Ever wonder what happens after Hogwarts? Merlin's Academy of Magical Arts. Just like muggles, magical folk need further education to get those demanding jobs.
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 Trinity Nott - Grad Student

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Trinity Nott
Grad Student
Trinity Nott

Trinity Nott - Grad Student Empty
PostSubject: Trinity Nott - Grad Student   Trinity Nott - Grad Student EmptyMon Nov 26, 2018 9:06 pm

Full Name:
Trinity Antlia Nott




December 28th

Blood Type:


Power, intelligence, high quality clothes, leading, winning, information, details, astrology, divination

Losing, being ignored, people who disagree with her, being criticized, unearned success, people who think women should be seen and not heard

Manipulative, cunning, intelligent, attractive, disciplined

Distrusting, jealous, secretive, violent, arrogant

Father: Aeryn Tithas Nott
Mother: Dariyah Melisande Nott nee Potter
Siblings: None

Aeryn and Dariyah as a couple were the product of an arranged marriage, as was custom and popular (and still is) amongst pureblood families. Dariyah is the daughter of Cadmus Potter (son of Dorea Black and Charlus Potter) and Violetta Prewett (daughter of Lycoris Prewett and Melisandra Longbottom). Aeryn is the son of Penelope Parkinson and Humphrey Nott, younger brother to Dorian Nott (father of Theodore Nott).

The couple were never in love, and Aeryn, not being the main heir of the Nott family (that being his older brother Dorian and his son Theodore), was not too concerned with producing a male heir, and wasn’t unhappy with simply having a daughter. Dariyah was only two happy to stop at one child, not willing to sacrifice her petite form further for a wizard she barely tolerated. The couple had separate rooms from the moment Dariyah conceived, and aside from when necessary, they avoided each other.

While they raised Trinity in much the same way they had been raised, there was no real familial bond between either of them and their daughter. They simply showered her with whatever she wanted, and made sure she met the requirements of a pureblood witch of her stature and namesake, and that she lived up to the standards they set.

Trinity had a rather cold, loveless upbringing. There has never been any bond between her and her parents aside from doing what she must to make them proud. She learned the art of manipulation very early on in life, often manipulating one parent against the other, and from there learning to manipulate others, such as her peers and acquaintances, to get her way or what she wanted.

Like many purebloods, she grew up with the knowledge that she was, in fact, better than others, and as such, considers herself superior to others, and treats most if not all as if they are beneath her. Because she honestly believes them to be. She has expensive taste and high standards for those she surrounds herself with, and thanks to the way she has been raised, she considers absolutely no one a friend, and everyone either an enemy or a puppet. It is safe to say that anyone she keeps close, it’s for reasons that have nothing to do with her actually considering them a confidante.

Trinity developed a special ability early on in her childhood, one that separated her from her peers and childhood acquaintances. She would dream vivid dreams, finding they would eventually happen in life. Thinking it was just some form of deja vu, the girl thought nothing much of it until starting her third year at Hogwarts, when she was presented with the option of divination as a class.

Trinity, a very determined student, opted to take the class just to see if it was worth studying, though she ultimately had her doubts about it. It was there, however, she discovered her talent as a seer, and began to hone her ability in the subject. While she is not fond of many of the ways taught in the subject, such as tea leaves and cards and crystal balls, she is quite adept at palm readings and seeing pieces of the future at times. Even now, her ability is still a work in progress, and one she has not shared with anyone.

She uses people to get what she wants and get where she wants, and has no qualms about who she has to step on to get there, and is quite capable of violence when she needs to be. Attractive in her own right, Trinity has always been attracted to power, and easily becomes jealous when someone has what she believes rightfully should be hers.  

Information is true power in her eyes, and as such, since her years at Hogwarts, Trinity has built a formidable network of informants, and there is scarcely anyone she knows nothing about, or has something on. And knows how to use such information and the masses to her advantage. While at Hogwarts, Trinity basically ran the ‘rumor mill’, and writes an anonymous gossip column for The MAMA Daily, Merlin’s paper. At Merlin’s, Trinity excelled in her general magical studies classes, and is currently working towards Masters in English, emphasis on journalism and the Forgotton Arts. She also minored in political science, and completed courses in psychology, though she is not seeking a masters in it. At this time at least.

Holly, 6 and 1/2 inches, dragon heartstring

Pygmy Puff, lavender in color, named Malvasia



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Trinity Nott - Grad Student
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