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Bethany Locke
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PostSubject: Bethany Locke   Bethany Locke EmptyWed Nov 21, 2018 8:28 pm

Full Name: Sarah Bethany (Jones) Locke
Nickname: Bethany
Age: 28
House: Hufflepuff
Birthdate: 23rd April
Blood Type:Muggleborn
Job: (To be filled in once you have applied for whichever job you are wanting)


  • Sushi -- The real thing, not the fake imitation wannabe sushi.
  • New Things -- She's always willing to try new things; food, experiences, etc.
  • Spending time with Lorenzo -- Self explanatory. She enjoys time with her son.
  • laughing -- She's had enough negative and wants more positive.
  • Winter -- She loves the snowscapes and how everything is pristine at first. Making snowmen and snow angels with Lorenzo, then warming up with hot chocolate and marshmallows or grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.
  • Food -- She admits it. She loves food and has learned to appreciate the finer skills of cooking.
  • Sports -- Or rather she loves watching sports. Participating in them is another manner.
  • Teaching -- Loves seeing the look on her son's face as he understands something or learns something for the first time.


  • Discipline -- Disciplining Lorenzo when he's done something naughty, but she will do it.
  • Alcohol -- Thinks its a vile drink and loathes it due to her childhood and even when she visits her brother Peter at his club, she only drinks ginger ale.
  • Fireworks & Pyrotechnics -- Her brother, Basil, is to blame for this one. He usually carries some for of explosive on him and no one knows what he'll do with them.
  • Her name. She thought Sarah Jones was boring so went with her middle name and then kept her married last name.
  • Wet plants -- She can't stand the smell of certain plants after its rained.
  • Other peoples drama -- Bethany thinks it's hard enough dealing with things in your own life, you don't need to stick your nose in other people's or have them insert their own drama into hers.
  • Being sick -- It's not fun and its really gross
  • False people -- Those that present themselves one way but are truly something else.


  • Patience -- Well, she does have three half-brothers (one of whom is a pyro), and an adoptive brother as well as a child. If she didn't have patience before she sure learned it!
  • Problem solving -- Learned this one as a child then later with her own son.
  • Dependable -- reliable and will be where she says she will, or do what she says she will.


  • Lorenzo -- In a literal and figurative sense
  • Puppy eyes -- her son has this one down pat
  • Allergies -- Very allergic to molasses

Positive traits:

  • Generous -- With her time, money, love, etc to those she cares for.
  • Cunning/Manipulative -- She used these many times to get her own way as a child with her brothers. Also, Alex is the one who encouraged these traits in her.
  • Looks further -- While she may be a skeptic, Bethany will give others a chance to show their true colors.
  • Survivor -- She had to be in order to come out of her family sane.
  • Adaptable -- Can roll with changes without panicking. More so since she has a child who likes to disrupt any plans she has.
  • Strong willed -- Very determined
  • Humor -- she has one, even if at times its a bit morbid or twisted

Negative traits:

  • Cynical -- Has learned to be that way due to her life
  • Judgemental -- She is quick to judge but again traces it back towards her childhood first then her life experiences.
  • Tease/flirt -- She likes to tease and flirt without being serious.
  • Cunning/Manipulative -- She used these many times to get her own way as a child with her brothers. Also, Alex is the one who encouraged these traits in her.
  • Skeptical -- Goes along with her Cynicism. She's skeptical of everyone she first meets.
  • Vain -- She knows she looks good and doesn't bother to deny it.
  • Remorseless -- Can be to those that have wronged her or her own.
  • Strong willed -- Very determined

  Name: Hannah Rose (Davidson/Walker) Jones
  Age: 41
  Living or Deceased:Deceased
  Blood type: Muggle
  Occupation: No idea

  Name: David Mitchell Jones
  Age: 47
  Living or Deceased:Deceased
  Blood type: Muggle
  Occupation: Con Artist

  Name: Peter Alan Walker
  Age: 45
  Living or Deceased:Living
  Blood type: Muggle
  Occupation: Part owner of a bar/club; musician

Name: Basil Francis Davidson
 Age: 39
 Living or Deceased:Living
 Blood type: Halfblood

