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 Riley Caldwell

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Riley Caldwell
Riley Caldwell

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PostSubject: Riley Caldwell   Riley Caldwell EmptyMon Nov 26, 2018 11:23 pm

Full Name:
Riley Alden Caldwell




August 7th

Blood Type:


Being admired, animals, quidditch, the outdoors, facts, truth, freedom, being underestimated

Broken promises, limitations, being constrained, dishonesty, conformity, inactivity

Witty, creative, determined, intelligent, confidant, enthusiastic, honest, charming

Impulsive, stubborn, impatient, aggressive, will say anything no matter how undiplomatic

Father: August Lou Caldwell (deceased)
Mother: Brianne Summer Caldwell nee Jennings (deceased)
Siblings: Henry Caldwell (older brother, deceased)

August was a pilot in the royal airforce, and Brianne was a muggleborn witch who managed a Wizarding hotel. They met by happy accident one rainy night in the streets of London when both got caught out in the rain. Brianne was just exiting her flat and about to aparrate but August, spotting her before she could, very chivalrously offered to share his taxi with her. The rest was history.

A year after meeting and dating, August proposed, and Brianne, not wanting to enter into a marriage without being completely honest, finally told him about being a witch. August, being the chilvalrous gentleman in love that he was, took it in stride, though it took some time to adjust. They were married a year later, and no couple had ever been more in love.

A year after marrying, Brianne gave birth to their first child, a son who they named Henry. August had never been so proud, until the day they had Riley. The man was so proud to have two sons, and he was the epitome of what a father should be as the boys grew and got older. He was even prouder when both boys ended up displaying magic and receiving Hogwarts letters, and supported them as much as he could as a non-magical person, often taking much interest in their abilities and pushing them to excel at school. He also had dogtags made specially for each of them, as a token of his love and affection for them, and the two brothers never took them off from the day they received from their father.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, it was when Riley was 13 that his father would die. August was called out on a mission and his jet was hit, and tragedy struck the Caldwell’s.

It was then that Henry, three years older than Riley, began to get mixed up with the wrong sort. While Riley did his best to steer his older brother back onto the right path, and be there for his mother, he never really knew just who Henry was mixed up in or how in over his head he was until his fifth year at Hogwarts.

Riley was always an active, fearless boy from the time he were old enough to walk and run. Not much changed as he grew older, especially with a big brother to live up to. But he developed a strong mind, enjoyed learning new things, be it by a hands on approach or from books. He was never shy about his enjoyment of reading and learning, and became quite intelligent, even at his young age. His thirst for knowledge drove him.

He was also quite creative, which made him especially good at transfiguration and charms once he began at Hogwarts, and he enjoyed experimenting, especially with spells.

Having been raised by such a man as August Caldwell, Riley was as chivalrous as they came. A gentleman through and through, and very charming. As he grew older, the witches swooned, and Riley was none too aware of his effect on them. He became quite the ladies man early on. Even his brooding nature after his father died didn’t keep the witches away. In fact, the whole wounded and brooding thing only seemed to make them flock to him more. In hindsight, he were thankful for it. He believed it helped him stay social and not drift into too bad a depression after the death of his father.

In his fifth year however, is when he finally felt the tug on his heart from a girl. Riley knee right away it was something special, something he didn’t want to let slip by. Because it was the type of feeling his father had always described feeling about his mother. Though he had known Ginny Weasley from afar since his first year at Hogwarts, being thrown together with her for what seemed like the first time opened his eyes and heart.

Of course, Riley was anything but an idiot, and he wasn’t deaf. He had heard over the years of her crush on Harry Potter, and loathe as he was to admit it, he was afraid of losing to the boy-who-lived. But he had to try anyways. And so he did. And as it were, it seemed he would’ve won, except for the fact that one day, on a Hogsmeade trip, Riley were kidnapped, and no one ever heard from him again.

It seems his brother Henry had gotten very mixed up with the very wrong sort of people. Henry has gotten involved with the underground black market of the Wizarding world, smuggling dark artifacts and the like, all things illegal and dangerous. He was running very rare and very illegal potions ingredients on the request from a guy named Jasper Royce, who was well known in those circles to have his hand in everything, to Lucius Malfoy.

Unfortunately, Lucius Malfoy wanted to be sure said ingredients could never be linked back to him, so he killed Henry after receiving the delivery, told Royce he had never received them, and played along when they had Riley kidnapped and brought to Malfoy Manor’s dungeons, where they then tortured him by means of the cruciatus curse for his brother’s whereabouts. When satisfied he knew nothing of where his brother was, they left him there to die, their last words about how his mother would be a clean death.

He would have too, had a house elf not taken pity on him and helped heal him as best it could. Unfortunately, it could not help him escape. So Riley was left to be an all but forgotten prisoner in the dungeons of the Malfoy Manor, where no one save Lucius Malfoy and a house elf bound by its master to never speak of what it may see or hear ever knew him to be.

Original: Oak, 12 and 1/2, unicorn hair (lost)

None at the moment



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Riley Caldwell
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