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 Tobias Evanski - Senior

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Tobias Evanski
Tobias Evanski

Tobias Evanski - Senior Empty
PostSubject: Tobias Evanski - Senior   Tobias Evanski - Senior EmptyFri Nov 23, 2018 4:26 pm

Full Name: Tobias Evanski
Nickname: Toby
Age: 21
House: None- Durmstrang Alum
Birthdate: April 21
Blood Type: Pureblood
Job: Part-Time Assassin for the Russian Wizardng Mafia, Full-Time Student

Likes: Red meat, working out, having sex
Dislikes: Vegetables, health food, girls that are too smart, virgins
Strengths: Cunning, cruel, skilled with weapons and dark arts, silent/sneaky
Weaknesses: Narrow-minded, generally an asshole, lack of allies, can be daft

Tobias is the son of a high ranking member of the Russian Wizarding Mafia, though most simply refer to the job as a ‘government position’ for propriety’s sake. Of course, Toby was raised to follow in his father’s footsteps, so he was aware of the man’s true employment from a rather young age, and he didn’t shy away from it.

The Evanski family has been in the business for generations, having aligned themselves with other purebloods with similar thirsts for blood and power such as the Sidorovs and Polanskis, and having been at war with a particular family- the Mirakovs- up until Tobias put an end to that particular bloodline by killing the sole male heir in his fourth year at Durmstrang with the boy of the same age.

Tobias’s mother was a proper Russian pureblood who had been married off to his father because her family owed the Mafia. So of course the marriage was one full of love and affection.

It was no wonder that Toby learned how to be cruel early on. He was one of three children, though his older brother died when a hit-wizard botched an attempt at killing their father, AK’ing the then ten-year-old boy right in front of a six-year-old Toby. That was the second murder he’d witnessed, and he was already numb to death.

Toby’s younger sister was born when he was already fifteen, so he doesn’t have much of a relationship with her. Sometimes he’ll hear about her progress in the family business, but she’s busy with Durmstrang and he’s all the way in Avalon on assignment… Plus she’ll likely be sold to the highest bidding suitor eventually. Really, Toby just doesn’t care.

As a child, Tobias took great interest in the methods of his father and his colleagues. He trained in different weapons and torturing devices, and as soon as he was old enough to get his own wand, began practicing the proper spells to make a man talk.

Tobias was skilled from the very start, not only with dark magic, but with his penchant for pure cruelty. He had a twisted mind and soul, and it showed. Most children would shy away from what was inherently seen as ‘wrong’ until they were taught otherwise, but not Toby. He dove right in head first and never looked back.

The boy was great at making people spill their guts, verbally, then spilling their guts literally when he had no more use for them. He was ruthless and took pride in that fact, so it was no wonder he was training to become an assassin for the Mafia as soon as a designation could be set.

When he went to Durmstrang, the boy quickly made a name for himself as a harsh and rebellious child. He got high marks in the physical courses- those like Dark Arts and even Potions, where he used his knowledge of interrogation poisons to show off- but stumbled in the more information based classes- like History and Herbology. Sometimes he seemed all over the place and his inconsistencies made his father furious.

As if to piss the man off further, Tobias constantly left the school with his few lackies- he’d never call them friends- and found shops that would provide piercings and tattoos without asking for ID. He’d find a ‘fuck of the week’ and get her to dye the tips of his dirty blonde hair a forest green color and he’d sleep with older witches to get some smokes and booze. His father was furious and Tobias loved it.

By fifth year, he’d murdered his rival and ended that particular bloodline- a feat which his predecessors hadn’t accomplished- and he’d even fucked the daughter of the guy who was basically second seat in the entire Mafia. Sibyl Sidorova. Two years his junior and sex on a fucking stick. Maybe she’d only slept with him to piss off her father, but whatever. It worked. Though Tobias did not appreciate the fucking scratches she left behind. Damn woman was an animal in bed, and not in the best way…

Of course, she’d eventually leave Durmstrang for Hogwarts, but that was after Tobias had graduated. See, he was heading for college anyway, and it didn’t take much to make up a semester with some summer classes… He had an assignment to take care of a certain runaway bastard, and though the daughter hated the sire, she was still connected to him. And the Mafia. They didn’t really care for loose ends left untrimmed, so… Tobias was given two targets to take care of while he obtained his further education. And he was almost done with that degree, so… looks like it’s time for some target practice.

Wand: Dogwood, rigid, 10”, chimera scale core
Pet: Siberian Pit Viper named Zmeya (literally ‘snake’ in Russian because he’s an asshole)

Relationship: None
Friends: Ha!
Enemies: The Sidorov family, those he’s ordered to kill?, girls he pisses off, boyfriends of girls he sleeps with (lol)
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Tobias Evanski - Senior
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