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 Site Plot (Read FIRST)

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Jaeden Davis
Jaeden Davis

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PostSubject: Site Plot (Read FIRST)   Site Plot (Read FIRST) I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 15, 2015 1:46 am

Although we absolutely LOVE the Harry Potter canon, we can't help but wonder what if in a lot of instances.

All these what ifs, and more. It means the possibilities are endless. The story can be taken in so many different directions, with both characters from the books, and characters you can make up. With this story line, canon characters can be changed and evolved. Good and Evil, Light and Dark, take on an entirely different meaning as everything changes with every post from you. 

This story line takes us through canon up until Harry's 5th year at Hogwarts, where everything changed, starting with the death of Sirius Black, the catalyst that brought a wedge between the Boy Who Lived and the Leader of the Light so big, things would never be the same again.

It was the summer after Harry's fifth year. He had just lost his godfather, and while he may have seemed pacified in his last meeting with the Headmaster, Harry no longer felt he could trust the man he once looked up to. In fact, Harry held a grudge against Dumbledore, and that had caused a giant wedge between the two, whether Dumbledore knew it or not. Harry blamed the Headmaster because he felt if the man had explained to him what was happening with Voldemort, Sirius might have still been alive. That, amongst other things, had left Harry with the knowledge that the old wizard never took Harry's best interest into account, nor anyone else's. And Harry had then refused to follow Dumbledore blindly. Though Dumbledore was not yet aware of that fact.

Dumbledore, for his part, was truly sorry that Sirius died, though not because it had caused Harry to suffer, but because it was one of his many preconceived ways of keeping Harry in line. Being the master manipulator that he is, Dumbledore had carefully planned it so that while Harry was able to go to his godfather for things, it would be himself who would have control over when and where the two could interact, making it more likely Harry would do what Dumbledore wanted, and effectively controlling the boy. That was gone with Sirius, but he had other ways. 

Voldemort had been insane since he spent so many years as a spirit, barely clinging to life. But once he had time to adjust to being alive again, he had begun to regain some sanity, remembering his original plans for the Wizarding World. And also remembering what exactly happened the night the Potter's died, and more importantly, who exactly was responsible.

Once he returned to school after a summer of internal thoughts and decisions, Harry Potter had been working as a double agent, so to speak. After coming to the conclusion that the Headmaster could not be trusted, Harry has decided to forge his own faction in the war going on, joining forces with Tom Riddle's own long lost twin daughter, Skyler Riddle. Together, the two had begun to assemble the unlikeliest band of misfits and allies and plan ways to deal with both the headmaster and dark lord.

This led to Harry pretending to be the puppet Albus believed him to be, and Skyler trapping Tom into agreeing to a temporary cease-fire between him and his death eaters and Harry's side. Unfortunately, it had been a bumpy road, full of new friendships with Draco Malfoy, who came to the decision to not follow in his father's footsteps but to instead be his own man, even if it led to his death, and deteriorating ones with Ron Weasley, who found it impossible to completely let go of his prejudices against everything Slytherin. 

Meanwhile, Albus, the manipulative old man that he is, sought to develop a plan that would see him as the most powerful wizard in history. By stealing the magic of others, beginning (and ending, as it would be) with Skyler Riddle. Thanks to a meeting with Silas Lestrange and his many secret ways of spying around the castle, Albus found that Tom planned on entering the castle on Halloween night. The same night the prefects and heads were throwing a costume ball, and all of the students would be in the great hall.

Albus developed a plot, using Tom's visit to the castle as a smokescreen. He arranged for the army of Acromantulas that reside in the forbidden forest to attack the castle on Halloween, once the Ball was in full swing. After all, who would ever think that Albus Dumbledore, leader of the light and all things good, would be behind something so terrible? Especially when it's something right up Tom's alley.

Unfortunately, his plan had a hole in it by the name of Hermione Granger, who he had placed under the Imperio Curse not long after term first began and used to attempt to succeed in his plan to pull Harry back to his side and snatch Skyler from the great hall on Halloween without anyone noticing.

But Hermione found enough will inside herself to fight off the curse long enough to deliver a cryptic warning message to Harry just before the attack began, ensuring he would be lead straight back to her and by extension, Albus, once he connected the dots, at which point Harry and Sibes Sidorova, another invaluable ally, embarked on a rescue mission, hoping to get to Skyler in time before it was too late to save her, and leaving Draco to deal with Hermione.

During all of this, Tom and his band of Death Eaters had been unusually quiet, not leading any attacks as Tom had began plans to redefine his image and persona, starting by getting back to where he first left off. At Hogwarts. His most trusted followers, and possibly friends, Bellatrix Lestrange and Severus Snape, had been entrusted the task of creating a potion that would return him to his former 16 year old self, at which time he planned on re-entering Hogwarts as a student and continuing on in his original endeavor to reshape the Wizarding World. Only this time, Tom planned to do so with the aide of Harry Potter.

Tom entered the castle on Halloween night after Draco Malfoy and Luca Lestrange found a way to gain him entrance through the use of the Room of Requirement, which created a secret path for their use. Tom's plan was to enter the Chamber of Secrets with his entourage of Death Eaters and set up base so that he would have easy access to those select few he originally deemed trustworthy enough to be told the truth. But it wasn't long before the terrified screams of students would lead them to the great hall, where Tom ordered his Death Eaters to protect the students of Hogwarts and kill the Acromantulas, while also searching for his last remaining relative Albus knew about and hadn't managed to kill off just yet.

