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 Skyler Nyx Riddle - Freshman

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Skyler Riddle
Skyler Riddle

Skyler Nyx Riddle - Freshman Empty
PostSubject: Skyler Nyx Riddle - Freshman   Skyler Nyx Riddle - Freshman EmptyThu Apr 30, 2015 1:59 am

Full Name:
Skyler Nyx Riddle

Fail Snake (Draco), Riddler (Daryl) Nyxy (Sibes), Nyx (Nox), Skittle (Leyton), Sky (just about everyone), Riddle (unfriendlies)


Former Slytherin

December 12th

Blood Type:
Half blood


Her best friend in the world, Daryl, Draco (obvi), the pack (though she'll never admit to liking Orion), her friends/family, sarcasm, pushing peoples buttons, pranks, joking around, chocolate (she's a glutton for the stuff, and is kept stocked by Leyton, who owes her a lifetime supply), breaking rules, revenge, Quidditch, being on the top (otherwise, being the queen), doing what she wants, when she wants, how she wants, being her own person, being in animagus form (especially running and hunting)

Authority (Draco's an exception), people with no common sense, ignorance (doesn't tolerate it), people who don't have a sense of humor, studying (is often forced to do it against her will), Dumbledore (hates him with a passion), mushrooms (allergic), rules (breaks them regularly), limits set upon her (people telling her she can't succeed or accomplish something), answering to anyone (Sometimes even Draco), being told what to do, anyone who tries to take her metaphorical crown (there's only one queen, and that's her), shopping (would rather die a painful death), pink (the most god awful color ever invented)

Sneaky (when she wants to be), witty (always), funny (most of the time, and generally when she doesn't mean to be), creative (especially with spells, and in duels), cunning (is known for being the queen of loopholes), clever, intelligent, powerful (magically and mentally), protective streak a mile wide (mess with her loved ones and your life expires), loyal (stands by those she loves through anything), strong willed (will stand up for what she believes in even if it means she stands alone)

Temper (can go from o-rage in .5 seconds), Vengeful (cross her and she'll stop at nothing to even the score, and then tip it in her favor), dark (enjoys the darker side of life and magic, but to a limit), cruel (when out for blood, she's a demon), possessive (especially of Draco), nosy (has to know everything, and will use every weapon in her arsenal to find things out), reckless (often does admittedly stupid and dangerous things, usually in the company of Oliver Adams or Daryl Oliver. Or both), stubborn (will dig her heels in even when she knows it's pointless), defiant

Unknown to all but her father and mother, Sky was born to one Tom Riddle and lover Selene Ryker.  The woman had been impregnated by Tom but had already decided to leave him for fear of the monster he'd started to become. Selene had originally been with him out of pressure from her mother about upholding family names and values, but she'd fallen for him in the process only for him to start his decent into insanity.

Upon producing an heir for the man-turned-monster, Selene left Tom for the muggleborn William, his own relative of all people. It infuriated him, especially because she had carried his daughter and Tom was left with nothing.

This rage was part of what allowed him to be defeated in October, not even a month before his daughter would turn a year old, and Skyler lived with her mother and William, completely ignorant of her true identity.

It was too dangerous to raise the heir of Tom in Britain, and so Selene and William, along with Skyler, moved to the US, and there the family remained for the next 15 years, with Sky completely in the dark as to who she really was, and who her father really was. A lot has changed in the last few years, however, and Skyler now knows the truth. However, the truth cost her mother, grandmother, and the man who had raised her from birth, William, their lives. And she didn't find out the truth until after the fact, making the whole thing that much more difficult on the teen, who was 15 at the time. It was also during this time Skyler found out her true identity, and that her real father, none other than Lord Voldemort himself, had a secret affair resulting in the production of her half sister, Noxaura.

Thankfully, Skyler had plenty of people by then that she considered family, even if not by blood. People like, Daryl (her best friend since childhood, and her own personal cheering charm and pepper up potion rolled into one), Draco (her Alpha, her fiance, her world, and the pillar of strength she could always count on and depend on), Harry (a most special person and love in her life, who gave his life to save hers), Ginny (a best friend and constant source of support and understanding), Sibes (an older sister type figure who taught her an inner strength she never knew), Blaise and Orion (her unwanted guardians), Leyton (the older brother figure in her life, despite the touchy history they shared), Luca (a best friend and a constant show of silent support and strength), Caspian (her gay bestie who she adores for reasons others can't see, her constant reminder of how to stand tall and be proud of who and what she is), and Severus (the one adult in her life she not only trusts, but depends on and loves, and who she's been living with since the end of her 5th year).

