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 Warren Riley - Magical Law Enforcement

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Warren Riley

Warren Riley

Warren Riley - Magical Law Enforcement Empty
PostSubject: Warren Riley - Magical Law Enforcement   Warren Riley - Magical Law Enforcement I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 12, 2018 5:19 pm

Full Name: Warren Riley
Nickname: None?
Age: 26
House: Ravenclaw
Birthdate: May 2nd
Blood Type: Halfblood
Job: Ministry of Magic- Magical Law Enforcement- Lead Officer

Likes: Justice, order, kindness, dogs, intelligence, bad puns
Dislikes: Senseless violence, snakes (he has a phobia), kimchi
Strengths: Determination, sense of right and wrong, stamina, devotion
Weaknesses: Fearless to a fault, hero-complex, smartass

Family: The Riley family goes back scores of magical generations. Every few decades, however, a squib has been known to be born into the family, thus it was not shocking when Warren’s brother, Spencer failed to show any magical ability. The family has not been strict as to blood purity, but have tended to stay mostly magical in marriages and reproduction over the years.

Warren is the son of Mei and Alan Riley. The Korean woman and English man also had another son, Spencer, who is four years younger than Warren.

From a very early age, Warren showed a strong natural magical ability. His powers made themselves known in ways that tended to seem strange for a child- sorting out his toys in the most orderly of fashions, keeping his room more tidy than generally capable of a child, and popping a pacifier into his crying brother’s mouth from across the room when the baby threw tantrums while his four-years-older brother was trying to teach himself to read. Yes, Warren Riley was always a bit ahead of his age.

When the two were younger, Warren and his brother fought like any pair of brothers would. The older boy made it a point to never let his accidental bouts of magic escape his control during their escapades, as that would be an unfair advantage over the squib, and Warren had always harbored a strict sense of justice. Once he’d grown up enough to get his own wand and prepare to go to Hogwarts, however, Warren realized it was time to put petty sibling rivalry aside and focus on what really bothered his baby brother. He had a job to do.

From his first year in Ravenclaw, Warren took it upon himself to teach his brother all the things the younger boy wouldn’t get the chance to experience and learn himself. It wasn’t fair, in the older boy’s mind, that Spencer shouldn’t get to attend the same school as him. Just because he didn’t have a wand didn’t make Spencer any less than Warren, after all. They had the same parents, the same blood! That wasn’t the kind of justice that the Ravenclaw believed in, so he would defy it as best he could. Every break- summer and Christmas- he’d take his notes and books and leftover supplies, and he’d teach his little brother all there was to know about their world. Spencer learned the entire Hogwarts curriculum four years ahead of what would be his peers, and all because Warren was determined to right the wrongs of the world he lived in.

Upon graduation from Hogwarts, Warren applied to Merlin’s so that he might pursue a career in Magical Law. The justice system was something he’d always had a strong belief in, and he found it to be severely flawed. Warren knew his brother was determined to become a more active part of the magical society, and he hoped that he could play some sort of role in that quest. He also wanted to bring focus to the actual problems, rather than silly non-issues like accidental magic outbursts going to court or banning squibs and halfbreeds from institutions.

Warren obtained an undergraduate degree in Magical Law Enforcement after four years of study at Merlin’s, then applied and was accepted at the Ministry of Magic’s department of the same name. He’s been working there for over five years, where he has moved up the ranks in his division from a trainee to an officer, to now the lead officer of his division. Warren’s goal is to become the head of his department.

Since they are four years apart in age, Warren and Spencer never got to attend school together. Had he gone for a Master’s degree, the brothers would have crossed paths on campus for two years, which is something Warren sometimes regrets missing out on, but ultimately his career path is better served without the further education, so he appeases himself by stopping by his brother’s apartment to annoy him on days off instead.

Wand: Kaya (Korean/Japanese conifer), 12”, sturdy, phoenix feather and dragon whisker core
Pet: Barn owl named Sasha, and he watches his brother’s dog, Gigabyte, when needed

Relationship: TBD
Friends: Spencer, TBD
Enemies: Anyone he’s arrested…
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Warren Riley - Magical Law Enforcement
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