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 Cj Baxter - Adult

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Cj Baxter
Cj Baxter

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PostSubject: Cj Baxter - Adult   Cj Baxter - Adult EmptyWed Mar 01, 2017 7:14 pm

Full Name: Chester James “Cj” Baxter
Nickname: Goes by Cj and expects everyone to call him as such.
Age: 21
House: Gryffindor
Birthdate: September 29
Blood Type: Halfblood
Job: Owns a mechanic shop in Avalon specializing in all forms of transportation, but capable and willing to take on any and all mechanical work.

Likes: Classic rock, working out, sex, local brewed beers, his prized Harley
Dislikes: Preppy boys, spoiled rich kids who grew up into spoiled rich adults who don’t know the value of a hard day’s work, salad, cats
Strengths: Physical strength, ambition, chivalrous, brave, self-reliant
Weaknesses: Emotionally weak at times, somewhat close-minded, stubborn

The Baxter family is a rather broken one. Mary and Donald Baxter raised their baby girl, Allison, as best they could, but sometimes parenting can only go so far. The girl rebelled as much as she could, ending up pregnant at fifteen and dropping out of Hogwarts under special circumstances, granted permission to keep her wand and continue learning magic outside of school only when Donald fought for the right to educate his daughter himself in accordance to proper standards.

No matter how disappointed they were with her, Mary and Donald would not give up on their Allison. They also refused to let her out of their sight until she completed her education. By then, Cj was three years old and never even knew his father’s name.

When she was able to leave, Allison took off without looking back. She just couldn’t take it anymore. Her parents were too much and she was just too young to handle a toddler. So she took off and left Cj, not only fatherless, but with no parent at all.
Cj never went by ‘Chester’ in his life. For some reason, in her very medicated state, Allison actually named her son after his father, despite the man not even going to the hospital with her for the birth. Thus, he doesn’t care much for his first name. He also doesn’t care much for parents, to be honest, and he holds a good bit of resentment toward his grandparents despite them raising him, as he blames them partially for his mother’s failures. It doesn’t help that Mary and Donald never approved of Cj’s own life decisions, constantly letting him know just how disappointed they were in his academic performance and interest in mechanical studies, not to mention how much they hated his Harley.

Cj attended Hogwarts, was in Gryffindor based mainly on his bravery and independence, along with a strong sense of pride and chivalry, though many people wouldn’t believe those things existed in Cj. Just after he graduated, Cj learned of his mother’s overdose and subsequent death, which threw a kink in his future plans. Though he hadn’t had a relationship with the woman, Cj still felt the loss, and his grandparents took it hard. Donald had been dealing with heart issues for the past few years, and his daughter’s death set off a massive heart attack, leaving Cj to help Mary care for the aging man until he was no longer at risk of joining his daughter.

Thus, it wasn’t until the middle of this summer, four years after he graduated Hogwarts, that Cj finally opened ‘The Garage’ in Avalon- the ever growing magical college town where he has just begun putting his mechanic work into action. Cj has finally gone out on his own completely, ready to make his life what he wants it to be.

Wand: Sturdy 11 inch Dogwood, Hippogriff feather core
Pet: None, but there is a stray dog that hangs around The Garage sometimes…

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Cj Baxter - Adult
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