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Jaeden Davis
Jaeden Davis

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PostSubject: Re: Site Plot (Read FIRST)   Site Plot (Read FIRST) I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 15, 2015 1:48 am

While Tom, Death Eaters, and many students battled in the Great Hall against the giant spiders, Harry Potter took his last stance as the hero of our story in his effort to save his friend from the clutches of the Headmaster.

The Boy Who Lived arrived just in time, with Sibes Sidorova, to accomplish his mission. But it would be the very last mission our boy hero would ever go on. As Dumbledore made a quick escape with the aide of Fawkes (much like he did the previous year when running from the ministry), he cast the most unforgivable of unforgivables. The Killing Curse.

Harry Potter's final act alive was saving someone he loved from death, something he had always felt he had failed to do with previous loved ones.

Only three people in the world knew the truth about what happened in that room that Halloween night. Unfortunately, Dumbledore proved to be more cunning and deceiving at every turn. When questioned by Magical Law Enforcement, Skyler and Sibes told nothing but the truth, under the influence of Veritaserum no less, and providing memories of the account.

But none of this would bring justice for their friend's murder. When confronted, Albus was already ten steps ahead. He claimed that Voldemort was responsible for Harry's death and the attack, and that the Dark Lord altered the two girls' memories. The Veritaserum he explained away by saying that because the memories had been altered so thoroughly, the two girls honestly believed their story, and therefore, considered it as truth.

In the end, no one would believe Albus Dumbledore, of all people, would murder anyone, especially not Harry Potter. Not when he had worked tirelessly to save the boy time and again, and kept him safe for so many years. Not when he was the leader of the light. Not when he worked and strove to rid them of the Dark Lord and the Death Eaters. Not when he only wanted to protect the wizarding world. Not when he still had everyone, save a select few, fooled.

And so his story and reasoning was swallowed whole by the wizarding world, and Lord Voldemort took the fall for the death of the Boy Who Lived, the one person they had hoped and believed would be their salvation from the dark times they found themselves in. The wizarding world was swept with paranoia and fear, thinking themselves hopeless in winning the war against the Dark Lord they were led to believe sought nothing but destruction.
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Jaeden Davis
Jaeden Davis

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PostSubject: Re: Site Plot (Read FIRST)   Site Plot (Read FIRST) I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 15, 2015 1:49 am

Two and a half years have passed since the murder of the boy who was believed to be the Chosen One, and in those two years, Dumbledore has thrived like never before, having secured his position as practically ruler of the wizarding world, as everyone now looks to him for answers and safety.

Everyone except those who know and believe the truth, some of which are the last people anyone would believe would have wanted Harry Potter alive. Tom Riddle is one of those people. And he has vowed to make sure justice is served, and to strip Dumbledore of every ill-gotten shred of respect before watching the light leave the old wizard's eyes.

For two and a half years, Tom had ordered his followers to stand down. For two and a half years, false Death Eater attacks struck fear into the wizarding world. Attacks designed and ordered by the Headmaster who fancies himself a God in order to keep the foolish and blind sheep in desperation and need of a leader. For two and a half years, Harry Potter's true friends have had to sit by and be tortured by the fact that his murderer walks free.

But it has not been in vain. Because while Dumbledore has been eating up his victory, Tom Riddle and Co. have been at work, developing their own plot to strike back, and to strike back hard.

So now we find ourselves heading towards the end of the summer of 1999. Many of our key players are heading back to school. Having graduated from Hogwarts, they look now to Merlin's Academy of Magical Arts, the wizarding world's university. Some have been there a few years. Others will be attending for the first time. But none have forgotten what they are working towards. For them, it is not simply for a good job. For them, it is for revenge. For justice. And for everything their many friends died for only a few years prior.

And for Tom Riddle, it's the road to his success.

Bellatrix Lestrange and Severus Snape have finally brewed the potion of youth that will transform the drinker into a younger version of themselves. And now Tom and Co. are ready to start putting their plans into motion, and to begin stripping away every last bit of power and respect Dumbledore has ever had, and taking over the wizarding world, leading it into a new direction, and a new future.
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Jaeden Davis
Jaeden Davis

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PostSubject: Re: Site Plot (Read FIRST)   Site Plot (Read FIRST) I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 17, 2015 2:54 pm


It is HIGHLY recommended that you read, or at the very least, review the profiles of the following main characters, as they can fill in many blanks, and provide information for plot you will get no where else.

Cyrus Gaunt (Tom Riddle)
Severus Snape
Bella Prince (Bellatrix Lestrange)
Draco Malfoy
Hermione Granger
Ginny Weasley
Skyler Riddle
Noxaura Riddle
Leyton Lestrange
Luca Lestrange
Silas Lestrange
Lyra Black
Orion Ramellien
Blaise Zabini
Sibes Sidorova

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PostSubject: Re: Site Plot (Read FIRST)   Site Plot (Read FIRST) I_icon_minitime

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Site Plot (Read FIRST)
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