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 Death Eater Application

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Jaeden Davis

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PostSubject: Death Eater Application   Fri Apr 17, 2015 11:48 am

This is the application you must fill out to be considered for being a death eater. Now keep in mine that the story line here is much different from regular canon. Dumbledore is not the good guy, and Voldemort has regained his sanity. IG, things might be revealed that may or may not change your mind about which group to join. Which is fine, because you can always change your allegiance. Just make sure your character will be adaptable.

Please fill out the application below and post it as a new topic in this forum (topic title should be character first and last name, along with DE attached). Your sample post must be at least 5 paragraphs long, 5-6 sentences each. The Dark Lord himself will review your applications, and he alone will decide whether to accept or deny you joining his ranks, as well as whether you will be an existing member, or need to RP joining the DE ranks (for those who aren't canon Death Eaters).

*Please note: Canon Death Eaters MUST also fill out this application, and be approved by the Dark Lord BEFORE they can be approved for the canon character.


[b]Will you give your word to serve the Dark Lord until your dying day?:[/b]

[b]Why do you want to be a Death Eater?:[/b]

[b]Who is your favourite Death Eater?:[/b]

[b]Will you actually post in the forums? Or do you just want to join for the hell of it?:[/b]

[b]Do you like tea? (No, seriously...):[/b]

[b]Give an example post of your character in a death eater situation, role playing how they would handle it (MUST be, at minimum, 5 paragraphs, 5-6 sentences each):[/b]

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Bella Prince


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PostSubject: Re: Death Eater Application   Sun May 03, 2015 9:59 am

1) Will you give your word to serve the Dark Lord until your dying day?
Of course! What kind of question is that?

2) Why do you want to be a Death Eater??
I believe in what the Dark Lord wants to accomplish

3) Who is your favourite Death Eater?
Myself, quite obviously

4) Will you actually post in the forums? Or do you just want to join for the hell of it?
Yes, I plan on being very active

5) Do you like tea? (No, seriously...)
Yes, I enjoy tea with my torture, thank you  Cool 

6)Give an example post of your character in a death eater situation, role playing how they would handle it.

Bellatrix moved swiftly down the hall, toward the meeting room, her dark eyes hard, and glinting. Her pale face was as void of all emotion as ever, and surrounded as usual by her dark, wild curls. It was thick and especially long, and  high upon her head, and fell down past her shoulders. Dressed in black, tailored robes with a deep neckline, she strutted with her head high, in a way that screamed both arrogance and pride. If anyone dared speak to her, she would undoubtedly look down her nose at them. 

Such was the way she had been brought up. To walk, talk, and act like a pureblood. It was ingrained into her since she had been born, and was not something easily forgotten. Not even after fifteen years in Azkaban. Simple manners were not something she fretted about. But would take the time to use in special circumstances. Like when being especially vindictive to her brother in law, Lucius. She amused herself with this because Lucius had thought himself so high and mighty, thought he alone was better than the rest. Bellatrix had  dearly enjoyed knocking him down a peg or two, and mocking the fake image he portrayed to the rest of the wizarding world. It was almost too bad he was already dead.

There was really only a few exceptions to this pureblood way of life that demanded that she look down on everyone, because they were beneath her. And that was the Dark Lord, Severus, and her son, Silas, who she had grown especially fond of over the past few years.  Everyone else was beneath her, and mattered about as much as a flobberworm.

So it was with a haughty disposition she entered the meeting room, second to none. She took her place in what would soon be a circle of the Dark Lord's followers, and waited impatiently. Though you would never know from her outward appearance. Soon, others began to arrive, and though they each nodded to her presence, none spoke. Bella, for her part, greeted none with actual words. Instead, she allowed them each a sneer of disdain. And that was all the acknowledgement they would receive from her. 

When minutes had passed, and those who had more to fear from the upcoming meeting than most shifted nervously, their Lord finally made his entrance. He seemed to glide, rather than walk, past his followers, his serpent, Nagini, following closely and snapping at closest. Everyone bowed the moment his presence was noted. And Bella, showing the utmost respect for her Lord, did not straighten from this pose until the Dark Lord was seated in his customary chair. Bella watched silently as the red eyes scanned over his followers wordlessly, yet she knew it would strike terror into those his gleaming gaze lingered on. 

It was a deathly quiet, one that Bella reveled in. And when the Dark Lord pulled his wand, she felt adrenaline course through her body. She was sure someone was about to be punished. It excited her. And she softly stroked her own wand in anticipation. What she hadn't expected was for the Dark Lord to turn his wand on himself. She barely had time to halt herself, for once not knowing how to react, when it was already over. Where the Dark Lord had sat, in all his gleaming red eyes and snake like face glory, now sat what would have appeared to be a stranger if one had not known him before the first war. 

But there he sat, as he had once looked almost fresh out of Hogwarts. Bellatrix only knew this because she had seen a photo once. Only once. But it had been enough. Immediately, her eyes found Severus, and the two shared a look. It seemed as if their Lord had decided to act ahead of schedule. 

There was a murmuring running through the ranks of death eaters, but Bella heard none of it. This was the wizard she had chosen to follow. To serve. Immediately, she fell to her knees, but even as she kneeled, head bowed, Bella allowed herself a smirk to curl her lips. Indeed, the Dark Lord was back
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Death Eater Application
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