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 Noxaura Lestrange- Freshman

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Noxaura Lestrange
Noxaura Lestrange

Noxaura Lestrange- Freshman Empty
PostSubject: Noxaura Lestrange- Freshman   Noxaura Lestrange- Freshman EmptyFri May 01, 2015 6:28 pm

Full Name: Noxaura Lestrange
Nickname: Nox
Age: 18
House: Slytherin
Birthdate: December 9
Blood Type: Halfblood
Job: (To be filled in once you have applied for whichever job you are wanting)

Likes: Pain, knowledge, power, muscles, wit, puzzles
Dislikes: Cheaters, liars, spoiled brats, weakness (of body and/or mind)
Strengths: Manipulative, determined, legilimency, dark arts, dirty fight moves
Weaknesses: Overly honest, hypocritical, blunt, transparent, bipolar

Though married to Rodolphus Lestrange, Bellatrix Black was guilty of having an intimate affair with one Tom Riddle, aka Lord Voldemort for roughly two years before his untimely defeat by the infant Harry Potter. Through this affair, a baby was born- Noxaura Lestrange, given her mother’s married name so as to hide her true power and strength- magical, political, physical, and more.

Of course, with Voldemort’s disappearance and Bellatrix’s incarceration, Nox was left to be raised by her aunt and uncle with older cousins Leyton and Luca Lestrange.
Noxaura was raised in the Lestrange household alongside her cousins, with emphasis especially on Luca, as it was clearly desired for the male heir and herself to be a future match. There was no secrecy amongst the Death Eaters as to who her parents were, but Nox knew that she was not able to tell the world of her heritage. As it were, she learned what the twins learned, was quickly well-versed in the Dark Arts, and also made connections with many influential dark families through social and family gatherings.

Noxaura was kept in the dark about her half-sister, along with pretty much everyone else, to her knowledge, but she did have a lot of freedom and connections long before she even made it to Hogwarts. Once she started school, she was easily able to make the castle her home.

When Tom finally found his strength just after she'd turned 14, he returned to her life and Nox happily welcomed his presence. With all the work he was doing with his Death Eaters and the intensity of his conflicts, Tom did not want his daughter to leave the relative safety of the Lestrange home, so there she remained.

Though she didn’t live with him, Noxaura did learn from her father. The same could be said for her mother, once Bellatrix was properly freed from incarceration and able to resume the role of ‘mother’ which had been ripped from her so early in Nox’s life. The teen grew to despise Rodolphus Lestrange, though, as he was the one who stood in her way from living with her mother and feeling more like a proper family of sorts.

Noxaura finally got her wish and moved out of the Lestrange house and into, well, another Lestrange house, really. But this time it was her mother’s home, and that made her incredibly happy. With two years left at Hogwarts, Nox had what she wanted. Rodolphus was dead, her father was relatively strong, her mother was independent (though what even was up with Severus Snape hanging around so often?) and she was in a constant battle for dominance with her half-sister.

Life was relatively decent as she graduated and made her way to University with her sister and their crowd of friends, or whatever you may call them, some of whom had already started at the college years prior. It was time to begin another new adventure, and Noxaura was determined to be the best- especially better than Skyler.
Wand: Ash, 10 inches, rigid, thestral hair core
Pet: None

Relationship: Still searching…
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Noxaura Lestrange- Freshman
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