Name: Alexander Matthew James
 Age: 37
 Living or Deceased:Living
 Blood type: Halfblood
 Occupation: Climbing the corporate ladder of the Ministry

Name: Marcus Jones
Age: 41
Living or Deceased: no idea
Blood type: muggle
Occupation: Inmate at a penitentiary somewhere

  Name: Cesar Lorenzo Locke
  Age: 26
  Living or Deceased:Deceased
  Blood type: Halfblood
  Occupation: Reserve Chaser on the Spanish National Quidditch team

  Name: Lorenzo Jackson Locke
  Age: 8
  Living or Deceased:Living
  Blood type: Halfblood
  Occupation: Primary student

Hannah Davidson had been a girl with bigger dreams than talent. She came from a dysfunctional family and scraped by in school getting a job at the first chance she got by lying about her age in order to waitress. By chance she ended up meeting a well off ivy league student and quickly got him wrapped around her finger. They were wed and she soon had her first child, Peter. She soon grew dissatisfied with William and began to cheat on him seeing a man named Geoff Abbrams whom she hadn't known was a Halfblood wizard nor his name. They had a tryst for awhile and she ended up pregnant with her second son Basil. Hannah had tried to play it off as William's but he found out about her adultery and filed for divorce. She fought him and out of bitterness and spite kept Peter. Having to go back to work, she unfairly blamed her situation on Basil whom she taunted when she was having a bad day not even telling him anything about his father and giving the boy her last name. There were many boyfriends until she married David Jones. She found him charming and wished that he own sons were more like David's son, Marcus, who became her step-son.

Hannah was not a very good mother and it was actually Peter who more or less raised his siblings. While he was always interested in music, he never went for being a star. He was happy to play locally and record music to be a local band. At seventeen he moved out to share a place with his band mates and often took Basil and Alex there when he could. A few years later he was legally a temporary guardian for Alex until a family could be found for the boy. While Alex had gone off to Hogwarts for his first year, his father had 'disappeared'. Then Peter again became temporary guardian of Bethany then full guardianship was awarded to him when she was seven. Eventually he bought a share in the club he usually played at and has made it rather successful and still plays there.

Basil seemed to be chaos incarnate. While the boy had always been a handful for his mother, he never failed to look out for his baby sister when he was at home. At eleven he found out that he was a wizard and began to attend Hogwarts where he was sorted into Gryffindor. He had been ecstatic when he learned that his best friend and brother in all but blood Alex whom he only ever called Lexi, was a wizard too and had been sorted into Slytherin. Alex had come from a bad family as well, and was in the Davidson home as much as he was in his own. Alex had more or less been adopted into their family by first Basil then Peter. Bethany had always viewed him as a brother because of his constant presence. While Alex always had ambition and goals, it seemed that Basil had no direction or clue what to do once he became a grown up. He does know how to keep a secret though since aside from Peter, he's the only one who know what really happened to Alex's father.

Marcus was always a bully yet knew how to put on the fake facade for Hannah. He was always courteous and respectful whenever she was around, but was a terror when she wasn't. Had followed his father into the 'family business' of being a con man and thief. Was in and out of juvenile centers until he was tried as an adult.

David Jones had grown up in a family of con artists and thieves and never questioned that he too would one day teach his own children those ways. He had a knack for spotting a target and that was what he knew Hannah was, but then he had actually liked that he could spot someone whom was like himself. A con artist and wanted something bigger and better. He had taken an instant disliking to Basil who had 'accidentally' nearly blew up his car by putting a smoke bomb in the muffler. Glad when the kid left to his boarding school and Peter to his own flat, it was basically just him, his son, and his wife. Then of course Bethany was born and he didn't much care for her until she was a teachable age. By that time Peter, Basil and Alex were continually in his way. Both David and Hannah died in their car when it took a dive off a bridge.

