An engagement ring on her finger and a new sense of calm inside Draco's chest, they faced the attack on Halloween without even knowing it. When Sky was captured, Draco felt his blood run cold. The beast took over and he nearly murdered Granger.

The carnage was cleared and Draco knew he'd been seen but no one figured it out- everyone too shaken by the battle. When he found his fail snake still alive, Draco felt that he could breathe again. It didn't matter that Potter was dead or that Dumbledore got away. His girl was alive. His world hadn't ended. He said things he shouldn't have said, seeing as he said them in front of her father, then he watched helplessly as she spiraled out of control.

Kindness was quickly abandoned for demands and the girl responded to her Alpha as he had hoped. It was the only way Draco could think of to help his fail snake stop herself from falling over the dangerous edge she was toeing. Soon, she sought out the man who had fixed Draco's life so often, and again he had his godfather to thank for the miraculous happiness that he had.

The year at MAMA without Sky was the worst for Draco. His father was gone and his mother was on the mend, but he was away from his fiance and it was horrible. He was restless and his Alpha was going crazy, so he started joining clubs. He quickly took control of the fraternity that he joined, securing himself as Frat President for his sophomore year. He joined the Student Council and the singing group that his old beau Caspian headed, stealing the spotlight many times despite the boy's glares. Draco took over as Quidditch captain as well and still had enough time to drive O and Blaise crazy with his snarling and pacing.

Everyone was pleased when freshman year ended and the lovers were reunited. Sophomore year should be much better since Draco will have his mate with him at MAMA. At least, for the pack's sake, it better be better...
Wand: 10 inches, Hawthorne, Unicorn tail hair core
Pet: Horned owl named Achilles

Relationship: Engaged to Skyler Riddle
Friends: Skyler, Leyton, Orion, Blaise, Ginny, a bunch of other people...
Enemies: Uh… Pansy, Luca (at least sometimes?), Tom (kinda?), whoever happens to be his rival at the moment...

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Student Council Member- Fraternity President - Quidditch Captain - Seeker - Obliviation Major
Draco Malfoy- Sophomore Draco2018
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Draco Malfoy- Sophomore
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