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 Leyton Lestrange -Junior

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Leyton Lestrange
Leyton Lestrange

Leyton Lestrange -Junior Empty
PostSubject: Leyton Lestrange -Junior   Leyton Lestrange -Junior I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 17, 2015 6:55 pm

Full Name: Leyton Bastien Lestrange
Nickname: Leyski, Ley
Age: 20
House: Slytherin
Birthdate: May 5th, 1979
Blood Type: Pure/Half Veela
Job: (To be filled in once you have applied for whichever job you are wanting)

Likes: Hanging out with Reyna, Brewing Potions, Being Lazy when he can, causing trouble with Draco
Dislikes: Repeating himself, paying attention, being wrong, admitting when he is wrong or has done wrong
Strengths:Non-Verbal Magic, Potions, Charms
Weaknesses: Can be ruthless when going after things that he wants, admitting when he is wrong, quick tempered.

Leyton was born to Rabastan and Aria (DuBois) Lestrange late in the spring of 1979 five minutes after his twin brother Luca, who is to be heir to the Lestrange name.   His father is brother to Rodolphus Lestrange.  The Lestrange line once noble and proud has become tarnished due to the actions of Rab and Rod, though Leyton and Luca are trying their best to erase their father's legacy and create a new name for themselves.  His mother came from a long line of French witches, with his grandmother's side giving the Veela traits. Leyton and Luca's traits lay dormant due to the male line but the female cousins on his mother's side display their traits fully in power.

Rounding out his extended family we include Draco Malfoy- cousin by marriage, Silas Lestrange, and a long list of other Black and extended family.

His father and Uncle Rod were killed by Tom Riddle during the summer of 1996 after  Rab, Rod, and Lucius came after him and Tom found out just what had transpired during his childhood.  His mother disgraced by her husbands actions is rarely seen at high society and pureblood functions and spends most of her time at the families manor in France, leaving the care of the one in England to elves and hired staff.

Leyton's beginning was no different than anyone else, except for the fact that his parents could not stand each other. They argued about every thing but when his mother got pregnant because they forgot to use a conception charm, they didn't have a choice but to get married.  His father was rarely home always off doing something for the Dark Lord and so his mother pretty much raised him by herself trying to instill some sense of decency in him but none of it ever stuck. He became more and more like his father the older he got. Leyton learned at a very early age how to manipulate the people around him to get what he wants and he was never afraid to get his hands dirty.

His last year at Hogwarts however things changed for the better, well first they went horribly wrong, but then they got better.  After engaging in a fling with his cousin and brieftly dating him, he realized just how dark the path was that he was traveling down.  When Potter was killed Leyton and Draco realized that they needed each other more than ever and started on working on defense lessons as often as they could.  It was during one of these sessions that Draco accidently broke into Leyton's mind and saw the secrets that he had been keeping for nearly ten years about the abuse he had suffered at Lucius' hand.  Draco not knowing what to do with the now broken Ley summoned Sky for help and thus the rebuilding of that friendship also began.

It was also during this time that Leyton began to straighten himself out, even turning to his long time crush Reyna Faulkner and asking her for help with his studies.  Finally being closer together, he realized how deep his feelings went for her and asked her out during Christmas break of his senior year and they have been dating ever since.  Not without its ups and downs, they fight like any other couple and Reyna is often seen shaking her head in exasperation at her boyfriend.

The summer after graduating from Hogwarts, Voldemort, broke his father, his uncle, and Lucius free from Azkaban.  Leyton and Luca had no idea until the three of them showed up at the manor in order to take out Leyton first.  Narrowly escaping, Leyton headed towards Sky's place knowing that she could be in quick contact with her father.  Upon word being sent Tom spoke with the elder Lestrange brothers and Lucius to see just what was going on and that is how Tom learned just what had transpired during the children's childhood (see below) and the years after.   It was then that Tom killed the elder Lestrange brothers and Lucius on the spot for their crimes.

Now in his Junior year at MAMA, he is still working hard towards his concentration in potions so that after his senior year he can go on to earn his mastery in potions as well.

Wand: 10 3/4 inch Cherry and Dragon Heartstring core
Pet: None, owl he shares with his brother

Relationship: Dating Reyna Faulkner
Friends: Skyler Riddle, Draco Malfoy

Additional History
Age 0-7
Leyton and Luca were raised primary by their mother while their father was off doing whatever it was he was doing, and hiding from the ministry for acts committed during the first reign of terror under the Dark Lord. His father kept a close hand on everything that was happening, up until he got locked away in Azkaban the first time.

Age 8-11/12
During this time Leyton grew closer to his cousin Draco than to his own brother. Spending more time at the Malfoy Manor than his own time and being a growing boy he and his cousin got a little too close than Lucius would have liked and being that Leyton was the older Lucius held him responsible for the acts.

Every night that Leyton stayed at the Manor Lucius would drag him from bed after everyone else was asleep. Thats when the beatings and torment would begin. The next day Leyton would have to pretend like everything was perfectly fine. Slowly his innocence was taken and he began to resent everything about the name of Malfoy. He became colder and more distant as time carried on, and the scars were well hidden, both mentally and physically.

Age 12 (summer after year 1 at Hogwarts)-16
Leyton unable to take the abuse any longer becomes volatile and hostile towards everyone around him. Pulling away from everyone he turns his back on Draco, not only because every time he looks at him he sees Lucius, but because he was afraid of what else could happen to him. Draco and Leyton become almost like strangers. Leyton's grades begin to suffer, and his mother not knowing what to do begins to give up on him as well.

Feeling alone he turns to alcohol the older he gets and at the age of 15 starts sleeping with basically any witch who is willing to try to dull the pain. His father gets locked back up after the raid on the ministry as well as Lucius and Leyton sees this as a chance to finally try to see Draco.

It backfires though the summer going into his seventh year and after one drunken night in August they hook up at the Leaky, Leyton realizes just how dangerous it is to let his cousin back in so he pretends that the night never happened.
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Leyton Lestrange -Junior
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