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 Blaise Zabini - Sophomore

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Blaise Zabini
Blaise Zabini

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PostSubject: Blaise Zabini - Sophomore   Blaise Zabini - Sophomore I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2015 10:11 pm

Full Name:
Blaise Zabini



Former Slytherin

January 1st

Blood Type:


Quidditch, Looking good, Being in control, Common sense, Strategy

Ignorance, Being talked down to, Being the center of attention, Eavesdroppers

Observant, Cunning, Proud, Strategic, Intelligent, Loyal

Arrogant, the 'pack', Oblivious (to certain things), Lonely, Controlling, Possessive


He was born to a witch who was widely renowned and famous for her beauty, and who has been widowed seven times so far. Each husband's death left him and his mother even richer than they had been previously, and while foul play was always suspected, it had never been proven. Blaise is the only child and never knew who his father was, and he never looked at any of his stepfathers as father figures. 

Since the time he was young, and because he is a pureblood, he has always ran in the same circle as people like Draco Malfoy, Orion Ramellien, the Lestranges, Reyna Faulkner, Pansy Parkinson, etc. For the most part, he grew up with these people, but had always had a more close relationship with Draco and Orion, as the boys were the same age, and after an initial battle for leader position, the three formed a tight knit group that remained a constant in his life throughout all their childhood and teen years, and led them into a brotherhood, making the other two males the only siblings he's ever really had/known.

Throughout their years together, they've fought and annoyed each other half to death, always testing each others patience. But there are no other people Blaise trusts as completely as he trusts them. And because of them, he's found himself right smack in the middle of the most odd grouping of honorary family members, the more notable of which are the Riddle twins, Sibes Sidorova, Caspian Burke, Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger, the Lestranges, Reyna Faulkner, and Lyra Black. These people, while not blood related to him in any way, have played such key roles in his life, especially over the past few years, that Blaise is always ready to go to bat for any of them.


He has always been an arrogant person, a trait notorious within the pureblood community, and though he rarely expresses his disdain for others, he does look down on almost everyone and everything around him, believing himself to be above them. He is not a confrontational person, preferring to see rather than being seen. Blaise is highly observant, noticing things that most people don't, and he's always been one to keep to himself. He never cared to or tried to make friends, his arrogant nature always getting in the way. He's always had a competitive streak, and is extremely strategic, and enjoys playing quidditch  and other games because of it. 

Aside from his best friends (Draco and Orion), most of Blaise's life consisted of very little association with other people. The boy never felt the urge or need to make friends, or take an interest in anyone. Caspian Burke was one of the few people outside of the two he did associate with, and even that was very rare and limited. Most of his association in that respect was simply looking out for that boy, who was constantly picked on and ridiculed for his sexuality and tendency to be flamboyant about it. At the time, Caspian had been involved with Draco, though no one aside from the four boys knew it, and Draco, despite his outward facade, legit cared for Caspian. And so Blaise and Orion had always kept a watchful eye on him as a solid to their leader. Even after the two split, Blaise continued to watch out for the boy.

Because that was Blaise. There was probably no one with more sense of loyalty than  him, and he was forever looking out for Draco and Orion, those closest to them, and for Slytherins in general when at Hogwarts. It was a great way to utilize and hone the skills he already possessed, and he was flawless at it. Especially considering the generally quiet boy was more of a low-key person, preferring to keep to the background. Unlike the two pompous peacocks he now considered brothers, who enjoyed having all eyes on them and being center stage more often than not.

He has always been very selective in regards to who he surrounds himself with, be it friend or something a little more. In the case of his love life, Blaise has always been very private about his affairs. He has been with plenty of witches sexually, but nothing more than that. He has simply never found anyone worth the amount of effort it takes for a relationship, and quite frankly, he has never felt any emotional connection to anyone in that regard. So he has been single throughout his life this far.

It's something that never really bothered him. Blaise enjoys his solitude. But that changed his seventh year at Hogwarts, when he finally managed his animagus form. To no ones surprise, the young man had emerged as a fully midnight black in color, gray wolf. Making him an official member of 'the pack', and joining Draco and Orion in the life of wolf. The wolves inside were bound by a sort of bond that brought the three to a more intimate brotherly connection they hadn't had before. Soon, they found themselves trusting each other completely, which meant that with each other, there were no facades or masks.

It had been a very exciting and yet complicated and stressful time for Blaise, as he were the last one of the group to manage the shift. By that time, it seemed both Draco and Orion (and the wolves inside) had found and selected their desired mates. Ironically enough, the two females in question were probably the two most deadliest witches alive, aside from Bellatrix. And both were felines. This was hard for Blaise, though he never showed it, because it was hard to stomach at the times. The pure joy and happiness that seemed to encompass the two inseparable couples (even they themselves seemed unable to sever whatever bonds were between them, regardless of how badly they screwed up).

But Blaise kept his growing feeling of loneliness to himself, busying himself by throwing himself into his studies as normal, and doing what he did best. In the end, he found himself forming strong ties and relationships with people he never imagined he would, and loosening up a bit, no longer so stiff and unapproachable. He also grew a protective streak a mile wide, and went to great lengths to ensure his 'family' stayed safe. Or as safe as they ever were, as most of them were rather danger prone, and Blaise would never be willing to take a clawing for either of his pack brothers. Besides, they usually earned it anyways. All the witches the wolves ran with were various forms of deadly, and sometimes they were scarier than the Dark Lord himself. Though Blaise would never say that out loud. He was too arrogant and proud to ever back down, but also too smart to ever land himself in a situation that would cost him his balls. The same could not be said for Orion and Draco. Blaise often thought they had a death wish. Or simply had a fetish for angry witches.

Regardless, Blaise had grown leaps over the past few years, and had worked especially closely with Hermione and Ginny after the death of Potter, as the two had taken the hero's death extremely hard, and needed some kind of male strength, though he didn't think anyone took it harder than Skyler, and that period of time was one no one ever mentioned. Especially not in front of Draco. Though they all sought revenge. And thirsted for it.

His first year at Merlin's Academy had been another exciting and stressful event in his life. Exciting because of the promise of new experiences. Stressful because they had to leave the younger ones of the group behind under the ever watchful eyes of Dumbledore. No one had been comfortable with it, least if all Draco, but it had had to be done. Blaise spent the year keeping up with his studies, performing outstandingly in all his classes, while also working with Orion to keep their leader from going off the deep end in depression. The trio had taken up physical training and weapons training as a way to work out aggression and their shared feelings of uselessness. They'd even joined a fraternity. But still, it had been a hard past few years for them all.

Now though, the rest of their immediate group would be joining them at Merlin's, and it felt like a weight had been listen from his shoulders somewhat. Blaise felt he could breathe a little easier these days, and genuinely looked forward to his sophomore year at MAMA. But he also has a real fear growing secretly within him. A fear of being destined to be alone, destined to protect everyone else's happiness at the cost of his own. He feared being somewhat like his mother, with no real love in his life. A jealousy was beginning to brew inside him, wanting what his brothers had, but with no real clue just exactly what it was, or who could possibly provide it for him.

Aspen, 11 inches, dragon heartstring

I'm a wolf. Why would I need a pet?


Draco Malfoy, Orion Ramellien, Caspian Burke, Sibes Sidorova, Skyler Riddle, Noxaura Riddle, Leyton Lestrange, Reyna Faulkner,

Dumbledore, any enemies of the aforementioned friends, anyone who picks on Cas, calls him degrading things
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Blaise Zabini - Sophomore
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