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 Quidditch Captain Application

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Jaeden Davis
Jaeden Davis

Quidditch Captain Application Empty
PostSubject: Quidditch Captain Application   Quidditch Captain Application EmptyFri Apr 17, 2015 12:36 pm

So you want to be Quidditch captain huh? Well then, this is where you need to be. Don't worry about how the games will be played just yet, for all will be revealed in good time. But if you think you've got what it takes to be captain, by all means please fill out the below application and post it in a separate thread in this forum (topic title should be character first and last name, along with QC attached):


[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]House :[/b] (If the character played for their Hogwarts house team)
[b]Year:[/b] (fresh, soph, junior, senior)
[b]Have you had any other characters on a Quidditch team in the past?:[/b]
[b]Will you be able to be consistently active and available to start Quidditch team related threads on a regular basis, as well as participate actively in Quidditch matches?:[/b]
[b]Why do you want to be captain?:[/b]
[b]Would it be consistent with your character’s background, abilities, and general development for him or her to be captain?:[/b]
[b]What do you feel you and your character can bring to the Quidditch team that would be valuable?:[/b]
[b]Please provide an RP example (4 paragraphs at least, 4-5 sentences each) of what you might post for your character for a round of a Quidditch match. Feel free to use the names of other characters, or make some up:[/b]
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Quidditch Captain Application
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