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 Caspian Burke- Junior

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Caspian Burke
Caspian Burke

Caspian Burke- Junior Empty
PostSubject: Caspian Burke- Junior   Caspian Burke- Junior EmptySun Apr 26, 2015 9:07 pm

Full Name: Caspian Adrian Burke
Nickname: Cas, Caspy
Age: 20
House: Slytherin
Birthdate: September 2, 1979
Blood Type: Pure
Job: (To be filled in once you have applied for whichever job you are wanting)

Likes: Dominant men, handsome men, rich men, being rich, fashionable clothes, power, cucumber salad in a raspberry vinaigrette
Dislikes: Boobs (on any gender), women, children, timidness, answering to those who are not his Dom, chocolate
Strengths: Proud, confident, manipulative, intelligent
Weaknesses: Arrogant, over-confident, judgmental, rude, ultimately submissive

The youngest child of the Pureblood Burke family, Caspian has a lot to live up to. The family has owned a shop in Knockturn alley for as long as anyone can remember, the second name on the shop having belonged to the father of a great-great grandmother on Caspian's father's side. Every generation has made a reputation through the Slytherin house and with their money- mostly earned through malicious means and dark dealings.

The current Burke senior, Cas's father, had respectable dealings with one Lucius Malfoy among other influential Pureblood males. This allowed Cas to get to know Draco a bit before the younger boy started at Hogwarts.

From the time he was old enough to feel physical attraction, Caspian knew he was not like his father and forefathers. Not like his older brother who had been with half the pure population of women between the ages of 15 and 30 by the time he was in his sixth year at school. No, Cas was different, and as much as it bothered Orson, his older brother by six years, he couldn't hate Caspian.

He was doing what he was raised to do. Manipulate, use and abuse, take what he wanted no matter what that was. From the first time he stepped foot into the school Cas had acted as though he owned Hogwarts. Sure, it might have made Orson uncomfortable just how open Caspian was about going after the boys of Slytherin, but he couldn't deny the kid had confidence that made him hard to resist… even for a supposedly straight man.

By his second year, Cas had already known Draco Malfoy for a few years outside of school, what with the frequency with which the blonde had shown up at the shop with his father. Lucius was a god in Caspian's eyes, and he loved meeting all the influential pureblood with secrets to hide who came to the dark little shop. When the Malfoy heir entered the school, Cas had one thought in mind: mine.

He took what he wanted no matter what, and so he took from Draco any sort of innocence that remained at the end of the younger male's second year. Their 'meetings' lasted the next couple of years, on and off, never any strings, even as Draco began screwing the slut of a pug. Cas had watched as his brother settled with some known Pure from the Parkinson line (ironic much?) and he watched as one by one every boy he thought might turn him into a relationship kind of guy decided to give in to the pressures of society and go for the 'girl'. It was depressing, and upsetting, and Cas would be damned if he'd be nothing but some lonely old man taking over his father's father's father's father's business.

Caspian forced the business on Orson, resigning to try to make his last year of school count and then go on to college in the hopes of finding someone who might fill that void in his chest. He'd experimented enough with Draco to know that he needed a certain type of person, of relationship.

In his final year of school, Cas experienced some other men who were interested in the world of Dominants and submissives, but they just didn't stick. It wasn't like it had been when he knelt for Draco, and now the blonde was engaged to a girl, who Cas happened to be friends with somehow. It was all quite confusing, but he wasn't going to let it get him too down.

No, instead, he took what experiences he could get and kept them in his arsenal for the coming years, heading off to Merlin's Academy and a lot of new experiences. His first year was spent without a Dom, but with plenty of sexual encounters. His second year, he'd run into old friends and realized a natural Dom was right as his old Dom's side. A natural who seemed determined to find himself straight or asexual or something based on the lack of significant others in his life.

So, along with his studies, Caspian set off on his third year at college with one goal in mind: become Blaise Zabini's submissive.
Wand: 9.75 inch cherry and oak braided wand, rather rigid with a doxy dust laced dragon heartstring core
Pet: None

Relationship: In a Dom/sub relationship with Blaise Zabini
Friends: Blaise, Draco, Sky, Orion?, Nox, etc.
Enemies: Homophobes and any given person from his 'friends' who has pissed him off recently
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Caspian Burke- Junior
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