And nowadays? Skyler looks forward to joining the Malfoy family, and to avenging her Harry by destroying Dumbledore. She has a diverse group of friends/family  she would go to the ends of the earth for. Her relationship with her father is...precarious, at best, which is usually cause for more friction between her and her sister, as Nox is an incredible daddy's girl. Much to Sky's annoyance and irritation. As if her sister didn't annoy her enough already.

As a child, Skyler had frequent bouts of powerful accidental magic, usually when she was angry or when she hadn't gotten her way. Unusually stubborn for a child so small, she never cried. Even at the age of 3, she seemed to live by the motto 'get even'. It was around the age of 5 that Skyler showed her attraction to the color purple. She wouldn't wear any other color, and when forced into something not purple, she had stubbornly turned herself completely purple. Selene was able, after several hours, to change Skyler's hair and skin back to normal. However she could never get her daughter's eyes to change back, and so they stayed the deep, dark purple color she had accidentally changed them too.

Skyler grew from there to be quite a handful, but an intelligent one. She frequently got in trouble at school, especially when she attended muggle elementary school prior to attending Salems Academy. In elementary school, the other children weren't very accepting of her, because of the color of her eyes, and the strange things that tended to happen around her or when she got particularly emotional.  She were picked on a lot, but her parents chose to believe it was little more than kids being kids, and so she dealt with it on her own. Never particularly violent when given a choice, the girl chose to humiliate those who crossed her. Being quite cunning, even at that age, meant she generally managed to escape being caught being the culprit, but that wasn't always the case.

Growing up in sunny California, the girl had a special fondness for the ocean, and spent plenty of time at the beach, most often by herself. That was where she ended up meeting one the most irreplaceable people in her life, Daryl. Sky had been at the beach and managed to get stung by a jellyfish, and the boy had decided to pee on her because he read somewhere it helped or something. Sky would never admit it had helped, and after that rather unorthodox meeting, the pair were inseparable. Skyler was especially excited to have found a friend in Daryl, who was two years older but often times acted more like he were two years younger than her, much to her amusement. They both made odd and strange, yet often hilarious things happen, and neither ever questioned it, though Sky already knew she were a witch. But then Daryl's parents died in a crash, and he had to move away, only returning on summer trips.

Eventually, Skyler went off to Salem's Academy, excited to be around kids like her. Unfortunately, for the most part, she were met with the same type of treatment as she found in the muggle school she had attended up until that point. It seemed no matter where she went, the girl were an oddity, and even magical people seemed afraid of what they didn't understand. The girl settled into a lonely entrance into her teen years, but excelled in her studies. She was clever, highly intelligent, and powerful magically, the latter of which usually had people calling her a freak because she constantly made things happen or go wrong because she didn't know her own strength magically. Bullies already needed a target, no matter where one went, and Sky made an easy one, due to the fact that she had always been small for her age, and short.

But the girl had incredible reflexes, was quick, and a lot of that had to do with her love of Quidditch. At Salem's, the Quidditch team was really the only place she fit in. Well, that, and the dueling club. Both of which helped her gain some footing in school by the time she were 13. By then, she didn't have very many friends still, but she weren't a walking target anymore either. It had become known the girl could incapacitate someone quite efficiently and quickly when she wanted, and that gained her respect from her peers.

And so Skyler steadily grew into a calculating, cunning, and devious individual, which has always been a stark contrast to her warm personality. Her entire personality became completely disarming, because, in general, she was naturally charming, if mischievous, and entertaining. But on the other hand, the young witch always had dark streak in her a mile wide, and has never really been afraid to embrace it, which is not shocking considering who her father is. It was found that she could also be cruel and vindictive, and could cause extreme pain to someone while adorning a childish grin. She has always had a sarcastic and wry sense of humor, and a playful demeanor though, and that is usually the side of her people see. She has always been more likely to befriend a person than to bite their head off, but she has no problem in seeking revenge when she feels its necessary, or when she wants to prove a point.

