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 Caspian's Thread Log

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Caspian Burke
Caspian Burke

Caspian's Thread Log Empty
PostSubject: Caspian's Thread Log   Caspian's Thread Log EmptySat Dec 01, 2018 2:49 pm

The Life and Times of Caspian Burke
A log (in mostly chronological order) of Caspian's life on MAMA thus far...

Girl Talk
With Reyna- Cas reveals his budding relationship with Blaise and he and his long-time confidante discuss what it means to be in love. This thread reveals a good bit of Caspian’s character and his past regarding love and trust, and the hopes he harbors for his future with Blaise.

Promises, Promises (Explicit)
With Blaise- The first half of this thread involves Cas earning himself a punishment from his mate/Dom due to his smart mouth, and the events that transpire due to that punishment. Rather entertaining, really. The thread then gets more serious as Caspian utters a phrase that he’s never said to anyone, and which shocks Blaise to his core. This is the moment when their relationship shifts from ‘fun’ to ‘serious’ and it’s pretty key to the pair.

Secrets are for Besties
With Sky- Cas guesses that Sky’s pregnant before she’s told, like, anyone? He’s way too observant for his own good, basically. This thread shows how close he’s gotten to Skyler and touches on how much he values both her and Draco as friends (which was also mentioned back in ‘Girl Talk’). He agrees to be the baby’s Godfather and has a heart to heart chat with Sky wherein they build each other up as two very flawed human beings.

Past Meets Present
With Rey and Cj- I think this comes later than the others? Cas is only here for the beginning, so this just covers his part of the thread. A bit of time out on the town with his best friend and confidante has Caspian meeting a mechanic who is extremely easy on the eyes… Then he finds out that this stud and Reyna have a history and… well, after bonding a bit with the handsome man, Cas excuses himself so the lovebirds can reconnect. Yeah, Caspian isn’t Leyton’s biggest fan, so… he’s definitely team Stud- er- Cj.

Catching Up
With Rey- The pair are at a fabric shop stocking up for Reyna’s designs, catching up on the latest in each other’s lives and the wizarding world at large…

Beach Bums
With Blaise- A beach date. Pretty simple summary for now.
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Caspian's Thread Log
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