Ever wonder what happens after Hogwarts? Merlin's Academy of Magical Arts. Just like muggles, magical folk need further education to get those demanding jobs.
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 Sibyl Sidorova- Sophomore

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Sibes Sidorova
Sibes Sidorova

Sibyl Sidorova- Sophomore Empty
PostSubject: Sibyl Sidorova- Sophomore   Sibyl Sidorova- Sophomore EmptyFri May 01, 2015 5:59 pm

Full Name: Sibyl Joelle Sidorova
Nickname: Sibes, Sibby, Sid, 'the Russian'
Age: 19
House: Slytherin
Birthdate: November 13, 1979
Blood Type: Pure
Job: (To be filled in once you have applied for whichever job you are wanting)

Likes: Blood, winning, freedom, tigers, wolves, outdoors, danger
Dislikes: People, fluffy animals, laughter, daytime, the sun, alpha-complexes
Strengths: Dark arts, silence, intelligence, loyalty
Weaknesses: Insomnia, anorexia (mostly recovered thanks to O), short temper, charms

Born on a snowy November night to Ivan Vadimovich Sidorov, age 40, and his young wife, Annette Pelletier-Sidorova, 24, Sibyl was the first child of the harsh yet beautiful couple. Ivan expected a proper male heir and rejected his daughter from birth, making her life as a child a frozen hell.

With a mother who was closer to a child herself, the girl grew up mostly alone and with only glares from her father. Ivan, an important member of Russia’s wizarding government, was often involved in things not suited for a growing family, but the man did not shield his young daughter from his affairs. By the age of 4, Sibyl had witnessed both torture and murder by wand and weapon alike.

She grew accustomed to the sight of blood, so when her mother went into labor with her would-be son when Sibyl was 6, the girl was barely fazed by the woman bleeding out. Complications with the birth left a cold, pale corpse where Annette had been, and the baby hadn’t survived the trauma. Ivan was furious. On that December night, he blamed Sibyl for not just her mother’s death, but also her baby brother’s. the little girl cried, and her father hit her. She never shed another tear.
Sibyl began going by Sibes around age 9 when she decided she desperately despised her father. She’d become fascinated with the Siberian tiger, native to her homeland. The beasts were beautiful and deadly- just what she dreamed of being someday. She shortened her name so that no one would call her by the same thing that man did. Sibes corrects even professors if they call her Sibyl. The name Ivan gave her has no meaning to her now.

Sibes attended Durmstrang until the middle of September in her sixth year, when Ivan abruptly came to the school and dragged her home. He told her things had gone wrong at work and they needed to leave. The two left Russia that evening, Ivan having shrunk all their possessions into a small suitcase. He rented them a flat in Scotland and enrolled his daughter in Hogwarts, though Sibes does not know what Ivan will do now that he may indeed be a wanted man.

Also, Sibes spent her fifth year and that summer fine tuning her transformation into her animagus form- a slim, strong Siberian tiger. Her distinct markings include her vivid emerald eyes, dark black about said eyes, and an extra-long tail, much like her extra-long hair. The tiger is also smaller in build than a standard tiger, reflecting the girl’s less than average height.

When she went to Hogwarts, the Russian girl met and bonded with one Orion Ramellien. After briefly dating a Ravenclaw girl who helped her find her bearings at the school, Sibes moved on to Orion, who she called 'Adonis', her perfect male. Later that year, he presented her with a collar. They've been together since.

At MAMA, Sibes has been studying Herbology and Transfiguration, along with minor potions work. She plans to use her knowledge of plans and herbs along with her animagus form to find and gather rare ingredients for potions and poisons, focusing on Magical Law during her undergraduate studies.
Wand: Ash, 13 inches, sturdy, dragon heartstring and chimera scale core
Pet: None

Relationship: Dating Orion Ramellien
Friends: Skyler, the wolf pack (she says with a groan), that's pretty much it
Enemies: Too many to count
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Sibyl Sidorova- Sophomore
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