She especially found it amusing to bend the rules, if not break them completely, and has always detested boundaries set upon her. She could never stand people telling her she couldn't succeed at something, or accomplish something she wanted to. This particular outlook spurred the teen to study vigorously at Salem's, surpassing her peers and catapulting her into advanced courses while still there. It were then she began studying to become an animagi, as well as experiment with spell creation. Most of which was done on her own, and under the radar. She's always been that way, doing things her own way, on her own terms. She's a definite smartass when she wants to be, and crosses the lines frequently. Ultimately, she became known to be a walking, talking contradiction, and that she can be one's best friend or worst enemy

However, eventually she was kicked out of Salem's for blowing up a bathroom. Quite on accident, if you asked her. It was around that time that her grandmother and her mother began talking again, and Skyler was sent to visit grandmother Analei. It wasn't long before her parents decided that since they would enroll Skyler into Hogwarts, where hopefully she could be controlled, they would move back to their home country.

Sky regarded this with mixed emotions. She didn't particularly like her grandmother, who tried to make her some fake form of perfection with her pureblood manners and crap Skyler just couldn't make herself do even if she had liked her grandmother. On the other hand, Hogwarts. She'd read about Hogwarts, knew a bit about it. But it was nothing compared to seeing it in person. Of course, the memory was marred by the meeting with Dumbledore, the Headmaster, who Skyler immediately didn't like or trust. Not to mention the sorting hat giving her cryptic messages before placing her in Slytherin. She was also made a prefect, apparently due to the fact that her outstanding performance as a student at Salem's surpassed anyone in her year at Hogwarts. Sky didn't trust that fact, seeing as she did get kicked out for blowing up a bathroom and all, and didn't particularly want the job anyways, but found herself with a shiny badge anyways.

Her first year at Hogwarts was quite a roller coaster, to say the least. The teen made friends in all houses, successfully breaking house boundaries. She became best friends with Harry Potter, and Ginny Weasley, and even found her childhood friend and bestie, Daryl, attending as a Hufflepuff. But things weren't as simple as all that. Her very first night in the castle showed her that she would have to keep her guard up, as she was attacked and nearly blown up by Pansy Parkinson, who found her speaking with one Draco Malfoy, who protected her and carried her from the dungeons to the hospital wing, and also ended up being her boyfriend, and one true love.

But the road only got bumpier for Sky, first with the murder of her parents and grandmother, then finding out she was related somehow to the Dark Lord. There was the meeting with the Dark Lord, where she were cruciod as a training tactic. Pansy caught her alone, and along with some of her cronies, held down Skyler and carved into her skin with a magical dagger. There was lying, cheating, breaking up...Skyler was thrown in with the sharks and found herself barely keeping her head above water.

By the time Halloween night of that year came around, Skyler were publicly dating Harry, a boy she had known not as the Chosen One, but as Harry, the boy she loved. But there was one problem. Her heart had always and would always belong to Draco Malfoy. Draco had managed the shift into his animagus form not long before the Halloween Ball, and due to his wolfish instincts and form, had solidified a bond between them that was stronger than ever. Their relationship became one of dominant and submissive, Draco being an Alpha wolf, and viewing Sky as his mate. He had claimed her first, and reestablished it then, with Sky giving in and consenting, no longer willing to fight her heart on it. They had decided not to tell anyone until after the Ball, because they didn't want to risk things blowing up when Tom was expected to be there and everyone needed to be on the same page.

Unfortunately, Sky never got the chance to tell Harry the truth, as he deserved, and that still haunts her to this day. Dumbledore's plot to kill her ended in Harry dying in her place, and Daryl Oliver saving her life by finding a way to remove the magical collar from around her throat. But from the moment she woke up in the hospital wing after the fact, she has blamed herself for Harry's death, and the deaths of the others, like Ron Weasley.  The next few months for Skyler were spent in a depressed state, though she tried to remain as normal as possible. She found she had a sister, and that the Dark Lord was actually her real father, and hardly could wrap her head around it all. She slipped into a pattern of drinking when no one was looking, to help her cope with her depression. It seemed to numb the pain and guilt, and make her think less. But the teen overdid it, and ended with her falling down a staircase after drinking too much, nearly killing herself. And Draco finally snapped.

