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 Septimus Prince - Grad Student

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Septimus Prince
Grad Student
Septimus Prince

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PostSubject: Septimus Prince - Grad Student   Septimus Prince - Grad Student EmptyThu Nov 05, 2015 7:07 pm

Full Name: Severus Snape
Aliases: Septimus Prince
Age: Actual age: 39 Physical age due to potion: 23
Birthday: January 9, 1960
House: Slytherin
Job: Severus is on sabatical from his job as professor at Hogwarts

Likes: Potions, education, intelligence, Italian food, powerful women, his godson
Dislikes: Frivolous spells, sugar quills, young children, animals
Strengths: Potion making, devoted, trusts with his entire self
Weaknesses: Lack of confidence, not easily trusting, poor social skills

(Instead of family and personal histories, I did one for each name, like Tom/Cyrus. Seems an easier method for this situation.)

Severus Snape:

Severus grew up in an abusive home, with a muggle father who hated him and a pure-blooded mother who proved to be mostly worthless in almost everything. There was no love in his home and Severus quickly learned to be tough and stoic and cold. This only grew as he got older, going to school with some of the worst people he'd ever met- people who would tease and provoke him, who cast shadows on him even before he'd made decisions that would prove him to be of darker nature.

The boy found love in one Lily Evans, but it was never returned and he hated himself for that. He internalized her dislike of him as something he'd done wrong, something he'd failed at, and he took that hatred that her eventual husband and his friends had for him and turned it into loathing that allowed him to do the dark deeds asked of him by both the Dark Lord and Albus Dumbledore. Being a double agent was never so easy as when one's blood ran cold with disdain for the world and everyone in it.

The only time Sev ever felt alive was when he was with Bella. His beautiful Bella, the love of his life. He never told her how much she meant to him, let her believe that he was stuck on Lily Evans even as he fell more and more in love with the devastatingly dark and beatiful witch who had stolen his heart long ago. He didn't deserve her and he knew it and he felt the need to punish himself by watching her marry that fool Rodolphus, have Voldemort’s child, pretend to love everyone who wasn’t him.

When everything snapped and the two were able to be together, Severus finally became the man he was born to be. No longer weighed down by the shadows of his youth, the man found freedom to love and smile (which had his godson yelping in fear) and enjoy life. He'd never been happier than when he was with the deadly wonder known as Bellatrix Lestrange. He'd never give the woman up, even as he became young again and was able to start it all over...

Things you should know:

-Sev was a double agent loyal to the Dark Lord

-Sev protected Potter, Voldemort’s daughters, Malfoy, and their gang at Hogwarts as best he could

-Sev still protects the remaining members of that whole group as best he can

-Sev has a soft spot for Voldemort’s daughters, especially Skyler

-Sev’s softness towards Noxaura is more out of guilt as he feels that if he’d been better or been more, maybe he could have been the girl’s father

-Sev plans to remain young after the 'job' is done, and plans to ask Bella to stay young with him and live a longer life together- married, happy, in love, and free

Septimus Prince:

Septimus was born to the Prince family, a known magical famiy that stayed mostly neutral but had definite ties to dark arts and Slytherin house, closely knit with the Zabini family and of a very similar mind. In reality, Septimus Prince was a cousin to Severus Snape on his mother's side and died in a tragic accident involving a thestral when he was but a boy, but Severus has taken his identity and developed it to suit his needs.

According to the formulated identity, Septimus studied abroad rather than attending Hogwarts.

During his undergraduate studies, which took place at a different university than Merlin's, Septimus met, dated, and married Bella. They were sweethearts from Freshman year, were engaged over the summer between Sophomore and Junior year, and were married over Christmas Hols of their Senior year. The two decided to attend Merlin's together with a couple friends because it offered the best graduate program.

Septimus is known for being a bit dark and cruel, having a quick tongue and saying what it on his mind. He is also never one to back down or be timid about anything, and he will never be taken advantage of or be bullied in any way. His love for Bella is clear as day to all who see the two together, and he'd cut off a wizard's hand for even thinking about touching his witch.

Skilled in the magic of the mind, Septimus has also shown a great talent in potion making and dueling. He is pursuing his masters in potions, dueling, and psychology while taking minor courses in spell manipuation and creation.

Wand: Rigid, Hemlock, 13 inches, Dragon Heartstring with Acromantula Venom core (Severus created the core to his own wand when he graduated from Hogwarts, paying a hefty sum for Ollivander to create the desired wand for him)
Pet: None

Relationship: Severus is dating Bellatrix, Septimus is married to Bella
Friends: Um... Tom and Cissa? They count, right?
Enemies: Ha. Good luck listing those.
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Septimus Prince - Grad Student
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