Bethany had as a child hated her most common and boring name of Sarah, and had decided to only answer to her middle name of Bethany. She only has vague recollections of the small cramped flat in South London where she’d been born. Yes, she’d actually been born in the flat because her father at the time hadn’t been home and Hannah had had false labor before, so they had believed that was what she’d gone into again. By the time they realized that it was the real thing, it was too late. She knew that she liked looking forward to when her brothers Basil and Alex had come home from their school to spend the summer with her and Peter. It was thanks to her brothers that she got over her confusion of what was right and wrong, truth and lies early on. Craving attention since she barely received any from her own parents, and wanting to prove that she was smart, (her father often said she wasn’t because she couldn’t understand what her father wanted her to learn about the family business. She had thrived at school, but had quickly learned that as you got older, being smarter wasn’t always a good thing. She learned to hide it, only excelling in her schoolwork but never raising her hand in class.

When she began to do ‘weird’ things, she wasn’t sure whom to go but since her brothers (minus Marcus) had shown her nothing but love, she went to them. Basil had freaked out when she had begun to say that she had noticed something different about herself. Alex had hit him over the head to calm him down while Peter patiently waited to see if the differences were like Alex and Basil’s or as the latter had feared ‘woman changes’. If it was that, Peter would have had his girlfriend talk to his baby sister. Since it was actually about magic, the other two were able to fill her in and she had to deal with teasing from Peter saying he felt all alone since he had hoped she wouldn’t team up with Alex and Basil. Her Hogwarts letter came and she was both thrilled and disappointed that she wouldn’t be attending classes with her family. While Basil had been a Gryffindor and Alex a Slytherin, neither could have guessed that she would have been placed in Hufflepuff. The time she spent in Hogwarts had been typical and she loved every minute of it. Yet, she wasn’t sure what she had wanted to do, much like her brother Basil. The two had decided to tour, (Basil had money from his father after they had discovered each other and created a family bond) and it was while they were in Spain that Bethany had met Cesar.

Bethany had the typical crush and infatuation with the Spaniard and had quickly grown to love him as one did for the first time. They spent a lot of time together and he romanced her so that she had ended up in a ‘family way’ before they were wed. She had though everything would be fine and that Cesar would be happy and that they would get married and be a family. The reality had been quite different. He had been angry, blamed her, and only married her because honor demanded it of him. They argued and fought, but she had still loved him thinking that she could change his mind. After all, it seemed they had good days as well. But then she found that his indifference came because he was cheating on her. She had stayed and hadn’t said anything at first because she was embarrassed and felt at fault.

When it came time for Lorenzo to be born, he didn’t come on the arrival date, deciding to be born a few days later. At the time of labor, he went into fetal distress because every time Bethany pushed, Lorenzo's fingers would clamp down on his birth cord which was in his hand. The doctors had to go in and do a cesarean section to pull the baby out. While Bethany was proud and marveled at the tiny being, her husband was nowhere to be found. Cesar had actually been too drunk to get Bethany to the hospital so had to get herself there while in labor. While it seemed there were times he cared nothing at all for Bethany, he at least would tend to Lorenzo and took an interest in him. The first time however that she found out that he would let Lorenzo cry and leave him in his crib when he didn’t want to deal with him, she took Lorenzo and left. They were separated for awhile but she did go back to him since she thought a boy needed his father. She had known that growing up she had needed her mother. The final time she left him was when he’d raised his hand to hit her, and she’d stepped into his personal space and stated that if he completed that action that that would be the last time he ever saw Lorenzo again.

Bethany and Cesar had a long drawn out divorce, mainly because the latter didn’t want to, knowing it would make Bethany more miserable. Eventually he did so after a visit from her brothers who had convinced him it was in his own best interest. Her brothers took turns watching Lorenzo while she decided to go back to school and went to the Merlin's Academy of Magical Arts. After graduation, she worked for Peter while she again, tried to decide what she wanted to do. She had volunteered at St. Mungo’s, had already seen how much she didn’t want to work at the Ministry, and had come to realize she liked to help people. She went and got herself a certification in healing, just in case before applying to MAMA as a healer but then had put that off for a year after Cesar died from contacting the virus that killed off magical people. While she hadn't liked him anymore, he had been her first love and grieved him.

Wand:10 ¾", Phoenix feather core, Elm wood, Quite Bendy flexibility

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Bethany Locke
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