Her relationship with Draco has always been different, but it has also always been so completely them. They are everything the other needs, and wants, when the other needs and wants it. By some natural selection, the two have always been perfect for each other. Call it true love, or soul mates, whatever. Their bond with each other has connected them to a level that her fiancé has a certain power over her, one she completely trusts in his hands. After she nearly killed herself, Draco took matters into his own hands, losing all patience for letting her grieve as she saw fit, and ordered her to stop drinking and get help, and unable to go against her Alpha's wishes, Sky had no choice. He did the right thing, but at the time, the brunette was loathe to admit it. It was a rough time for the pair, as her grieving over another wizard so much so that she almost killed herself affected Draco to his very core, and Sky's anguish and guilt turned her towards a darker route. It was a time no one speaks of in their group, especially around Draco. Sky would rather pretend it never happened, but she still has plenty of guilt, and insecurities that she keeps locked away. With the exception of Draco and Severus.

Severus is her go-to adult. She adores and loves the man, even when he's especially snarky and furious. She's grown closer to him than her own father, who she doesn't really trust all that much, and she's lived with Severus ever since her fifth year when he volunteered to take charge of her (for the Ministry's sake, though Skyler preferred being around Severus more than any other adult). Severus is the only adult she completely trusts, and she takes her cues from him rather than Tom when she needs. He was the one she went to for help when Draco ordered her to get some, and since then, he has become the real father figure in her life. Bellatrix, surprisingly, has taken a strong liking to her as well, and vice versa, and the two delight in torturing Draco and Severus. Skyler's sister, Nox, has always been rather jealous of the fact, as she has always been the favored one, due to being the only one for so long, and considering Bellatrix is her mother.

Over the last few years, Skyler has continued to deal with her grief, not just over Harry's death, but her family's as well. She has grown from just the simple, fun loving troublemaker into a full fledged witch. In essence, the girl is as she always has been. Playful, spirited, cheeky, and devious. But life has its way of changing people, and Skyler has not been an exception. She still has nightmares at nights, which only worsened over the past year due to separation from Draco. Being with him was the only thing that made her feel completely safe, and without that, sleep was nearly impossible. She struggles with alcohol, and completely abstains so as not to fall into abusing it again. At times her insecurities get the best of her, and she either draws back into herself, or tries to push people away with her anger.

On top of all that, Skyler has come to terms with the fact that she isn't just a normal person, and that she is a natural born leader. She now enjoys being top dog, and pretty much annihilates anyone who tries to take her metaphorical crown. She suspects her and Nox will some day come to blows about that, as her sister seems to have the same sort of thought process, and Sky doesn't mind putting even her in her place. Otherwise, she enjoys having a sister sometimes, and is slowly yet steadily coming around to accept Tom, and doesn't resent the pressure he puts on her or the training he gives her. She has become quite taken with the Dark Arts, which she learns from both him and Bellatrix, and like most things she sets her mind too, has excelled in the subject. It's a running joke that she is simply too stubborn and determined to ever fail. She's also gotten quite good at Parseltongue, a talent she never realized she had until she actually tried it with Nox, and the two enjoy having conversations with each other in the snake language. Or just making comments they don't want others hearing or knowing. Sky likes to use it with Draco as well, when they're alone.

And now that they'll be in the same place again, it shouldn't be too difficult. Sky is looking forward to her freshman year at college, and being back at her Alpha's side, where she belongs. The teen plans on becoming an Auror, as well as getting a few Masters in choice subjects. But for the most part, she is simply looking forward to being with her weird, insane, oddball group and mix of friends/family. And she looks forward to getting revenge on Dumbledore, which she has no doubt she will. With, or without help.

Holly, Unicorn hair, 9 3/4


Draco "Alpha" Malfoy

Daryl "Fairy" Oliver, Harry "Bolt" Potter (Deceased), Ginny Weasley, Jaxon Pierce, Leyton Lestrange, Sibes Sidorova, Oliver Adams, Luca Lestrange, Blaise  Zabini, Orion Ramellien, Noxaura Lestrange, Reyna Faulkner, Fallon Bourne, Hermione Granger, Caspian Burke, Severus Snape

Albus Dumbledore, Pansy Parkinson, any enemies of the above friends, sometimes Nox[/b]
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Skyler Nyx Riddle - Freshman
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