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Jaeden Davis
Jaeden Davis

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PostSubject: MAMA Student Council   MAMA Student Council EmptyFri Apr 17, 2015 2:44 pm

Student Council

IC, members of the student council will be responsible for the organization of all school functions, including but not limited to Quidditch games, Balls, Dances, Rallies, Dueling contests, etc. They are also responsible for dealing punishments for students, such as community service, restrictions from school gatherings, benched from Quidditch games, etc. They are selected leaders of the student body by the student body.

The student council works as such:

There is a President and a Vice President of the council (much like the Hogwarts Head Boy & Girl, with the exception that they do not have to be male & female), and they MUST be either seniors or grad students. There are NO exceptions. They are in charge and responsible for and of the rest of the council, and delegate tasks to them.

The rest of the Council consists of Student Governors (who are much like Hogwarts Prefects), and there are 2 governors for every year (2 freshman governors, 2 sophomore, etc).

They are ACTIVE members of the site AND student body. That means that if your character is anti social, a wallflower, or anything within that nature, and/or you as a handler cannot commit to being active on the site, THIS IS NOT THE JOB FOR THEM OR YOU. Do not waste our time or yours by filling out an application. Because you WILL be denied.

These are respected, well-liked individuals, as they are VOTED in by the student body. Meaning if your character is the bloody devil incarnate, anti social, or can't get along or work well with others they are not likely to be voted in. So do not attempt it.

They make the school look good. Meaning these people are NOT slackers. They are hard workers, with excellent grades. They attend classes. They PARTICIPATE in classes.

They are helpful and knowledgeable IC and OOC, and mature and fair young adults.

How to become a member:

You MUST fill out the below application, and post it in this forum as a new topic (topic title should be character first and last name, as well as whatever position applied for).

A dean of the site MUST approve of your application. This is to verify the character applying fits the requirements.

You MUST have, at minimum, 25 posts PRIOR to the start of the school term. This is to verify you intend to be an active member.

You MUST RP running for the position desired. Meaning, you will RP campaigning at MAMA. Elections will take place in mid-October IG, so characters will have roughly a month and half to campaign.

On Election Day, all other students will vote for those they want in the student council. Characters that are running for a position on the council may only vote in the categories not pertaining to them.

*Please note: This will be done by polls set up by the deans. ONLY student characters can vote, and you will be able to RP going to vote and the like if you wish.

With that being said, if you feel you have what it takes to be a leader of MAMA, please apply using the following code. And we do encourage anyone who meets the requirements to do so. It will make campaigning more competitive, and that much more fun.


[B]Character’s Name:[/B]

[B]House:[/B] (What house were they in at Hogwarts)

[B]Council Position:[/B]

[B]Why do you wish to be on the council? :[/B]

[B]Why do you think that you deserve this position? :[/B]

[B]Sample Post:[/B] (MUST be 350+ words, and can be anything to demonstrate why this character would be good on the council)

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MAMA Student Council
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